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  1. I would but I can't read the file.
  2. I'm not really fan of their discography but this song is really good.
  3. I also would go with AMD at the moment. Is there any details of the next Intel release?
  4. The questions are so laughable and the sex-classification of them is even more.
  5. What are the "features" of the Pro that makes you wait? This is all speculations. You could end by not buying it at all if it doesn't come out and games like Breath of The Wild and Mario Odyssey(and many others) are really really worth it.
  6. If it doesn't thermal throttle, I don't see the point to try to help the cooling.
  7. Last time I builded a PC, RGB was not a thing AT ALL and few years ago when I got back into the hobby, seeing RGB everywhere was a gigantic shock.
  8. Are those glossy panels easily scratchable?
  9. I didn't know this case! Really interesting. Thanks for sharing. There are probably not many psu choices on the market. haha
  10. Really nice build! I always loved the black and white theme.
  11. Get out with your so called political approach.
  12. You need it if you are a freaking weak mollusc or if you want to strip screws but other than that, screwdrivers are better.
  13. KBD67 MKII in grey, soldered pcb, Lubed Tealios V2, Lubed Zeal stabs, GMK WoB and GMK purple accent kit that I swap the keys however I feel. Krytox GPL 205 G0
  14. I also recommend Varmilo. I ordered a custom VA68M and everything feels great. I would not hesitate for their prebuilt one.
  15. I always had very fast shipping from KBDfans. 3-4 working days. China to Canada.