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  1. Best way to cool a room without air conditioning?

    My bedroom is small enough that my twin sized bed makes up 75%-80 of the length of my room, under the bed, my desk coming in close to that as well. I don't have the space to spare at all, otherwise I'd have done so. Granted, my situation is rather niche and I've long since resigned myself to not having home AC anyway. For those with more amendable floor plans, I consider "portable" AC units to be a bit of a last resort measure though. They are a pain to install and seal, and take up a sizeable chunk of space.
  2. Best way to cool a room without air conditioning?

    These are good if the windows open vertically. Not so much if (like me) your windows open horizontally. Opinion time: Sliding windows really should be banned in hot climates as they don't facilitate window AC.
  3. LG G6 vs Zenfone 5 (ZE620KL)

    Unless you really require flagship SoC performance, I'd probably go with the Zenfone. Battery life is likely to be much better. The SD821 stomps the 636 in pure performance quite heavily (at least initially), though you pay pretty dearly in battery life and heat. The gap lessens quite a lot once throttling hits though, which it will hit the 821 much harder than the 636.
  4. Help Getting A Win98/XP Game To Run On Win10

    Very seldom does compatibility mode actually work as intended... Running an XP virtual machine may be an idea, though not only are they spotty as far as supporting GPU acceleration at all, you may run into issues out of virtue of having a much newer GPU than what the game supports. If this fails to work, building a dedicated retro PC may be the best option. For this game in particular, most suggestions I see tend to point to running the PS2 version in pcsx2. If you have a sufficiently strong cpu, this will probably be the easiest and cheapest option. The PS2 version apparently has more content anyhow.
  5. OP6 6GB RAM vs 8GB

    If the price difference is minor, and you plan on keeping the phone around for awhile, go for the 8 GB model.
  6. How do i unlock my phone without loosing data?

    Make it optional... I would not want some backdoor at all if I saw fit to encrypt my device in the first place. There would be literally no point of encryption if there was any sort of (intentional) backdoor.
  7. What sort of temperature are we dealing with during those lag spikes? A heavily throttling chip will drastically slow things down on any phone While slowdowns from an old battery may be a possibility, I doubt Apple would be so aggressive with it as to bring iMessage of all things to a crawl.
  8. Overheating

    If there's a heat shield in there, you're in for a difficult time in desoldering the thing, and you still won't have solved the root cause of the heat. The Snapdragon 801 is a pretty hot chip in a plastic casing, so under even moderate load, those temps are unsurprising. Given you've already done a reset, I suspect the issue may be the ROM or something else installed in the background (Facebook is quite infamous here). Web browsing will heat it up, though if this is literally idle temps, something is loading the cpu more than it is supposed to.
  9. Other way around. It is suggested that forcing an ISP (via federal law) to display a website that opposes their political beliefs violates their first amendment rights.
  10. Depending on the value of the data at hand (the kind of data that will sink your company?), it may be worth just eating whatever cost or fines the leasing company will issue for destruction of the drives.
  11. LGBT community

    I'm unsure a glass screen protector will prevent damage from edge impacts, considering how fine of a job the Gorilla Glass did (which is almost certainly stronger than most tempered protectors). The phone landed right on the corner onto, presumably, a hard floor. A proper Otterbox Defender case (or equivalent) or a phone designed with such abuse in mind seems very necessary. Those Caterpillar phones would be a compelling option, price aside. Or an older Galaxy S Active if one works with T-Mobile. The Moto X Force would be a good choice, though they seem to be harder to find than unicorns.
  12. While it is true that courier services do not own the routes, they do own fleets of vehicles to facilitate delivery of content. These vehicles would be part of the infrastructure required for courier services to perform their work, so it would be more accurate to say that courier services "own" part of the infrastructure.
  13. Could ISPs be compared to the mail system (s)? They're both communication infrastructures that service individuals from arbitrary locations. Only difference being one service delivers paper. The other, the delivery of precise, electrical pulses. I don't recall the USPS being allowed to pick and choose who or what I can recieve mail from (beyond proven criminal or terrorist organizations). Should ISPs be allowed the power to do so?
  14. LGBT community

    Well, less than 12 hours of my Dad getting the phone in hand, he dropped it again, and the display broke... Again. This was the third screen too... Perhaps I should procure for him a device that can double as a bludgeoning implement too.
  15. Mac vs PC - ROLE REVERSAL feat. iJustine

    Windows has good keyboard shortcuts. What is severely lacking however is any form of explanation. At work, even something as simple as Win + E is seen as witchcraft as Windows makes no real attempt to teach the use of shortcuts.