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    RGB is beautiful if done tastefully and in moderation


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    Ryzen 7 1700
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    AsRock X370 Taichi
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    16GB Corsair DDR4-3466 RGB
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    MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X
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    NZXT S340 Elite
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    Samsung 850 Pro 512GB, SanDisk Ultra II 960GB, 4TB Seagate Barracuda
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    Corsair RM650i
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    LG 29UM58
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    Cryorig H5 Ultimate
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    Rosewill Apollo (Cherry MX Brown)
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    Logitech G602
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    Yes, it makes sound.
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
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  1. 850$ PC

    Any reason you're married to Amazon? That GPU in particular has a "bend over, lube up" price.
  2. Bare Copper Heatsinks for AM2+/AM3 socket?

    Get one of the Zalman coolers. No matter what Cryorig says, the only CPU you should be overclocking with a C7 is a G3258. Some of those Zalmans were actually really solid coolers back in the day, and I have little doubt that they still are.
  3. Bare Copper Heatsinks for AM2+/AM3 socket?

    The old Zalmans are your best bet, and keep in mind that some of those things are blinking huge. The only really modern heatsink made purely of copper that comes to mind is the new Cryorig copper C7, and that won't keep up with a 1090T. Props on the retro aesthetic. I dig it.
  4. Another one holy shit. Some weirdballs HP thing with a Mini ITX board inside of a Micro ATX tower, with no cutouts for anything and an external power brick that I don't have...and an i3-2120T.

  5. The rain of older i5 systems continues. Optiplex 7010, i5-3570, 12GB RAM, 250GB and 2TB hard drives, traded for a laptop I spent $80 on and a $0.50 4GB DDR3 SO-DIMM. If you're counting, that's four i5 systems and an Athlon 860K in the last two weeks, and my total outlay has been less than $300. Now I've gotta sell this shit.

  6. GPD Win 2 Good for gaming and windows task?

    Anytime a company uses the words "Atom" and "gaming" when speaking about the same device, I immediately write them off as either dishonest or morons.
  7. All of a sudden, old Sandy Bridge prebuilts are dropping from the freaking sky for $30 or less, intact and working. Anyone else seeing a spike in first-gen and second-gen i5/i7 systems on the used market?

  8. Gigabyte GT 730 2Gb DDR5

    Isn't the 7570 just a 7470 with GDDR5, making it basically a clone of a 6450 clone?
  9. Gigabyte GT 730 2Gb DDR5

    It's pretty pointless right now. It's outperformed in most situations by the integrated graphics on Skylake, Kaby Lake and Coffee Lake chips, and if all you need is a display adapter, there are lots of cheaper HDMI-capable cards out there like the GT 210, GT 610, GT 710, HD 5450, HD 6450, any of the infinite number of corporate OEM variants of the 6450...shall I go on?
  10. About GTX1060 5G in Linus's video

    I can't wait for August 14th, when Linus will release a video expressing shock that NVIDIA put out a GT 1030 with desktop DDR4 RAM. I also can't wait for NVIDIA to release an OEM GTX 1050 with DDR4 RAM. You know they're working on it.
  11. GTX 1180 will setback Budget gamers

    Budget gamers weren't going to buy an 1170 or 1180 anyway. The smart budget gamers are the ones who were buying cheap GTX 780 Ti cards during the mining boom. 3GB 1060 performance for half what a 1060 was going for.
  12. What they've been doing is clearly making them bookoo money. Release the X80 card so it's the top of the line, and everyone pays for it. Release the Titan later for the two companies that want one and the thousands of idiots gamers who want the best of the best, then release the X80 Ti a while later to try and get everyone that bought an X70 or X80 card to upgrade to the latest and greatest. It's called milking the cash cow, and NVIDIA does an amazing job of it.
  13. Chinese LGA 1155 Ebay Scam?

    Wrong socket. Also, anything specifically labeled "does not POST" with that level of detail as to what happens...assume it's dead. "Appears some of the pins are bent." >Doesn't include a close-up picture of the socket Avoid. Board's dead, pins are beyond repair, seller knows it and wants you to buy it without knowing it, then point back to "Appears some of the pins are bent," when you complain. *Edit: the third picture is the best one of the socket. See all those little flecks of light on the right-hand side? Every single one of those is a bent pin. Seller's a snake trying to hide the extent of the damage until after you get the POS board. What part of the world are you in? If you're in East Bumfart, Kansas, you're screwed. If you're in a reasonably populated area, search "motherboard" and see what comes up.
  14. Chinese LGA 1155 Ebay Scam?

    r/hardwareswap is a good place to look for something cheap or that can be traded for. Asking for free stuff in virtually any online forum is just a terrible idea if you value the sanctity of your bunghole. If you're really feeling adventurous, you can troll the For Parts or Not Working 1155 listings and see if you come across one that is working fine aside from a RAM slot that doesn't work, a PCI-E slot that's damaged, a bent PIN that's not affecting performance or can easily be bent back, something like that. There are absolutely zero guarantees and eBay is likely to side with the seller in an "it doesn't work" dispute, but if you really know what you're getting into and the price is outstanding, sometimes it's worth the risk. Let me add to that: I do not under any circumstances recommend buying a FPNW motherboard if you expect a stock experience out of the box, nor do I recommend buying one if you're not 100% comfortable repairing it, living with it or eating the cost of it. Period.
  15. Chinese LGA 1155 Ebay Scam?

    Gigabyte's lower-end boards are hit or miss. I worry about sellers who post return policy comments like that, because it makes me think they're expecting returns on bad product. I think that at $79 after shipping, there have to be better boards out there. ASUS in particular was really solid in the Sandy and Ivy eras, IIRC.