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    linux server management and security, bash scripting


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    Linux Mint 19.1 - Win10
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    ASUS K556UQ

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  1. i was thinking of putting a gpu in my hp server i was thinking of using a 1 to 16 riser mostly because these gpus arent that powerful(gt520 and gt630 i dont need that much power just something that does opengl smoothly) then i realized that server psus dont have molex connectors which i need for powering the risers after some searching looks like servers have special riser cards but after searching it up for buying one they arent available in my country and amazon or ebay non of these will ship to my country i cant check if my server has a riser card because its in the rack in p
  2. check for temps with msi after burner for your ping call your isp and ask talk with them that got my ping down from 90 to 48-50 in dubai servers csgo is mostly cpu dependent so check for cpu temps
  3. lower your acceptable ping and try dduing the drivers and reinstalling them
  4. f10 gets me into intelligent provisioning
  5. i got a dl360p g8 last night and i cant access the bios i have updated the firmware to 2015 and iLO to 2018 but still cant get to the bios after searching up screen should look something like this but for me its just a screen with hp proliant written on it and when i press f9 for setup like this guy does in the next screen i get a command prompt with rbsu> prefix is there anything i need to update which im not familier with? (im very new to this so i dont know many stuff)
  6. i will be getting 2x Western digital WDS120G2G0A for my hp dl360 g7 to do raid 1 alongside other hard drives (sas 10k drives) but looks like these dont support raids (currently not sure if the server itself has smart array card it hasnt arrived yet) does it really matter if it supports raid or not? im using 2 samsung ssds in my pc in raid without any of them saying its supported in their website if not what kind of ssds should i look for?
  7. just a quick question after talking to the datacenter they have said that they dont have enough space for a dl380 i will be only getting 1 unit and dl360 will be a much better server how can i check if the server im getting will fit in 1 unit or not (im not really understanding this unit kind of thing)
  8. maybe a g8 not sure yeah ill probably monitor it for a week or so and multiply that by 4 looks like they also offer UPS for their whole datacenter
  9. they have offered free routers and switches which is pretty nice i just dont know if 500gb is enough because virtual servers that i rent have unlimited traffic so i have no idea how much traffic i use also im planning to get an hp DL380 G7 (only server available in our country are HP and asus stuff)
  10. Power Amperage Power Voltage Power Phase 5 AMP 220 V Single 1 unit
  11. i will be using a shit ton of ram which if i try to rent vps it will be like $100-120 a month which wont be worth it
  12. i have found some local companies who do co-location if thats the right name i will be paying 15-20USD a month for 500gb of traffic and 1gigabit of port the also have all their own router and switches so i wont need to pay for that part there are like 10 of them i just dont know how to compare them(they are all local hosting/datacenters so i dont think sending a link here will help bc you guys probably wont understand anything(not in english) is there anything specific i need to look for? (also the reason traffic is so cheap is because all isps in our country sell
  13. well renting a server would be kind of the same thing im doing right now
  14. i have been looking into getting a server and putting it in a datacenter and stop renting 5-6 vps every month(im just a devops so i dont know much about this side of the market) after some research looks like there are companies who "rent" server in their datacenters but this is not what i want i dont want to pay monthly/yearly for servers i want to get my owns and buy bandwidth and traffic from the datacenter are there any datacenters i can put my server with esxi and something like a mikrotik router for natting the one or two ips?