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    Intel Core i3 8350K 4.00 GHz
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    MSI Z370-A Pro
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    20GB DDR4
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    MSI GeForce GTX1070
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    Razer Electra V2
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 & PopOS 20.10
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    ASUS X302UA

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  1. UWP as a concept was not a bad idea when it was introduced for a more flexible way to create apps 'cross-platform', but the way it is implemented and how the distribution works is just flawed. The main apps like the MS Store, Windows Defender or the Settings are one of the few that have problems when it comes to their design, but also how they perform. From my own experience, I had problems with all 3 of them. Mostly it came to performance, but also how clunky the app feels and this especially something you will notice in Settings. Some apps I wanted to install through the Store just didn't wa
  2. ChromeOS is actually not all that bad, despite it's limitations it still has (especially on Neverware when it comes to say Android app functionality), it performs quite well. An old laptop of mine from around 2017 works better with Neverware's ChromeOS than letting it run on Windows. It has 8GB of RAM and runs under a i3 6006U CPU, so pretty low-powered hardware.
  3. It's not. The prices so far that I've seen at a webshop I usually buy from are around 200 bucks, way too overpriced for this GPU that's like almost 5 years old. If you want to get a 1050 Ti, just get one from eBay or like other second hands retailers.
  4. Just because some people weren't on that platform doesn't mean we have no clue what goes on the platform? It's well known that at this point Parler had a large number of users who were posting a lot of hatred kinds of messages and all sorts of other crap like anti-Semitism. You cannot deny it became a cesspool for those kinds of people.
  5. That's pathetic. If you really think someone can move on a whim to a different place that easily, you're just ignorant, simple as that. There are so many factors that a person needs to take in account that I am not gonna begin summing up. It can go can go from finances to more personal matters.
  6. CDPR released a hotfix that solves the saving problem, so normally it shouldn't be a issue anymore: https://www.cyberpunk.net/en/news/37214/hotfix-1-06
  7. What a terrible comparison. Music streaming and FSD are completely different kinds of things. One is a feature and another is basically a library with a bunch of songs and other stuff depending on the service. And to blame this on the consumer is just outright ignorant and quite frankly insulting almost. Certain things can be acceptable in subscription form, but there are limits to it that everyone should be able to understand. Things like that heated seats thing from BMW is just bullshit and unacceptable behavior of some greedy corp.
  8. It's rather ironic for Facebook to claim that Apple is ruining the internet as we know it since Facebook had a much more negative impact over the years due to a number of reasons that are well known to the people. I doubt that small businesses will be largely impacted by this as there are other means of doing advertisment.
  9. So are programmers no longer considered as developers? Regardless, It's not the developers usually themselves who are putting up the deadlines, but the ones who are in charge of them (likely the publishers). And aren't we forgetting that we are currently in a pandemic which makes things a bit more difficult in general? Like I know the game has been in development for quite some time now but I'd imagine that they'd would fix the performance stuff after they've sorted out the rest of the game. The best decision that could've been done was to delay the game a bit further until they we
  10. The guy got a lot of donations from media corperations as mentioned in the Prospect article, so it isn't entirely surprising this ghoul of a person would put forward such a bill. It's already annoying to see streamers not having the ability to let their viewers listen to music and this was especially noticeable in yesterday's 'The Game Awards' because some streamers feared they would be DMCA'd. Instead of putting up more restrictions that fuck over the public, a reform of the copyright system should be done instead that can actually benefit the people, on a global scale that is.
  11. It's not like the PC version has it's own set of problems in terms of performance. Currently am using a GTX 1070 which is in the recommended specs, yet in some areas within the city, the fps drops significantly. Usually when I am in smaller spaces I get around 60fps (Fyi I am using vsync). Hopefully they'll sort it out in the next few days.
  12. It's funny that certain individuals like you seem to assume that I say gaming should gain priority over anything, but let me tell you, you're wrong. I am criticizing mining for different reasons unlike some in this thread that don't make a proper argument on as to why mining is a bad thing. Gaming isn't the sole importance on getting a GPU, there are many other applications that are pretty important. I will say though that gaming has a much larger influence than you might think, still that doesn't mean it should gain priority. Unfortunately as you and I know, retailers are relucta
  13. First of all, there's nothing that needs to be agreed upon. It's simple, mining needs to end, period. Your comparison has no relevance in this particular debate as those two are different things and circumstances. I know that capitalism is pretty much at fault here as the system allows it to happen, but that doesn't mean that because of that we can't put restrictions in place for scalpers. One of the reasons there is a market in place for scalpers is simply because consumers have no other choice but to buy from those types of people if stock in regular stores are empty or worse are at higher p
  14. There are certain arguments in this thread that are pretty much pointless and don't make much sense, though there are valid criticisms that should not be ignored. I don't think mining should be expanded as you any further beyond to what exists right now, in fact I would even say it should decline as it holds no proper value in our society other than wasting energy and 'getting money'. And no, I don't see any good in what you call the 'mining culture' or even cryptocurrency except the development of blockchain which is interesting to say the least. Regardless, when people buy GPU's (especially
  15. There's a few articles out there that point out the impact mining has on power consumption, though there's no denying either that even regular computer usage consumes a lot as well, but not on the same level as mining which you can't deny. Again, I don't think mining should exist and should die, period.