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  1. Crypto is nothing but trouble and holds no value whatsoever for the world, only for those that are rich. It provided a platform for people to scam and use it for other malicious activities. Whataboutism is a weak argument to try, especially in this case. Sure everyone has their own self-interest, but it's a weak defense to justify someone's action.
  2. It's a company man, they are in it for the money. Valve hasn't been the same for a long time now. Whether this thing will actually succeed all depends on when it's released to the public. You and others on the internet are putting way too fucking much weight on the man's words who is just a figurehead now.
  3. Bit disappointed about the storage options. Most AAA games require a decent amount of space. With that said, I wonder how microsd cards will handle games and whether if SteamOS will be actually optimized for it. I do hope Valve doesn't abandon this project anytime in the future and ensures there's LTS, because like it or not, Valve likes to cancel shit whenever they want.
  4. Summary Remember the post awhile back that Valve was developing some sort of handheld console. Well it turns out that the SteamPal is true. Valve has introduced their new piece of hardware called the Steam Deck. It is a handheld device similar to the GPD devices and of course the Nintendo Switch. The console will start at $399 with 64GB eMMC storage and also a carrying case. Following versions are: $529: 256GB NVMe SSD, carrying case and an exclusive Steam Community Profile bundle $699: 512 NVMe SSD, premium anti-glare etched glass, exclusive carrying case, exclusive steam
  5. So what? We're not talking about the past, but the present so I don't know how this has any relevance to this. And if you want to mine just to get another GPU, well good luck with that in these days. I don't believe the shortage is going to help, despite what this article claims.
  6. Yeah but the problem with that in crypto is that in most cases it's just worthless and a waste of time, a gamble in other words like the stock market. But that wasn't something I was specifically arguing in the beginning. You need to be a rich individual in order to make money from a decent cryptocurrency, that's the point I'm trying to make. Whataboutism isn't going to progress this conversation you are trying to have.
  7. Yes, I know that as well but I can see why it might sound like I didn't in that post as I was predominately aiming at the mining aspect. Regardless, even if you don't count the mining part of crypto, you still need money in order to make an investment in said currency and just pray it's 'worthiness' will increase in the future just to get something out of it.
  8. Yeah no shit. Look, all I'm trying to say is that cryptocurrency isn't for the regular kinds of people and probably will never be despite some claiming otherwise. You need to be a rich individual in the first place for actually making profit in this crap. Whether you need to get an ASIC or GPU for mining, you need the money to pay all these things. Not to mention the electricity bill you'll be getting if you don't have the necessary infrastructure to make sure you are being 'efficient' enough with your energy.
  9. For starters, all these industries you mention have indeed their own problems. That is something I don't deny and never did. The oil industry especially is one of the largest polluters. However, that's not the subject of this topic and I won't go further than that.
  10. Gonna keep it simple, cryptocurrency is a scam. In its current form, not only is it a waste of resources, volatile as hell but its also mainly for aimed a certain group of people that already got the equipment for it and have the necessary money.
  11. Ads regardless are things I find unacceptable in this day of age considering how annoying and intrusive they can be. Getting them on console games can be pretty problematic considering the audience they're trying to target. It doesn't matter whether they are free or heck paid games. I know how people like to ignore ads in general, but ultimately you will get the incentive to buy or try the advertised item out and this is especially the case for younger people. If there are ways to avoid the ads by some adblocking software like Pihole, it should definitely be used.
  12. Who cares about the color change for a crash screen. I'd rather not get one in the first place since it would mean something is wrong. For as long as the messages are clear enough of what they mean and can give an idea on what's going on, that's all that matters.
  13. Highly doubt that such a mega corporation will save a lot of money by just privating the unlisted videos. Like they will stay on their servers and the amount of bandwidth being saved will be marginal for them. If Google really wanted to implement the new security policy for unlisted videos by having them not easily discovered, they might as well just apply that policy directly to those videos instead of privatising them.
  14. One of things I noticed on the dev-build is that accessing the volume mixer has become slightly more of a pain. I did notice like with the previous iterations you can still open it with right-clicking on the sound icon, but they can easily incorporate the mixer within the new UI like when you open the audio device selection menu.
  15. Bumping up the thread, still haven't figured out the problem