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  1. Well why not just go for the microsoft keyboard? They last forever and is decent for the price, way better than any of the other off brands even though they aren't mechanical.
  2. As much as i want to say this will help, it doesn't. There are too many pockets involved and i can say for certain this has touched alot of people's wallet. This won't make any waves sadly.
  3. I feel disgusted just reading this, heck i feel disgusted this is even made a topic on the forum here
  4. Okay let's not jump to buying a new cooler right away. The heatsink is fine so just rip off the 970's shroud and fan from the gpu and strip tie a new one to it. If you want to control the fan speed then get a VGA wire adapter for a regular fan to the gpu socket. It will only cost you like 10$ tops for a crappy fan and a new VGA wire.
  5. Check out vacuum wars on YouTube, the guy does a amazing job of reviewing the topic, far better than any answer this forum can give you
  6. How cute, he specifically made a new account for this post too ?
  7. Clearly you havent seen kids when they are hyped up during a gameplay. I have the misfortune of underestimating a kid's energy and lost a 3k tv because my nephew threw the controller at it for losing at fortnite. You will think twice about having bad internet after that experience.
  8. First off, you are comparing a video streaming service to a game service that can live or die based on the latency of ones connection. Try telling that to a gamer that just got shot dead because of a delay in their gunfire, let's see how that will sit with them. I'm pretty sure they will tell you to get lost and stuff that service down your throat for getting them killed.
  9. I nearly laughed myself off the chair with this one. Wow, I can already see Microsoft failing hard again like how they entered the console market touting "superior hardware" nonsense. They are in the game business, not streaming service, get that through their heads already
  10. Uh ya unless you can pinpoint the cause I would not use any of the parts in there. breaking the pc is a small thing, having it catch on fire and spreading across the house is the big thing
  11. That’s not even remotely true lol gamestop is dying because people don’t care to buy physical games anymore and if they did it’s a minority group. It’s like how blockbuster went out of business, their era is over and something new has replaced it any other reason is tiny and not enough to justify their closure
  12. I got pokemon sword on my switch and i just couldn't finish it. The game was very lackluster
  13. sounds like the keyboard controller is going wonkey, seen that happen with my former Razer keyboard as well so i tossed it.
  14. Why act so surprised? This sort of trade ins have been going on for years with various other products.
  15. Ooh, what you likely found is a model that was specifically designed for internet cafes and wont be found in retail stores. What you need to know is that these sorts of models are on the cheap in every sense of the word and was intended to be sold in bulk and fast during launch.
  16. Doesn't always work that way. When someone is only trying to get their day's work done they are not going to be thinking about scams and stuff.
  17. Nothing else to say but to watch what out for scams nowadays.
  18. Its fried buddy, definitely dead on that bit if a metal came into contact with that part
  19. I thought there's a OLED monitor that came out isn't there? Why dont you try that instead since IPS isn't the panel you like. I personally think IPS is okay but not amazing compared to my OLED tv, but hey, the technology isn't there yet so its that or a TN or VA that seems blurry when i play on a fast FPS game.
  20. Why do I have a strong suspicion the guy stole the thing and resold it to you
  21. You don't, it's fried. That's kind of what water damage is, no turning back.
  22. You don't, it's a loud cooler period. Either you buy a aftermarket one and slap it on there by modding or you live with it.
  23. I don’t know about keyboards but I’m doing that with my Logitech mouse. it has a regular dongle mode and a Bluetooth mode that I can flick between my main comp and laptop. Pretty much any keyboard that has this feature will do the job
  24. Dyson vacuum the junk that falls through then get a handiwork to rub the top of the key caps