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    i7 3930k
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    x79 Extreme7
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    DDR3 2x 4GB
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    1060 6GB Mini
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    Samsung 960 Evo M.2
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  1. Gsync is shit it’s not even about that lol
  2. Yeah I read about that we shall see what I can afford once there in stock thanks for the info
  3. Yeah bang/buck is really important in most cases as a $100 more card will only offer a slight difference but for me someone who overclocks and wants to get the most without buying a 3090 I think strix is probably the better option we will see how the prices hold up in January when I actually buy it
  4. I think it’s mostly to do with power draw from the bios. The strix I don’t think has a power limit which is super nice
  5. Once they are back in stock I want to know which 3080 to get. The strix has high boost better cooling but also a $100 higher price I mainly want to know if it’s worth the extra cost. I’m currently upgrading from an MSI rtx 2080 gaming x trio. What other benefits does the Strix provide over the TUF or should I just save that $100 and go for the TUF. I really just want the best performance card without breaking the bank.
  6. Killer is the best option according to a lot of people
  7. My Intel Ethernet slot recently has been having Packet Loss issues and I have come to the conclusion it is my Motherboards etherent. what motherboards come with Killer™ Ethernet E3100 or what pcie cards should i look into? im looking into pure gaming. If there is a motherboard with it ill probably just upgrade to a z490 from a z390.
  8. Most people care more about single thread
  9. Amd can’t beat intel gaming performance and they can’t beat Nvidia
  10. I mean the leakers are usually very close. Trust me it isnt going to be double. And plus I like Nvidia inspector. Amd doesn’t have anything like that. I also like Nvidia control panel a lot better.
  11. the thing is they wont leaked performance shows $600 for a card in between 3070 and 3080 smh