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  1. what is that image though? Source?
  2. Lol right? It seems to good to be true. Must wait to see this feature released. That is if it's not just a dummy toggle
  3. Summary In unexpected news - the long time advertising rooted tech giant, Google, and the owner of the worlds largest mobile OS and consequently one of the largest advertising platform, Android, has decided to allow users in the upcoming Android 12 update to opt-out of Advertising ID's in the OS's settings. Advertising ID's, or in Android's specific case GAIDs (Google Advertising IDs), help apps, like Facebook, to track users across differing apps & platforms in order to build a profile of the user. To note though these ID's are not required to build a profile o
  4. Good to see. Hopefully it runs better for us Radeon users as been reported by many on /r/AMD about CryEngine based games. Hopeful with seeing them mention current gen console support and modern hardware.
  5. Wtf. I'll pretend you didn't say that cause I know you like to win an argument.
  6. Well I'm still happy with my decision. You should stop using Facebook too if you are. Stopping any vector they have to your data is a good thing especially a vector they blatantly control completely. Otherwise it's similar to "I have nothing to hide so why should I care if they see my data."
  7. I perma deleted facebook 2 weeks ago after a few trial runs of having my account de-activated. Think it needs another 2 weeks of me not logging on until it's permanently gone. I downloaded the data prior so I atleast have it to look back on. Used it for 10+ years. All I gotta say it feels go not to be supporting that company anymore with my time & data. No regrets. If only more normies would do the same. I like what they are doing at Gab, the implemented things so well & the transparent give what money you want model works well No adverts so no reason to sell your data. I understand
  8. I don't want Apple to win the PC space. Come on other companies! Bring the heat! But don't actually
  9. That triggers me. Is it I don't want to signup for a new app excuse? Or, and this may be a bit sexist is it the females in the group refusing to leave WhatsApp? Always seems harder with them.
  10. Eh Yahoo can burn. Their news site suckz donkey balls. Their comment section over a year has been disabled because and I quote, "Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passions. In order to improve our community experience, we are temporarily suspending article commenting." Their a bunch of wokies that hate free-speech or don't know what it is and like their safe space. I don't trust any news-site that disabled their comment section as not to receive any criticism.
  11. I'll i will say here is Boooooo. bad move. Edit: Also reminder that Odysee.com is awesome and a great alternative.
  12. Honestly I'm tempted to go back to an iPhone. It's been 5 years. Though it's kinda strange that'd i'd feel embarrassed to have an iphone as I am known to be quite the nerd among friends & family. Carrying an iphone would be low-key embarrassing as the way the tech community has criticized & in some cases hate on Apple, though for some for very good reasons mind you. Atleast Apple appears to be more privacy focused at this time maybe cause they realize there's a good market for it. That can all change though and is why I'm hesitant to support a much more closed platform & not a more
  13. Wait really!?!? Exciting news! I may try this on my One Plus 7 Pro cause I hate knowing google is collecting data. Mater of fact 20x more data than that of ios as I recently learned. Enough negative reviews of the previous version of LineageOS for my phone kept me from doing this already. May actually pull the trigger now. Now just really hope the camera quality isn't complete a$$. Edit: And fudge, it's not available for my phone. At-least yet.
  14. I'm sorry but I don't see how my reply was wrong or "raises all sorts of red flags". It wasn't great sure but at worst it was just an okay reply. I have a full time job & a life so I don't really have the desire to try and cozy up to the moderators. I thought my desire to know why I got banned was shortly & calmly asked by me to the mod. A normal person could clearly see that my flagged comment itself shouldn't have been considered controversial enough to deserve a ban. Not even remotely. Not by itself anyway. I used a self censored swear word but i've seen many people use un-censored
  15. I'm sorry but literally what else do I have to go on other than political affliction being a factor? Like legit... Can't blame me for going there as they gave me no reason & that's all I can see from my comment as how controversial mainstream media has made Gab to be & how especially politically sensitive everyone seems to be now a days. Anyway I just asked them to clarify why. Hopefully they give me the time of day but not holding my breath.
  16. Yes, I know this. Some good some bad. But I have seen first hand a lot of big subreddits that matter, that will ban anything slightly right wing & promote anything Left wing any chance they get. I don't even think I've ever even posted on /r/linux, mostly just a lurker, & I only made a few comments ever prior and that was like a way before that day I commented with this. This is the one and only comment I made that month that got me banned. This was of course shortly after January 6th so the purge was still heavily going on. Like I said to the mods, I found it di
  17. Reddit is ran by mostly a bunch of intolerant power hungry wokeies. For instance in the r/Linux community I just mentioned Gab.com and how I thought what they where building there was great. That was enough for a permma ban and no reply when asked what I did wrong. Legit uncalled for. Funny thing is, this makes me appreciate Gab more for its free speech stance.
  18. I def could see Amazon. If Facebook buys them, I'm for sure leaving. Any other company I could probably stay but Facebook is just not worth supporting. Guilded is a good alternative it seems. I've used it. Functions & looks like alot like discord. Just doesn't have the userbase but that can change. As someone who uses Telegram and Signal daily I'm not sure why people are suggesting those two. To me they aren't currently close to what Discord or Guilded provides.
  19. That's good but i'd rather use a GUI for this stuff and GKraken seems like the right choice. However it doesn't have anything to control the image. Would this control the image?
  20. Just got a 5800x at Microcenter yesterday. Plan to swap out my 2700x this next weekend. Heard this thing runs hot (doesn't even come with stock cooler so that's probably telling). I really like the NZXT Z63 for it's cool display as I hate all the brand logo showoff AIO's including NZXT's other aio's. This is nice can I can set it to what I like. I plan on switching to Linux eventually when enough games I want are supported. I know GKraken on gitlab exists but doesn't seem like it can control what's on lcd so if i want to change the image i can't. So my main concern is if I was to s
  21. I don't get why he gets so much hate. He really helped drive AMD to where they are today with a much smaller budget & team. AMD could only work on one architecture where as nvidia has been able to do two, one for compute, one for gaming simultaneously. He had to make a gpu that was good at both so it wasn't the greatest at either. With Navi and now Navi two (RDNA) it's much more optimized for gaming & competitive with Nvidia's gaming line but consequently not compute. CDNA is the opposite.