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    ryzen 5 3600x@4.2ghz all cores
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    ASRock B550 EXTREME4
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    16gb ddr4 @3600mhz Corsair
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    RedDevil 5700xt
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    phanteks Enthoo 719
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    500gb m.2 240gb ssd 480gb ssd x3
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    Corsair RMX White Series 850W gold rated
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    Acer Edo series 165Hz 1080p
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    cooler master AIO
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  1. Monitor- https://www.acer.com/ac/en/SG/content/model/UM.JE0SG.P01 says color supported 16.7 million.. Isn't that 8 bit? When i try to set it to 8 bit it just black screens and resets back to 6 bit.
  2. I've recently gotten 3 error codes on chrome (out of memory) and it crashes my whole windows and every application when it happens.. Most times i have about 30 tabs open, Steam, discord and a game. Always thought 16gb would be more than enough then I'll ever need so never really kept tabs on my ram usage. Is this just something to do with chrome or do i really need to consider Upgrading to 32gb or 64gb? And is 32gb possibly not enough either? My specs- https://pcpartpicker.com/list/gq7zHz
  3. So i just installed my new mobo and for some reason logitech isn't detecting my mouse as a logitech mouse but the mouse is working other than my dpi being very high because the settings in logitech software isn't automatically detecting my mouse so it doesn't make the mouse instantly turn to the dpi i set it to in the software.. Any ideas on how to fix that? And everytime i start up my pc it says "supercharger only supports msi mainboard".. How do i delete all the MSI software and stuff from my old motherboard and install all my new stuff for this mobo? old mobo--- https://www.ama
  4. But for now until i get a better PSU can i just slap the 8 pin in there and will it work? I was actually planning on getting a better psu in the near future but really wanted to get this mobo in today and working
  5. So i just bought a new motherboard but when looking at it i noticed there's more than just a standard 4 pin cpu connecter and my psu only has a 4 pin for cpu Mobo-- https://www.newegg.com/asrock-b550-extreme4/p/N82E16813157933 PSU-- https://es.thermaltake.com/smart-650w-bronze.html Does this mean i need a newer/better psu and is there any recommendations anyone has if so?
  6. So i was just playing Call Of Duty Cold War and then this happend.... After a restart of my pc it stopped but does anyone know why this happend and how to prevent it from happening again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiOSEk7Wgl4&feature=youtu.be
  7. 5700xt ryzen 5 3600x 32gb corsair 3600mhz ram msi b450m pro vdh max windows 10/ i've already watched videos on how to use DDU and have done it once.
  8. So when i try to open up radeon gpu software it always does this (the picture) and won't let me close it so i have to go into task manager and force close it which that even takes a while. Then i have to reopen it and repeat the process sometimes up to 5 times until it will actually load, then when i finally get in i always turn my fan speed to max because personally fan noises don't bother me at all, kind of relaxing to be honest lol, but everytime i restart my computer everything in the Radeon software is reset and i have to do it all over again. PS- if you're upgrading gpus don
  9. im guessing the 2 dim slots that didnt have power at the beginning are the reason its getting no power to usb and no screen because when i took out all 4 sticks of ram i got power to the usb and had the ram debug light on and when i put the ram back in and those 2 ram slots didnt have power i got into windows but as soon as those 2 dimm slots got power the pc crapped out again so basically it was probably a bad coincidence that i put my new gpu in and this all happend im guessing those 2 dimm slots have a short in them or something sooooo... new motherboard now? lmao