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  1. What could we do? (getting Blackmailed)

    Violence (or even threat of violent action) should only ever be a last resort. I'm throwing that out there right now. I would first go to the police with what you currently know. After that may be some interrogation work on your part. Assuming that your posts have given the information you already know, I would think it extremely likely that your father is withholding information as to what transpired that earned him years of blackmail. There is usually a reason people make enemies. Beyond contacting police, it would be a good idea to await the contents of the letters before proceeding further. Though it is likely a good idea to figure out the entire story to get a grasp of what might, or might not be a danger. Also, keep a close eye on social media (of both yourself, and your family), and be mindful of what you put out there. Social media can provide a vast wealth of information. And further, getting an experienced attorney on hand, albeit expensive, may be a very good thing to have in your arsenal. The imminent threat of legal action may cause someone to reconsider harassing you or your family.
  2. Need help! Finding iPhone 8 front camera assembly

    I supposr the "Dr." Bit in you username should have dropped a hint, but I wasn't aware you fix iPhones yourself.
  3. A slow transition over to ARM and UWP? As we're already emulating at Atom performance, native ARM performance is bound to be far higher, perhaps even approaching Intel's Core-Y chips. Cortex A-75 is coming soon as well. While I don't know the details, it's Meltdown vulnerability points to a more aggressive branch prediction capability, and possibly a wider architecture than seen in previous ARM designs. To be successful in the long run with these ARM devices, Microsoft will have to push developers over to UWP to utilize native performance, otherwise these devices will prove no better than anything Atom based at much worse pricing. As to whether or not these devices will gain enough marketshare to convince developers remains to be seen. Presumably, Win33 capability is there to aid in getting more immediate marketshare, and in time provide incentive to develop for UWP. In a sense, this is mirroring the beginning of what Apple has done in their transition away from PowerPC. Though the scale is quite different, and poses a much greater challenge if moving to ARM is the goal (of which, I'm only speculating).
  4. Apple also gives their cores a giant plop of L3 cache, now that I think of it. The SD820 only gets about 2 MB of L2 total, 1.5 MB for the "big" cores, a mere 512k for the "Little" cores.
  5. Do smartphones need more than 4 cores?

    Evidently, Chrome. https://www.anandtech.com/show/9518/the-mobile-cpu-corecount-debate/5
  6. When we got Core 2 Duo, the performance benefits of the wider architecture were immediately realized (along with shorter pipeline) without special optimizations. On my own phone (SD821), with a specially optimized browser, Kraken scores in the low 2k range. With Chrome, it is in the middle 3k range. Chrome can utilize 8 cores very well btw, so octa core chips probably have the edge. So optimization magic? On the other hand, the Cortex A73 is a narrower architecture, yet it is faster in integer than A57 and A72 (and Kryo), and is smaller and less power hungry to boot. Something quite contradictory to what Intel (Conroe) and Apple (Cyclone) have both displayed. So tbh, I don't really know what's going on, whether software really needs to be optimized to utilize wider cores, or if there's some other factor (pipeline length, branch prediction?) that is holding back wider designs. Heck, Qualcomm hasn't even specified how wide Kryo is. Speaking of which, Samsung is also apparently putting together a cpu design as wide as what Apple has done.
  7. The odd bit is that Kryo is also substantially larger than even the Cortex A72, suggesting something fairly wide, or an excessively deep pipeline. I'm curious to see exactly what decisions were made, though Qualcomm is even more tight lipped than Apple about it's architectures. Thankfully, the GPU is somewhat the redeeming factor of the SD820, if it wasn't getting choked to death that is.
  8. NewEgg Tax in More States

    And it gets even worse in the form of VAT for those living in the EU.
  9. Threadripper: Shots Fired

    Perhaps it was a nonfunctional chip?
  10. Flip phones with low radiation

    If a low frequency spectrum is used, wouldn't that mean less power is required to achieve similar range? Though, I don't know of any paranoid-approved smartphones that operate in the 700MHz frequency band.
  11. The worst scores posted in that thread seem to be competitive, or faster than Atoms, which honestly is quite impressive given that emulation itself is a difficult task. If that score translates to real-world usage experience (which no-one here could guarantee), then lighter tasks such as word processing, Powerpoint and other such tasks should run sufficiently well, assuming emulation isn't particularly buggy. Old games will probably be feasible without recompiling (assuming the Adreno driver is worth it's bits and can do DirectX 8 and 9), though anything remotely CPU heavy (Bethesda's games) will probably require a native port. Obviously, I can't vouch for how well the emulation holds up as far as bugs, or erratic performance and other weirdness goes. That said, at the projected price points being discussed, I certainly wouldn't buy one. With barely over $100, one could already have Atom performance (in fact, I did just that), and the UWP ecosystem isn't nearly robust enough for native performance to be a big factor, at the moment at least. To think, it wasn't long ago that the fastest ARM chips could barely keep pace with Intel's new Silvermont (Atom) architecture. Now they've overtaken it to a point where emulated benchmarks are still faster than Atom's native performance.
  12. Well, running non-native applications is kind of the point of emulating win32 on Windows 10 for ARM, unless you missed that. I don't think it was just the big.Little concept that saw Kryo killed. It is a larger core, and (according to Anandtech articles) actually very powerful in floating-point performance, quite more so than even the Cortex A73 designs and competitive with Apple A9, though integer performance fell closer in line with Cortex A72. Power consumption is also fairly high. For mobiles, I would suspect it simply wasn't the right architecture. Cortex A73 offers better integer performance, better power consumption, smaller die-size, with only the sacrifice of floating-point performance. I wonder why Qualcomm did away with handling power delivery and clocks to each core on an individual basis as they did with later Krait chips. Was the die space cost simply no-longer acceptable on 14nm?
  13. Is it possible to fake Computer's Specs?

    Hardware specs would be nice, please. If there is a dGPU in there made since 2010, it should support DX11. I've seen an OCd Radeon 5450 run Overwatch at playavle-ish framerates with resolution scale turned down very, very low. Besides Bay Trail graphics, it doesn't get much weaker than that as far as DX11 hardware goes.
  14. Do smartphones need more than 4 cores?

    Running more powerful individual cores tends to require more die space and power consumption than a larger number of smaller cores (those large Apple cores are actually very power hungry at full speed). Many Android applications, Chrome included, are very well multithreaded, so this arrangement works well, and 8-core Cortex A53 SoCs work well as a result (unless a misbehaving/poorly coded app eats a core).