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  1. Their platform their rule, live with it or move onto something else
  2. Who cares? I've never even visited their site in my entire lifetime so its no wonder they aren't doing well
  3. Still the king when it come to keeping the regular folks using their phone. will always buy a iPhone for my parents cause the IOS is still easier than android
  4. Yep, prob didn't add enough thermal paste or didn't screw your cooler down properly. Lemme guess, you added a tiny drop of paste?
  5. 1080ti, shouldn’t be much different from the 2080ti. the back heat sink doesn’t draw anywhere close to enough heat to keep the components cools and causes crashing.
  6. Cancel that order, the IV is a flawed design and leaves the VRM overheating. I know, i own one. Go with the Accelero III instead using those mini heatsinks.
  7. So how is this any different from the US aside from it being a more blatant form of spying?
  8. I never understand why people bother with these one sided stories. There's hardly any real information aside from the writer's opinion. What happened to the people being mostly members of non-development team? What happened to they are hiring more artists and etc, the real core of what makes a game a game? Ya, Activision is a crappy company but that's life, get with it or be left in the dirt.
  9. So it's a slightly updated version of a old mouse? Hardly worth reviewing if that's the case
  10. I don’t know about this. i own a switch and only plays in handheld, the thing can get hot if ran under even normal stress
  11. No shit they will ban people for that, surprised they waited so long If you think its okay to use adblocker there then you've thought wrong, that's no different from piracy if you want to get down to the technical terms of their service
  12. Sigh, i just knew it God can someone just burn AMD and dismantle this crappy company already....
  13. So does this mean i can finally grab a 2080TI without killing my wallet?
  14. I agree EA's done a lot of shitty and crappy things on repeated occasions but i don't think that's why their sales are so poor. In fact, i think its just people are tired of the sort of games they put out. Honestly, when have you seen them innovate? Blizzard used to be hailed as the golden standard as the gaming industry, and now? Most people I talk to don't even touch their games and don't even mention my nephews and nieces, its all about fortnite and league of legend for them. Call it a generation gap, the old is done with gaming and moving on with their life and the new (kids) are not interested in what their pops are used to playing. Perfect example is the MMO genre, it's practically dead aside from WOW
  15. No, but they would give it pity points if the cooler is nice. Just saying, plenty of people on this forum and reviewers are biased towards that company in a lot of way.
  16. Why do I get the suspicion that AMD is pulling out all the stops on the cooler because the chip won’t perform well like the Vega cards?
  17. Prob a overheating issue so the card is throttling. There's a reason so many makes fun of the Vega cards as hot ovens. Now you know.
  18. Bcat00

    Thermal paste

    There is nothing wrong with the paste. Whenever you apply a new layer the temps would always be better. But as time wears on, the stuff will degrade a little and that's when you get the true temps. If you are so worried about overheating then get a better cooler to attach on the thing, or maybe go the cheap man's route and rip the fans that came with it and zip tie some better fans onto the old cooler. Either way, live with it or be willing to spent some money.
  19. Knew this was coming but i still like the head of the Lightning better than anything else in the market
  20. I knew this was coming from a mile away. When they released the EVO 860 SSD series it was just a matter of time before that trickled down to everything else.
  21. Alright, i just read the articles in their chinese state and i gotta say, Xiaomi got booked hard lol So the gist of this is that they most likely did buy the concept screens from someone; however, now this is the sweet part. "They claim everything else inside the phone aside from the screen is their own creation", typical company trying to save face by wording it fancy and crap. But ya, regardless of how this turns out, at the end of the day, they most likely doesn't have the supply chain in order to mass produce this type of phone if the accusation remains true. Cough, which is very likely being true considering how careful they worded their response.
  22. I feel this is a big scandal in of it itself, but hey, i've seen enough people who would believe anything that's labeled as 'news'
  23. Why would they just nuke the videos? It would still bring in revenue for the channel so to kill one of their asset out of the blue just strikes me odd.
  24. Who cares? If I got snubbed by a company then I wouldn’t want to do business with them moving on either. whats so hard to understand on this?
  25. Just leave the old man alone, he’s part of a older generation that doesn’t follow modern day tech so it’s not something surprising or to be angry about. most people that age are at the point of stagnation, never learn and never change, hence the saying of “stubborn old man”