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  1. So, basically. Theres a launch command to set threads i will be trying to see if it does anything. EDIT: found a command called mat_queue_mode 2 that doubled my fps. to 500.
  2. dude if your not dropping under 240hz(fps)*.. you are totally about getting a better monitor. lol. i get like 280 at 1024x768 at the beginning of the round but as soon as i turn a corner and aim someone with a processor better 1 ups and it drops like a rock.
  3. Im a huge intel guy. always have been. lol. I even bought a gpu for gsync to use. but all that is completely latency boost because its backwards I just need a new cpu.. lmao. plus my mobo is 6th gen and wont go over i7. which is why im basically throwing the whole thing out the window for an upgrade.
  4. I dont like having the fps drop below 240fps if im using a 240hz monitor. but tbh, in reality the processors that can do that cost like over a grand.
  5. I was hoping for at least 240 because refresh rate. oddly if i set the resolution to 60hz i get more fps because im assuming it doesnt have to display it. more
  6. oh, so basically I need a new cpu with a more powerful single core processor.
  7. even with multicore rendering it only supports half. there. OH. welp. thanks for the answer. with no console commands to force it? csgo is so SO wierd at getting around caps. lol. which i duno. takes a super expert lol.
  8. is that the answer? cuz i guessed that but its still also at like 30% usage at 1024x768. i dont get why it still bottlenecks.
  9. it does it at 1024x768. Its like 80% at 1920x1080. which is ok. but even if i drop the resolution the fps stays the same. just the usage drops.. which i dont want.. i want more fps. ect. btw in the test bench map i get like 400fps in the lobby. so I know it can do way better. is there something that i have to uncap in game or it just uses that much to play multiplayer. im guessing. here.
  10. whats fed up is my gtx960 never got support for gsync so i had to upgrade my gpu to a 1050ti which is like not even 10% better gpu. because my 960 was the 4gb super super clocked version. lol.
  11. I play the csgo. totally matters. I disable it. Even tho I just upgraded for it. I paid the cost of my card again to see how it works. It's cool. I would use it in campaign mode of any game. but totally unnecessary. its more immersive. but its like sticking your neck out to be shot at.
  12. I have a freesync monitor and a nvidia gpu so i use gsync. but it wont go under 50hz. lol.
  13. i7 6700 gtx1050ti 16gb ram 240hz refresh rate monitor blah blah blah Ok, so physical refresh rate 240hz gsync turned on. case fans smart fan mode off. pulse width modulation turned on. I cant believe how much fiddling I had to do because my pc doesnt have enough juice to run without gsync. but thank god for gsync. halo the masterchief collection for anyone who plays. theres a ton of experimental settings. you just want to crank all that up to unlimited frame rate and performance mode. and put it into fullscreen. vsync off. I was running without gsync. but my
  14. I've found with my gpu which is like 10 times lower max frame rate as todays gpus. I need gsync AND vsync to operate with one or the other it feels overshot or under. in first person shooters. tbh, I shouldnt be playing on anything over a 60hz monitor. do they even make 60hz gsync monitors. lmao.