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  1. For that price, it goddamned well better outperform the 212 EVO lol
  2. No, not stealing it lol. I'm going to be passing back by the Duluth MC on Saturday and thought I might stop in for one. Do they actually give you MIR on open box?
  3. Huh...which one, if you don't mind my asking?
  4. So Fry's has the G5 Plus 64GB/4GB RAM on promo for $279, which puts it about $20 below Amazon (I am subject to tax on Amazon). I've got a few serious frustrations with my X Compact, and thinking about making a change: The camera sucks There are zero non-crap screen protectors for this phone The 720p display is just straight-up bad I understand that I'll be sacrificing some performance by going from the X Compact's Snapdragon 650 to the G5 Plus' Snapdragon 625, but I don't really game on the phone, and I'm not a benchmark whore. I'm comfortable that the 625 can handle 1080p playback (on the 1080p display) and the various light games I play--the most intense stuff on my phone is Robot Unicorn Attack, Goat Simulator, Major Mayhem and Subway Surfers. If I'm wrong on that, please let me know. Basically, is there anything that should scare me away from the G5 Plus, or would that phone make a lot of sense for someone who isn't exactly a power user but is growing tired of the crappy camera and display on the otherwise solid X Compact?
  5. I'd be really happy with that. Where's the 980 Ti coming from?
  6. IIRC, a 1060 is a wee bit of a downgrade from an R9 390. That said, coming from experience with my own GTX 1060, it can definitely handle ultrawide 1080p. Not as well as my 1070 can, but you knew that already. $210 actually isn't a bad deal on a 6GB 1060 right now, given how stupid prices for them are getting to be.
  7. Way to plan ahead. Rather than waiting until Black Friday, I'd keep my eyes open over the next few months for killer deals. For example, the price of a 1070 would, I'd assume, come down by 10% or so upon the release of Vega, bringing it within spitting distance of what a 1060 is going for now (thank you, miner morons). And yes, I'm certain that the mining bubble will have burst, again, as third world outfits that steal electricity and use "intercepted" parts catch onto the Etherium/Z-Cash/whatever craze and start beating the western world silly at our own game, again. I do look forward to buying an ex-miner 8GB RX 580 or two on eBay or CL for $150, though. An R5 1600 would definitely fit your use case, and odds are you'll find some great deals on them going forward. Even the R7 1700 is coming down, and it's possible that the Coffee Lake i5 closes the value gap on the R5 some. RAM is RAM and, I mean, it can't get too much higher, right? At some point, the price fix--errr--shortage has to come to an end. If you want to build a value PC, the way you're doing it is the best way. Pick off the deals as you see them, don't hesitate to pick up used parts if the price is right, and enjoy your $600 rig in December that can kick the ass of rigs bought for $900-1,000 today.
  8. From experience, a Dell or Acer gaming laptop will equal the performance but cost less, chew through less battery and last longer than a Razer Blade of Shit. Those things are as reliable as alarm clocks. Once the warranty ends, the alarm goes off, and things start breaking. I'd sell the Razer and look into an XPS, Predator, maybe even an MSI if you're going to be plugged in more often than not.
  9. I like the Thermaltake Core V1, if cubes are your thing. Plenty of room for a 140mm AIO and a very forgiving case to build in, albeit a bit larger than most ITX cases are.
  10. Depends on the site and the price. ebay is generally safe because of the consumer protections in place. CeX, for example, might give you a decent price, but the odds of receiving a DOA card or one with physical damage are alarmingly high (based upon experience).
  11. Sure, depending on what you're doing. If you're not having any issues with RAM usage with your current setup and you're not planning on changing usage in a way that would consume more, you're probably fine with 8.
  12. Used is definitely the way to go. My suggestion: pick up a Dell Optiplex tower off of eBay with a -2XXX or -3XXX i5 in it, a 500GB+ hard drive and 8GB of RAM. Should set you back $200 tops, and you get an upgradeable Windows license with it. Drop another $50 on a used GTX 750 Ti or step up to the plate for a new RX 460/GTX 1050, and boom, you're done, and you've got a PC that will game circles around an FX-6300/R7 360 based pile of trash.
  13. What games are you planning on playing? Because that's a complete waste of money for anything other than e-sports. Unless the guy's willing to take $150-ish tops, it's an easy pass. What's your budget?
  14. Fixed that for you.