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  1. I have most of my legal games on steam, but I prefer buying on GOG when possible because it has no DRM and it pays the devs more iirc. also its always good to try to avoid the titan sometimes, even though its convenient to have it all on the same platform.
  2. Tl;dr: Esd CAN kill your components, but realistically it wont. Taking minor precautions is enough, and if you are unsure or have really expensive components, just discharge yourself from time to time and avoid buing on carpet, etc. I remember a jayztwocents video where he actively tries to kill stuff with ESD, you can see the arcs from his figer to the components, and iirc nothing dies. Not even usb ports. That means stuff cant die? NO, but it shows how resistant your hardware is. For me, the fact that tech reviewers "mistreat" their hardware is good, because it makes me less afraid to damage stuff since they basically spit and kick the hardware and it still works. ALSO: A BIT unrelated, but can we agree that water kills hardware? Cool. Everybody knows that, everybody agrees that water is waaaaaaay more dangerous than esd. So I didnt find the jayztwocents video about esd, but I found this one. It goes without saying that this is insane and nobody should try it, but the video card just refuses to die (after the video he flashes a new bios and it works): https://youtu.be/iJUl_IqDbNA
  3. True. I honestly prefer 1080p than 720p, the difference is really small, but since 1080p is mainstream, its fine. But on my 1080p phone I cant make out individual pixels even looking really close
  4. Not a great PPI, an AMAZING PPI. Waaaaay better than the normal 24" 1080p screens, which are not bad at all. I love low res for small devices, a 1080p phone and a 4k one are literally identical, as we are humans with eyes and not microscopes.
  5. From low to medium/high it is very noticeable in some games, and in some settings. The water in tw3 for example, its way better on high than on low or medium. It depends a lot on the game and the setting, but a lot of settings usually have minir differences and a lot of impact on performance. As for ultra, its just a "tank performance, change nothing else" button. Never use ultra, unless your fps is maxed out anyways... Ultra is just stupid.
  6. I think the "problem" with rgb is how it is marketed. Its always rainbow puke and crazy effects, but in reality this is just to showcase what the product can do. The "right" use of rgb should be way less distracting, because you dont want a blinking rainbow next to you when you are looking at the monitor. That being said, I still prefer no LEDs, with just a few exceptions.
  7. Is the gpu overclocked? Maybe its stable on most tests, but not on csgo. Also, it may be a driver problem, try DDU and reinstall the latest driver. ALSO, check your PSU voltages - the 12V rail specifically. If it is below 11.4V, than it is a problem and you have to change your PSU.
  8. Sorry if someone adressed this already, but WHAT?!? Dude, this is so wrong that is hurts. Is not only the materials that cost money, R&D is also huge. Do you think Ryzen took little time and money to be done? AMD could have gone bankrupt it ryzen wasnt competitive. Also, there GPUs have really small margins, unlike keyboards for example. Thats why you dont see a 500$ GPU on sale for 250$, but you see fairly often keyboards and mice with 30-50% discount. There is a video by Gamers Nexus (I cant find it right now) that explains with good detail the cost of components and why the price of the VEGA cards werent competitive (spoiler: they were so expensive that to be competitive, AMD would have to sell at a loss)
  9. I couldnt say... I think you could get a used 83xx for VERY cheap, so for me thats good value, since if you change the processor for a modern one you have to get a new mobo, new ram...
  10. That /\. Or maybe buy a used 8300(or 8350, or any variaton)
  11. For normal human applications, a cheap sata ssd will be almost identical to a expensive nvme one. Still, the nvme should not be worse in any way, if that is what you are saying.
  12. You can change the 2600x for a 2600, and OC manually. Idk how much price difference there is, so it may or it may not be worth it.
  13. Sure, but overall it would be better to have 8Gb of RAM and a rx 580, for example. Clearly he has a budget system, so thats why I tought it was a bit weird. I personally have a rx 580 and a r5 2600 with 12Gb RAM, and never used more than 10Gb, but OP said he cares a lot about aesthetics so I wonder if he wanted to have 2 RAM sticks for that reason
  14. There is a few ways to get any of the attributes. I dont know what you can do for honor specifically, but just search on GOOGLE that you will find it easily.
