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  1. the m65 has an unusual shape and its fairly heavy like most corsair mice. Its not a low quality mouse
  2. Thats no fun. Maybe its a defective unit? The average rating for it was very high.
  3. Zowie Ec1a is a bit bigger than the deathadder and its made spesifically for palm grip. Or if you can wait a little bit then i would buy the Glorious model d. Which is going to be nearly identical to the Ec1a in terms of shape and size. But significantly more lightweight, way easier clicks and paracord instead of rubber. For the same price
  4. Razer basilisk and g502 is the same mouse basically. Probably shoudldnt get either of them for fps. Op how big is your hand and do you palm,claw or fingertip grip? Palmgrip: Model D, G wolwes Skoll, Xfty M4 Claw: Mm710, Za11/12/13, Zowie S2 Fingertip: Model O/O minus, Fk1/2
  5. Take a plastic straw and cut down vertically on side. Insert the mouse cable, then tape the straw shut and tape it to your table. Free bungee.
  6. If youre on a budget the g203 or g305 (maybe rival 110)
  7. Also love to eat coffee beans. I though that wasnt too uncommon. They make chocolate covered ones.
  8. Id put in the 2080 now so you can sell the 1070 faster.
  9. Id get the non x 3600 and get faster ram.
  10. Nothing. I use a laptop for basically everything else.
  11. Ergomonically gaming chairs are very bad so id probably look elsewhere. Like an office supply store or something
  12. The g502 is "only" 121g lmao. I dont think those are bad mice. But neither of them are lightweight.