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  1. We just need to remember Nintendo isn't a bunch of good guys, they just like to try and make people think they are.
  2. Churches are supposed to have a license to stream music. Is facebook not gonna honor that?
  3. I'm pretty sure Nvidia said the performance was better than that too. I know Nvidia overhypes but not that much lol
  4. This is definitely gonna need to be an official review before purchase product.
  5. Why do poeple buy EA games anymore? Bankrupt this company and the industry will think twice. You'll probably also get better games for all the sports lineup of games at least.
  6. The inside screen punchhole is the one i see more than the others. You can use it as a stand to video conference, pretty smart actually. It'll be better when they finally move them underscreen. I think they should have left the selfie cam of the front screen.
  7. Didn't the Note 20 sell really well especially considering everything going on? Seems like it would be a mistake to cancel the Note line after this year.
  8. I kind of thought RAM prices had already plummeted. $60 for 16GB of DDR4 is so cheap. Pretty sure I spent $200+ at one point for 16GB of RAM a few years ago. Thought I was getting a deal at $140 for some other builds.
  9. From what I can see EVGA and superflower have their PSUs made from the same person or whatever. I had a 700w T2 by EVGA. I got an 850 watt as a replacement. It wasy 5 years old so it should still be under warranty. I'll have to see what EVGA says
  10. No it surprisingly doesn't look that damaged, I'm not gonna plug it in to see what happens but other than some black grime from the fire I can't see anything damaged. I think i'd have to open it up to see what went wrong, something I'm not exactly looking forward to doing with a powersupply that blew up on me lol.
  11. My EVGA lit up today in literal flames in a scary but pretty epic way. I need a new PSU in the worst time to need a new PSU. Anyone ever heard of these things? I normally go by the if you've never heard of it don't buy it but thought I'd ask here. Because I'm sure some will be curious I pulled a PSU from my work computer and ran a couple hours of stress tests and it didn't blow up so something happened specifically to the PSU. Everything else seems to be fine except the back cover of my case is a little black lol
  12. Sorry everyone. Meant to add a picture but y'all answered my question! Thanks!
  13. Probably a long shot. A Google search didn't give me anything useful. Have a laptop with other issues. The GPU is still in perfect working order. Anyone make a weird card to cool this and put it in a desktop tower?
  14. Someone can answer more detailed than I can, but short yes, a different computer can output colors differently if a different color profile or calibration is used. Most likely it has to do with the factory calibration of the laptop but im not 100% on that, First thing i'd do is reset the defaults on the monitor before calibrating anything in the color profile on your laptop