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    AMD Ryzen 3 3300X
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    MSI B550i Gaming WIFI
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    G.Skill Ripjaws 3600 CL16 2x16GB
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    Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER Windforce OC
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  1. No, it's not, unless you can verifyt it with actual numbers. It's an assumption. A realitic one, but still an assumption. Just for the sake of "correctness". Yeah, I am a smart ass, I know. But I am not the only one here...
  2. PS: if you really want to contact them, there are many ways still accessible for you: Twitter, Facebook, they even have a discord server... all works fine, even from EU...
  3. Short answer (without all the speculation above): no, it's not blocked. They just don't do business in EU countries.
  4. @elessar2020 sorry to hear that I can only tell that I had no freeze since the update to 4.10.1. It's now at 4.11.0.
  5. And do you think anyone who seems not to be able to do a quick Google search instead of posting that kind of question would read this elaborate text? I don't... PS: I didn't.
  6. I am running on 2004. So that what not the reason (at least not for me). But I also thought about going back to 1909. It's that kind of bug that drives people crazy because it's so unpredictable... the cause could be anything from hardware drivers to conflicting software. TBH, I don't think CAM is a well designed software. It's currently using 9 processes to monitor the system... which is, imo, kind of ridiculous... occupying over 1 GB of RAM... If I wasn't stuck with the hardware I would immediately remove it. Next time I know better.
  7. @Imannudein @Jayrii @Minions78 @bagelodips @zaborudo @Aleyster I'm now in the latest release of CAM (4.10.1) for about 5 days (installed it on sunday) and happy to say: no more freezes. The computer ran at least 8 hours each day, so I am pretty sure the issue is fixed. At least for me. Hope for you too. Thanks all for the support.
  8. Same issue. Maybe someone from staff could take a look? (e.g @colonel_mortis or @LinusTech) Seems a lot of people have the issue...
  9. Well, kind of. But without the CAM software running the fan curves are not applied, the displayed temperatures (on the Z63) are not updated etc... They have to fix the software. So opening tickets is crucial.
  10. @bagelodips PS: if you have the same issue, please open a ticket with NZXT. The more, the better.
  11. I didn't delete, just disabled autostart. And yes, since it is not running anymore, no more freezes.
  12. It depends how wide the arm's footprint is on the desk (on both sides). If the weight/force is distributed over a big area it might work. (sorry for the bad english). The linmon is not made from solid wood so it doesn't sound very sturdy to me. Maybe use 2 arms? I use 2 arms and I like the flexibility.
  13. Re-Check cables (SATA and Power)
  14. Did you get into the BIOS as @chen57 asked? In some cases a SATA port can be disabled in BIOS (though I know this only from Desktop).