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  1. I mean im guessing i need a 4k gpu to run 1080p at 4x the 60hz refresh rate. 240hz.
  2. can upgrade my gpu on this mobo with this cpu? at 500watts. b250pc mate i7 6700
  3. But on testufo it clearly isnt compatible with my gtx960 it red bars the test and claims it cannot vsync. I am trying to figure out what I need to upgrade to to be able to get 240hz per second on the testufo without stuttering or vsync issues. is there any kind of accurate answer here or should i just throw an upgrade in and try it again? thanks. i7 6700
  4. im troubleshooting refresh rate stuttering? should it be in monitors or something? thanks.
  5. i have no idea what your saying but a simple google search results said 960s cant run 240hz monitors. lmao.
  6. gtx 960 16gb i7 6700. bought a 240hz monitor but it tears and stutters at anything over 60hz.. whats going on here? is my processor or gpu not powerful enough to run the refresh rate properly? I didnt know it was that big of a deal when it came down to it. runs fine at 60hz at any polling rate. but as i increase the refresh rate it stutters +1 to +3 but if i raise the polling rate it will even red bar. if anyones familiar with ufotest.com. and if i go 240hz at 1000hz polling its a solid red bar. even at the lowest dpi setting on my mouse. Ive tried chrome because i figured maybe it was firefox
  7. i will rightclick it on the taskbar and "exit synapse" if I want to stop using the antighosting schemantics offered by the synapse 3.0 program. it doesnt antighost the whole keyboard until synapse IS running. the only other thing I noticed is instead of a notification telling you the dpi has changed you get nothing when the programs not running.
  8. yeh, im way more of a ocd person than that. and if you ask around the company doesnt help you with any of this. lol. EDIT: I'm pretty sure the only reason you want it actually running is to set the polling rates and smart tracker features. and lighting and macros. The whole board ghost feature is probably to write macros on or something. You really don't need to be able to press more than 6 keys at once.. So, once you close it you still have some ghosting features its just 6 keys instead of ALL the keys.
  9. I'm sure they all would but that one doesn't look like I'd even put a tower on it.
  10. I've always had the synapse running and just recently realized if I close the program entirely. The dpi switch buttons still work, the clutch sense button still works. ect all the features work.. (basilisk v2). Do you not have to keep this program running once you have the settings you want. I think it remembers polling rate too. The keyboard tho is a blackwidow and I'm not sure if the ultra polling rate sticks at 1000hz or not. But, I do know the ghosting feature doesnt work with more than 6 keys without synapse actually running. Can anyone help me out with exacts here, i tried on reddit and
  11. its like 6 years old now. planning on just upgrading ill prob try it before i go to upgrade incase it fails. it has a master/slave switch on it i duno havnt looked to far into it. its the ssc with 4gb vram and stays silent no spin on fans until 60c