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    Intel Core i5-4590 @ 3.7 GHz
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    Asus H97-Plus
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    2x4 GB PNY XLR8 DDR3 1600 MHz
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    EVGA GTX 960 SSC
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    Video gamer for entire life, albeit, not nearly so as of late. Transgender MtF. A skilled writer, and borderline insomniac.

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  1. Laptops exist too and are hardly upgradable. My old laptop had a dual i5 and a Radeon 5470. Kind of the exact opposite of speed demon.
  2. I'm German??? That's news to me. * runs to check profile* BTW, what I mean by those without reasonable PCs are those on very old machines, barely capable of CS:GO to begin with (if that). I was there before when I was using my old laptop until I had gotten together enough to build the PC in my profile.
  3. Not exactly great advice for a person that doesn't have a reasonable PC at this time.
  4. Just rent another apartment room and build your own data center in there. In your line of work, it might actually be useful.
  5. *insert fangirl moment here*
  6. Well, there goes my Folding@home Vega cluster project. Jk
  7. The Snapdragon 800 is still faster than many low end Cortex A53 based chips today with a reasonably potent GPU. I would say it's more than sufficient to handle basic usages.
  8. Need that much in Nvidia stock before purchase.
  9. 2 GB is plenty usable, though don't expect to load up a lot of tabs without reloading. Android tends to devour more RAM than Windows 10.
  10. Were I my own interviewer, I'd have probably shown myself the door 10 minutes in. To be fair, I hadn't actually gotten the email that gives the recruiter's decision as to whether or not I get the 2nd in-person interview, but I'm not particularly optimistic.
  11. No, my most stellar interview performance. *some sarcasm included*
  12. Just finished the interview. Could be better...
  13. What sort of position?