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  1. Don't know about these specific headphones but I've found Razer gaming headphones to be much worse, even for gaming than my ATH-M40X, I had trouble hearing where enemies were, and the mic didn't even sound that good. I'd suggest maybe just getting a better mic, but as these are open backs, you may just want another pair.
  2. Main Laptop: Stock 256GB NVME SSD 512GB 960 EVO Surface Pro 4: 512GB NVME SSD New NAS: 4x8TB in RAID 5 for 21TB usable Have two old NASs for 6TB in total, getting rid of those soon. Then I also have a few more external drives, maybe ~20TB in total.
  3. you probably need new thermal paste, that + cleaning fans is what did it for me, 40C lower
  4. Pretty much forgot YouTube even had ads... UBlock Origin + Vanced ftw oof just realized how much I take Vanced for granted, no iPhone for me then I guess...
  5. If you need a physics NAS, and want to quickly set it up then forget about it, look into a 2 bay prebuilt NAS and set it up with RAID 1. I haven't looked into any options but I've heard Synology has some pretty easy to use software and I bet you'd be able to easily set up WAN access with it. Since this is work data, still get it backing up automatically at the end of every day, RAID is just for convenience and so the NAS doesn't go offline after a drive failure. The RAID card could still fail or a computer on the network could become infected with ransomware.
  6. Anyone know what's the reason the drives slowed down over time during the benchmark?
  7. The newer ones are better in general, but if the new keyboards will ruin the laptop for you go for an older one.
  8. Because people will pay for it, if they were that close everyone would buy the i5 version. They do this because most people will be happy for the i3 version, but if someone needs or wants the extra performance that an i5 brings, they will be willing to pay a lot more than $10 for it.
  9. Oh just realized he didn't say he'd be gaming lol, OP should tell us what he wants if for so we can give him better suggestions. That sounds pretty good though.
  10. Partially based on what other people have been saying here, I'd start it off at around $700, the lower the price down to no lower than $600 if nobody buys it at $700.
  11. The issue with the video playback is that it is probably missing hardware codecs which are usually on the CPU, without these, the CPU will have to decode this videos through software, and pairing this fact with a slow CPU is no good, meaning that the video decoding is going to be slow. I think some lighter Linux OS could help in general though, so look around and see which one looks the best to you, they should all be much more lightweight than Windows.
  12. I remember that video, the Oreo was disgusting, in fact, most of their dumb ideas (milk cooled PC) are really disgusting.
  13. Back when I was using a really shitty ThinkPad which was falling apart, my stupid ass took off the heat sink to look at the CPU without realizing I would need to put on more thermal paste, after a few weeks of thermal shutdowns every so often I realized this but didn't want to spend money on that piece of junk, so I made homemade thermal paste. Throughout my time with that laptop, I made around three different batches of my homemade thermal paste, the final and best mixture was half Vaseline and half toothpaste. This worked good enough, but if your components or device means anything to you,
  14. It would be manageable, but if you saved up another few hundred Euros you could get a discrete graphics card, which would provice at least double the gaming performance for not much higher of a price, if you doubled the budget, I think the performance would also at least triple. If OP wants to maintain this small budget, I'd recommend they go for used parts.