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  1. How can something so important in history be misplaced... Well, we can always have Nick Cage find it in exchange for a movie.
  2. If you guys hold off buying for now, Nvidia might release a newer refresh called the "Super Duper" edition.
  3. YoloSwag

    I need some help

    Depends on the sensitivity of the headphones I think what you're asking is if you would need an external amp for it. Is this it https://www.amazon.com/Monoprice-Ultra-Comfortable-Modern-Retro-Headphones/dp/B01M7Z0VKR ?
  4. Imagine not even looking at the facts... Jen Gennai, who is the person in the video, is a real google employee. Please don't comment unless you've actually watched it maybe???
  5. Heh. The quartering isn't actually the source. I just linked a video of him explaining what he got from the other video which I linked as the source...
  6. Regulations are a form of control. I know the Google search engine gives the best results at the moment but what if that changed and they only show results based on what they want you to see and not what you want to see? Right now I guess you don't probably even check the 2nd or 3rd pages in Google searches but imagine what you wanted to find was in the 5th page but they kept showing you 4 pages of biased BS.
  7. That's not the whole story. Another key thing to note is Google using it's power to influence not just North America but everyone who uses it's products. Also I noticed your comment goes with your title as cookie distributor. I get what you're trying to say. But please just try to watch both videos. I just posted this 16min ago and the first video is 16min long and your first comment was 10min ago...
  8. I think you missed the point. In practical cases, say you do a search, you Google whatever you want, the results shown are already manipulated favoring one thing over another based on their judgement and not factual results how do you then determine what actually was the top result? It's like playing a game of Family Feud in Google Searches but top results were already filtered and might exclude things you'd normally expect to see or include things that weren't supposed to be on the list.
  9. There's been a long string of issues stemming from Google in recent years but this seems to be one of the most disturbing. An expose was made regarding Google's plans in the near future which may concern political, cultural, and social issues - Explained by The Quartering - On one of the clips, Jen Gennai, Head of Responsible Innvoation (Google), says - Basically what this means is that they, being Google, will try to define what is fair and just in their own eyes through manipulating data representation like in Google searches. First of all, we do not k
  10. maybe it was delayed because Nvidia tried to inject some of it's proprietary stuff like how Witcher 3 too was delayed...
  11. I like how you said that with your profile picture lol
  12. This response might be a little out of topic but... Huawei could work together with other Asian mobile communication companies and manufacturers then form like an alliance making its own app store and an even better OS. Huawei does have the tech but they lack the fabs. Getting a giant like Samsung to even work with them on some level would be huge. Was it shipped to Australia when it was supposed to be shipped to Austria? lol just kidding. All jokes aside this is a possibility since I too have heard horror stories from U.S. based shipping companies.