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  1. I was thinking that. but if you look the horizontal ports are for horizontal fans and the verticle ports are for vertical fans. this is even true with the cpu fan.
  2. There are 4 ports and I have 1 front bottom 2 front top 3 bottom of the case and 4 back of the case but I was thinking about rearranging them somehow to fit one of them on top of the case but I'm not sure which because I want at least two infront.. any ideas?
  3. Would just have to mount a mid tower on a tall case.. and then drill holes out the back for all the cords. then slide them under the case itself or around the back.
  4. my only idea was to mount the mobo as to the cords being able to slide behind the case or under somehow and come out through the spacers. you might have to do a full tower case and mid tower mobo. but it would be a really fun build. all so the cpu says RYZEN lol. instead of R Y Z E N
  5. the only toss up is you would literally have to mount the psu in the front of the case if it doesnt all fit as is. which wouldnt work.
  6. Here is a photoshop of what I am trying to explain seems perfectly effective and efficient?
  7. so i guess thats a good thing. they are so loud and fast with them off. the cpu runs at like 600rpm and the case fans run at like 1650 unless smartfan pwm then 1300 a lil better. one or the other i cant remember which slows them down
  8. So my cpu has a fan curve. and the case fans have the option as well. currently i have my casefans on smartfan mode as well meaning it does the fan curve just as the cpu would. but if i turned them off smartfan mode would they just run at 60% ALL THE TIME no matter what or would they eventually increase if temperatures got wildly too high? If they did what's the point of calling two modes smartfan or not.. I'm guessing the curve goes instantly faster? and the other power does jumps in speed every 20% or so? whats the difference here? I also have them both set to PWM.
  9. after i started this thread. I decided to remove my ssd and go with dvd rom HDD boot drive and m.2 nvme as something to download to to keep things (fast). actually love it. practical solid. and i really dont notice anything horrid slow. its normal. gets the job done. if i need something REALLY FAST TO DOWNLOAD TO, m.2 slot. Originally what all this is designed to do. lol!
  10. i checked you cant turn it "off" the on or off switch is for smart mode. or not. ive got the cpu on smart pwm and the case on smartfan disabled and pwm.