  15. Dont worry about bottleneck, its pointless 99% of the time. But just out of curitosity, why 16Gb of RAM? its by far the most overkill part of the system, and it is weird considering that the CPU and GPU are budget ones
  16. I agree with the challenge part, I usually like to be challenged, but sometimes I just want a good story or a different experience. Life is Strange is a good example - its not challenging at all, but it tells a beautiful story and you get involved with the characters and the decisions. Other example is Hellblade: Senuas Sacrifice. The game is not hard, but its an interesting concept and it makes a nice experience. Alternatively, a lot of games can be challenging, have a ton of replayability AND still be single player. Dark Souls 3 is one of them: you get good, try new builds, do challenges... Also, I hate how competitive games are toxic in general, and I hate the feeling of "Oh I need to always get better". There will ALWAYS be people better than you, and you can give up everything just trying to get better, and in the end you are just wasting your life. I know, it feels a bit dramatic, but I played Dota 2 for years and it was really a problem, and you know how I solved it? I started playing exclusively single player games. I found out that I was missing the best part of gaming: the amazing stories, the variety, the exploring, the puzzles, the FUN. Before I played to "win" or "to be good" or some shit like that, now I play because its good, because it brings new and positive stuff for my life. Divinity Original Sin 2 is one of my favorite games, because it has an amazing story, it is very challenging (but you also can learn to dominate the game), it allows you to get creative, it makes you think about real problems and it also has AMAZING FUN COMBAT. In the end, I still love Dota 2 as a game, I watch all the competitive scene, but playing it? havent for 4 years, and never will again. ... Also, about the price: the point is that we are human. paying 50$ for food, for shoes, for a book, for a rollercoaster ride, for drugs, for sex or for anything else is worth it for some and not worth it for others.
  17. Dark souls is not that hard, you just have to understand its mechanics. like a few people said, rolling is key. Tbh, the game consists pretty much of rolls and attacks. NEVER go gat roll - above 70% equip load, your rolls sucks. as a knight, you have medium roll with the starter armor, so its ok. To beat iudex, just stick to him and circle him (I think to the left is better, but im not sure), roll without attacking just so you can understand his moveset, than try to kill him. Iudex is a tutorial boss, if you get how the game works he becomes really easy, that is his purpose.
  18. Taja

    XFX RX570

    I have an XFX RX 580, and the base block for the VRAM is 2000mhz. I can push it to 2100mhz easily, you can try bumping 100mhz at a time and stress test to validate the OC.
  19. Well, I kinda disagree here. Somethiing fromm 5 years ago may be nostalgic, sure, but not in this manner. Usually games with the "nostalgia factor" are older games, that you remember fondly because you were young, didnt have many points of reference OR was very good for the time. A 5 year old game is still recent, for most intents and purposes. Surely in a 5 yo game some stuff may be outdated (graphics and mechanics mostly), but in The Witcher 3 I dont think thats the case. Now answering the question itself: it is super worth it. I played for the first tiime when the blood and wine expansion was released, and replayed it 6 months ago... and it was so good to come back to this game. I played The Wiitcher 2 too, and while it is outdated in many aspects, it iimpressedmy in how good it still is. When I played tw3, it became my favorite game instantly (even when compariing to those older-nostalgia filled games that made my childhood). the only game that I played since that came to its level was Diiviniity Original Sin 2, and I still think TW3 is a bit above it.
  20. The Witcher 3 and Divinity Original Sin 2, for sure.
  21. Its one of the games I would love to play, but never could. I think the only other one that would make me happier (from ps4 exclusives) would have been Bloodborne. Hope its true, but im a bit skeptical
  22. A lot of PSUs have more than one 12V rails. If this one has only one 12V and its just 12A, than its super duper crappy
  23. I dont know this particular PSU, but you can use this rule of thumb: Check the PSU sticker and multiply the 12V rail with the rated amperage. Ex: 12V with 30A is equal to 360W. Some PSUs (the really shitty ones) claim to be "x watts" but are waaay lower, so just check that. I use a legit 430W with my overclocked r5 2600 and overclocked rx 580.
  24. Some monitor have "fast response time mode" to reduce ghosting, but most of the times it can make things worse. Check if this one has this setting, and try every option to see which one gets you less ghosting.
  25. Well, always wanting the new edge technology is not good, the best way to do deal with tech is buying what you NEED. I would argue you need a new phone, simce yours is a piece of trash. But tvs and pcs can last a loooong time until you need to upgrade