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    Ryzen 5 2600X
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    Asus B450 TUF
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    16GB Crucial DDR4 2400
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    RTX 2070 Founders Edition
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    Corsair Crystal 240 White
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    Corsair Void Pro White
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    Win MSX / KDE 18.04

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  1. I thought of adding more fans the problem is that I only have 1 more fan header on my dog shit motherboard (Insert regret here, asus b450 TUF) I know I am pretty close to My thermal limit but I don't know how many "theoretical" watts of cooling I have VS what I would need.
  2. Does anyone know how much more heat the 2080 puts out than the 2070? Thinking about upgrading to a 2080 and wondering if it will heat saturate my loop. Context: I have a R6 2600X mostly stock and a 2070 in a Custom loop with 1 240mm standard thickness Radiator and 2 120mm fans on it. (the only fans in the system) Case is a corsair crystal 280X, so not much room for more radiator space. I think I can fit another 120 but I don't think i can fit a fan on it. I used battlefield V on High 1440p for my temp benchmarks 2600x Never goes above 75C and hovers arou
  3. In some games packet loss can look like a stutter. Every game handles it differently. try an offline game and see what happens maybe?
  4. bang for the buck right now is ryzen 7 2700x and 2700 since they are about $250 because ryzen 3000 is out (out of stock that is ;P). Intel is also starting dropping the prices on the 9700k if you want to go that way, I think its down to like $350 ish (was $420) the original rtx 2060,2070,and 2080 are all on clearance now because of the "super" series, so those are a good deal right now (does anyone even care about ray tracing?) The new Radeon cards are alright mid tier cards but the OEM Blower coolers that they come with are ass, and partner cards wont be out
  5. Rent a Virtual Machine hosted in the cloud somewhere and run the server off of that, Doesnt minecraft let you rent server specifically for mine craft or something?
  6. you can run a psu over its advertised rating but it probably wont last long and sometimes wont even turn on.
  7. I made a VBS script that auto kills the windows 10 update service every 15 minutes. It runs every 15 minutes because there is also a "medic" process that checks if its running and tries to restart it. This can also be a .BAT but I made it a VBS so it can run without a Command window opening up. The interval can also be less frequent but I really hate windows updates. Const HIDDEN_WINDOW = 12 strComputer = "." Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:" _ & "{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\" & strComputer & "\root\cimv2") Set objStartup = objWMIService.Ge
  8. There are drivers but when I had a RX 480 the video drivers would break my install like 75% of the time So it might take you a could tried to find a version that work and longer if it is your first Linux system Nvidia is alot better, They already have an OK driver for my RTX 2070 even though I was having problem with the X86 steam package, Somthing about my drivers wanting the x64 version of steam but the ubunutu core only wanting the x86 version (I blame old version of KDE and its shitty out of dateness)
  9. Depends how far away you are sitting from it. If your one of those poeple that sits at a desk and basically uses it as a PC then yeah get a monitor. If its more of a living room setup then get a tv
  10. DO NOT GET THE TV. TVs and monitors are very different things. A TV up close looks like it has a screen door in front of it (it doesn't matter if its 4k the pixels are still huge)
  11. what about the 4/8 pin CPU power ? or was that what you just checked?
  12. MSI Presige Series Laptops (especially PE Modern (black/blue) One of my favorite laptops). I think they only go up to a 8th gen i7/1060 though
  13. So many questions Just build a dedicated router to simplify this thing because it sounds like a ClusterFuk you want a plex VM with only 30GB of storage? That can server 10 simultaneous users? Why do you want the screen in the case? This sounds more like a rack mount kind of build. Seriously why only 30GB? for what? You cant use a eGPU that is already plugged in to another system as a eGPU that is just not that works. I would say this setup is complicated at best and an overbuilt unreliable disaster at worst. Linus still barely got his most recent att