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    I am Just A Wild Chancleta, AKA: What My Mom uses to Hit me
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    Xeon W3550 3.07 GHz
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    4GB And Upgrading to 16GB
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  1. Oh dude, you actually saved me, I had it off in volume mixer!!! sorry for being so dumb lol, Thanks!!!
  2. Soo I dont know if this is the right place to put this topic on but anyways, I came back from vacation, turned on my PC and fired up GTA V, but, there was not kind of sound AT ALL, not even in the Logo or Intro... if anyone know why this happens and how to fix it please help me out, I would highly appreciate it!!! Thanks!!!
  3. but why is the red light staying still? I think it could be the mbo tho
  4. I do not think is that tho, I did not see any broken capacitors in both MBO or PSU, so It cannot be the PSU, but idk about the motherboard, I was working fine a few days ago
  5. I looked up some fixes a few hours earlier and i came up with that one
  6. So I am having some trouble with my, TV all the suddenly it does not turn on, I tried to call samsung to see what the problem could be and they said it could be the power supply, so I opened it up and saw both Power Supply and Main Board, but I did not see any Broken or Burnt Components what so ever, so now I ask, What could it be? I will leave my TV Model Number down Below, Thank you very much!!! Model Number: LN32C450E1D
  7. Here is my setup, I am a High School Student so I Had a really low Budget, so what i did was i bought that Dell Precision T3500 for 40 Bucks and Upgraded it from 4GB of RAM to 12GB and Upgraded the Graphics card to a GTS 450, cheapest GPU I could buy for 10 Dollars lol, I also got this Monitor for 50 bucks and the Keyboard was Gifted to me, Here are the Dell's Specs: CPU: INTEL XEON W3550 OVERCLOCKED RAM: 12 GB DDR3 1333MHz GPU: EVGA GTS 450 STORAGE: 2x 500GB HDD's But the laptop is the computer I had to use before the Desktop, this Dell Latitude E62
  8. I just wanted to make this post a little bit fun, I am sorry if I did something wrong...
  9. CS??? what is that and why this is not allowed?
  10. Welcome to the Best Of the Best, Welcome to Mass PC Overkilling!!! On this Game you have to think of the fastest and slowest PC You could go and Build Yourself Right Now... The Rules: Has to be Hardware you can go and buy it yourself No Budget Limits!!! Give the PC A Name Also if you could give a Reason for why did you build Those 2 Systems would be Nice, You can only respond once so do it wisely... LET THE GAME START!!! Here are mines: "Legit Lit Re-Overkilling Ultra Mega Goddess 360 Dope AF FPS Re-Destroyer"
  11. A Potato, Jk but I would honestly have to think about this, I do have a few recommendations For a Lit Potato System Potato Computer: CPU: Intel Pentium II Storage: 50GB HDD GPU: IGPU RAM: 192MB But for a "Legit Freaking Re-Overkill Mass FPS Destructor Ultra Supreme Desktop PC" and whatever would be this "Legit Freaking Re-Overkill Mass FPS Destructor Ultra Supreme Desktop PC": CPU: Intel 16 Core XEON Processor RAM: 128GB DDR4 or 192GB DDR4 GPU: 2 OF NVIDIA'S QUADRO P5000 IN SLI Storage: 2 M.2 SSD'S AND 5 2.5 Inch 2TB S
  12. Well It does actually have one, also what graphics card do you think might be good for this Computer?, do you think the CPU Will be bottle necked? I was thinking about an MSI GTX 1050 Ti 4GB or a GTX 1060 3GB, I also have a budget of 100$-250$ so do you think that upgrading this PC is worth it? Thank You!!!