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  1. Cinebench score might go up to 12, though.
  2. You're going to have to scour Craiglist to find a used laptop at the price point you need, and even then you'll have to cross your fingers and try to sob story someone into coming way, way down. A true gaming PC capable of what you're asking would need something like a GTX 960M or better, and those still go for hundreds of dollars more than you're looking to pay. What you've listed there will be capable of some very, very basic gaming, but it's not going to be nearly capable of what you're looking for. R7 graphics does not mean R7 370. It means something more like R7 240, if even that.
  3. Welcome to the forum. Please don't appraise computers until you have some basic understanding of how to appraise computers. Or stop trolling. I kind of think it's the latter.
  4. 4790K. Keep your current setup and get performance within spitting distance of the 6700K/7700K, more or less even with Ryzen in gaming (if not a little better).
  5. Boards using a downdraft CPU cooler sort of do.
  6. My thinking would be that if someone is intending to push Ryzen to the ragged edge of its performance like that, a B350 motherboard probably wasn't right for them in the first place. My 1700 runs at 3.8GHz 24/7 on auto voltage, which usually hovers between 1.33-1.35. It cranks up to 1.38 and rarely 1.4 under synthetic load. If I fully understood how offset voltage worked, I'd use it more. It seems like the offset is more of a guideline for your board than anything else. I've used offsets to put the voltage at 1.375 only to watch the board decide that 1.41v makes more sense, so I just stick to auto for now.
  7. Have they invented an MSI Ryzen board that POSTs in less than 60 seconds and is compatible with RAM (in general) yet?
  8. lol, I didn't see that whole exchange until seeing this post. I agree with everything said about Gigabyte B350 boards, though. They look pretty and have wonderful sound drivers, but that's about the nicest thing that can be said about them.
  9. No, it's not. Crap VRMs, terrible overclocking, RAM compatibility issues with kits on its own QVL. The Gaming 3 is terrible. The B350-F Strix is my current board after replacing the Gigabyte. Set me back $120 and I have no complaints outside of some occasional weirdness with the display not coming on after the system is powered up. That's a rare occurrence, and otherwise it's a solid board.
  10. So they've finally developed an Atom that can keep up with an abacus?
  11. ThinkPads, from a business standpoint, are worth every penny. The tank-like design, ease of upgrades and support behind them is unmatched. I would not buy anything else for business use, and considering how deal-centric I am, that's saying something.
  12. Reselling keys that you acquired legitimately is one thing. That's why I don't have any particular issue with Kinguin. Most of the keys come from various educational/government institutions that paid for more than they needed and are looking to flip them to get some of their money back. There's a big difference between that sort of scenario and the typical G2A situation, which involves keys actually being stolen or swiped. It's unfortunate that legitimate sellers like you get caught up in that mix, but it's really nobody's fault but G2A's for being willfully ignorant of what was taking on on their own site.
  13. Not every laptop with a high-performance processor is designed for gaming. ThinkPads are the laptop equivalent of an Optiplex. They're incredibly well built, they last forever, they can be outfitted with powerful processors, they are unmatched for productivity tasks and they are not designed for gaming in the least. Doesn't mean you can't game on one, but anyone who buys a "gaming" laptop with a 940MX in it needs their head examined.
  14. Yes, you can game with that. The 940MX is a weak GPU, but you can still do low settings 720p on it in most titles (and higher, of course, in lightweight titles).
  15. Dude, a huge, huge portion of G2A's keys are stolen or otherwise "gray-marketed". It's not even like buying a Windows key from Kinguin, it's somebody either hoodwinking the dev or outright stealing keys from them and reselling on G2A.