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    Computer, mechanics, old stuff, big stuff
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    IT repair guy


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    Asus, HPE, IBM, Lenovo
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    up to 1.5TB
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    not so much
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    thin client up to rackmount
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    13000W max
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    old fashioned
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    many with different OS

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  1. Oh I think he usually does it quite well.... yeah of course there are also many fun topics. But a channel that calls itself "tech tips" and which is an inspiration for many, should also take care about this. I mean it is not unimportant... especially when building a 20'000$ PC.
  2. I have to say that I like the videos Linus makes. He has interesting hardware and he's funny. But there is an issue I'd like to address.... I sometimes shiver when I see him handling expensive hardware without any ESD protection. Stacking graphic cards on plastic packaging materials or on plastified boxes, throwing RAM modules all over the desk and walking around and touching CPU pins.... aaargh! All the things you should absolutely avoid doing. And it would be very easy to make a much more professional impression. Place an antistatic mat on your workbench, if neccessar