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  1. The way they tested this is not the correct way to see if incompatibilities exist. They used the same testbench (same mobo same CPU) while what they should do is using different motherboards and different CPU combinations that would showcase the issue better. Dont get me wrong I dont believe myself that there is a huge potential for failure just that the existing potential would not surface if you use the same testbench... mobos of the same chipset and even same manufacturer have sometimes different QVLs for example The reason incompatibilities arise in m
  2. ok I guess blind people can not see... It is slower in everything not just in the Graphics department. and you can make a very small factor zen 3 as for the price it may hold true only including the recent events that skyrocketed prices with older prices or MSRP in mind thats not true at all
  3. Its cheaper but yea it is larger but still slick last but not least apple people are the ones trying to get into our faces that we live in the stone age.. taste some stone
  4. Watch the video again lol the mac mini got shredded
  5. And just to understand why it is not worth mentioning this is a core i9 10900k its 9.2x22.4mm 207mm² notice that about 60% of the die is CPU cores This is the apple's arm chip used in m1 119 mm² Notice that less than 1/6th of the die is CPU cores. Also notice the flat surfaces which are basically empty spaces or cells (so no complex circuitry) Now even if we assume that half the nm means half the physical size (which is not the case it is much more complicated than that but let's assume
  6. m8 do you read only what you would like to read and ignore everything else? Qualcom snapdragons 800, Huawai's Kirin 9000s are on 5nm as well and there are other chips too.. the simpler the chip the easier it is to fabricate in a smaller lithography Nvidia's 3060 ti GPU is on 7nm does this mean that it is ahead of intel's CPUs? As I said smaller lithography in and of itself (google what that means because it seems you do not understand) isnt something to brag about or the target, shrinking complex architectures such as the ones of Itel's and AMDs
  7. M8 there is not disputing this, I am not going to watch a video which you think disputes this (maybe I am going to watch it later but just out of curiosity ) it is like saying that the design of a house is not based on the available space and real estate. You have an ISA and by thinking how you put the bits and bobs together to make that isa work what you do is called designing the microarchitecture, yes one microarchitecture can have differences compared to another but all that with the ISA as the base of the design. Hardware is much easier to design than special
  8. μArches are based on ISA that's not a debate that's how stuff works by definition.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microarchitecture#:~:text=In computer engineering%2C microarchitecture%2C also,implemented in a particular processor.&text=Computer architecture is the combination of microarchitecture and instruction set architecture. as for apple they merely use a hardware toggle when rosetta 2 runs to manage the memory differently (so by following x86 TSO) which gives it that 70% efficiency just dont think by slapping jargon you can get away "the source has
  9. oh I didnt know that snapdragons are labeled like anyway its not an architecture name I thought he was speaking about intel devices and I doubt anybody from intel would say that they are worried that Apple is going to make better chips maybe they called apple a "lifestyle company"
  10. it's x86 and nothing of what you said belongs to the realm of reality
  11. I didn't say they are showing false results I said that people are focusing on things (e.g Geekbench) that do not use 100% of the CPU and are heavily influenced by RAM speed. (of which the M1 has 4266Mhz of low latency ram which is a huge speed) Take for example this https://browserbench.org/Speedometer2.0/ and open your task manager, you will see that it wont use more than about 5 to 10% of your CPU it used in multiple youtube videos to compare the m1. Now you may not be able to upgrade your ram but restart the computer go to your bios and change the ram speed to som
  12. It still will rot they are just supposed to be more resilient in terms of rotting
  13. it's an arm chip don't get so much excited besides that it will probably be the same thing just bigger with more cores.
  14. Nothing of this makes sense. the μArch of each individual CPU is build around its ISA. So there is no "only" the ISA is the whole deal the μΑrch is only the practical approach to make the ISA work by using circuitry/logic And @A51UK's argument is not irrelevant you need to translate the source code in order to make it work in a different ISA its not as easy and trivial as changing mp3 to to mp4 or something like that. They are 0 years ahead of anyone else They just have fast RAM the cores are slower compared to x86 ones The thing that m