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  1. G pro wireless isnt super light but its way lighter than most mice. The G pro and the Viper Ultimate are the two good wireless gaming mice for FPS. The g602 cant handle shooters. Its a good mouse though, use one with my laptop.
  2. As long as it isnt illegal/scummy stuff theyre prompting i dont really give a shit what they promote. As for RAID they pay the channels well and i think most YouTubers should take the money. I just skip it anyway.
  3. Yeah im mixing up those cherry switches and the logtech silent series.
  4. Mx silent series is exactly what you want, unless you want something to game with
  5. Thats spacebar lmao. Probably quieter whithout it tho.
  6. I dont mind unexpandable storage nor the lack of a headphone jack. But holepunch is nasty as hell. Gonna stick with my popup 7 pro.
  7. -Kriss-

    New Mouse

    Well i dont know exactly buy i would be suprised if it didnt last you several years
  8. -Kriss-

    Moga pocket

  9. -Kriss-

    New Mouse

    The g502 is the go to brick of a mouse.
  10. Viper if youre competetive. They arent really comparable though so not really sure what you want.
  11. Dont really think id bother traveling anywhere alone tbh.