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    Intel Core i5-4590 @ 3.7 GHz
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    Asus H97-Plus
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    2x4 GB PNY XLR8 DDR3 1600 MHz
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    EVGA GTX 960 SSC
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    CoolerMaster N-400
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    120 GB AMD R7 SSD + 2 TB WD Green
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    Thermaltake TR2 430 Watt
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    HiSense 1360x768 HDTV + Toshiba 1280 x 720 HDTV
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    Stock Intel Cooler
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    Logitech G710+ Cherry MX Brown
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    Corsair Harpoon
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    Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

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    Placerville, California
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    Computers, anime, games, 3D, writing, RC, Shooting
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    Video gamer for entire life, albeit, not nearly so as of late. Transgender MtF. A skilled writer, and borderline insomniac.

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  1. LGBT community

    So you'll be the Media Mogul of anime in the post-internet-apocalyptic world? I do not miss VHD one bit. My VCR ate my Lion King tape when I was four. While DVD are prone to scratching, at least the player doesn't randomly decide to destroy it entirely.
  2. Cars that you absolutely hate

    And if the kids in the back get out of hand, just stomp the pedal to put them back in their seat.
  3. Cars that you absolutely hate

    Then you'll really love the Cherokee Trackhawk. www.caranddriver.com/jeep/grand-cherokee-trackhawk The gist of it is an engine from a Hellcat tied to a giant brick. I would buy one just because of how odd it is, though a Mercedes AMG Wagon would be better.
  4. LGBT community

    From afar, the output isn't terrible. Honestly, the biggest graphical flaw is the resolution. I find it quite interesting that the GS in the PS2 is basically a very souped-up rasterizer (much like the old Voodo, TNT, or Riva), while the Gamecube and Xbox went to pixel shaders. While the later PS3 got pixel shaders, its own fill rate was only double that of the PS2, with half the memory bandwidth vs the PS2s EDRAM. I like comparisons not because I think any is better or worse, but because of how interesting it is to see the different approaches to the same goal, and see how the focus changes within the rendering pipeline.
  5. LGBT community

    May as well just have an underground mail network of (encrypted) Hard Drives, Flash Drives and SSDs pre-loaded with content. At least then, ISPs can't complain.
  6. Fastest Charging Phone?

    Heat causes more damage than the act of charging does (within reason). Wear and tear occurs, degrading capacity over time, but the battery itself should still work after a few years. My GBA has a 14 year old Li-Ion battery, and through some miracle, still functions.
  7. Jack of all trades, or a master of one?

    Someone once said that a human can learn anything, but can't learn everything. Well, I can certainly try... As far as making money though, the Jack of all Trades is almost certain to be very far behind vs someone that takes a small set of skills and makes a career of it.
  8. LGBT community

    If you'd prefer, I can deliver baked goods via private charter plane.
  9. Cars that you absolutely hate

    Fixed for probable truth. Even if the car only had 20 horsepower, I'm fairly certain some dum dum can fling himself off the side of a mountain with it.
  10. Cars that you absolutely hate

    I was under the impression that driving a Mustang will lead into a pole, a tree, or off the side of a mountain...
  11. Cars that you absolutely hate

    Drag race where again? From stop light to stop light?
  12. Cars that you absolutely hate

    My main gripe isn't toward the engine, but the sluggish 4 speed automatic that seems geared for a bigger V8. With better gear ratios, the V6 probably wouldn't be terrible.
  13. Cars that you absolutely hate

    My Dad's 2007 Charger handles closer to a boat than a car, and the base model 2.7 v6 gives it, at best, similar acceleration to my Mazda. When it comes to mountain driving (which comprises part of my commute), the Mazda kicks it's butt all day long. I'm not overly a fan of SUVs either. Unless you live in a region thst demands the capabilities of one, a Stationwagon provides similar interior room, and tends to be more agile as well. My old Volvo was pretty great (well, when random bits weren't falling off, or it wasn't spewing oil).
  14. Cars that you absolutely hate

    I'm not really a fan of heavy, claustrophobic cars such as the Charger, the Camaro and the like, where are virtually boats that borderline require periscopes to see out of.
  15. is the Iphone 6 still useable?

    I'd look to the 6S or the SE instead due to the extra RAM. iOS can get pretty hungry for memory as well.