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  1. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
  2. I'm expecting the answer to no, but I've been looking at the HTC U19e, however it isn't supported here in the USA (coverage wise) . I was wondering if I could take out the 4g module from the phone and replace with on that supports my region.
  3. I've done the measurements and looked up the dimensions of the wii u and the parts. Theoretically, it should fit. Ive thought of using an intel NUC Board so then i can cram a gtx 1650 or something, but I have no way of connecting the GPU and the board.
  4. Well, actually, I was thinking of taking a old Wii U and DIY it.
  5. I'm trying to build a mini pc so thats why.
  6. So my family still uses dvds and stuff and i want to build them a pc with a bluray drive, however I'm having trouble finding the correct cable to use it. PCPartpicker says to have a slimline sata to sata adapter, however, they don't look like they would fit into the motherboard of choice. can someone help me? PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price CPU AMD Ryzen 5 2400G 3.6 GHz Quad-Core OEM/Tray Processor $200.00 @ Amazon CPU Cooler Noct
  7. So I'm trying to rip some old dvds I have for personal use that I own and I've tried using Handbrake and the libdvdcss.dll thing to do and it still look scambled. Can someone help guide me on how to unscramble and how to work Handbrake?
  8. So I've been looking into building my own smartphone as a fun little DIY Project. I'm willing to learn everything necessary to build it. I was wondering where the best place to find parts and how to build one. I understand Some might say this is a dumb idea, but I'm willing to do it.
  9. So I've downloaded dolphin emulator and I want to download Roms however when I tried in the past, I almost got a virus. Is there any site that is safe and virus free? Also, can someone run me down on downloading Roms? Do you need a PC? Can you do it straight from the phone? Thank you.
  10. The film I'm trying to get footage of is Bilal: A New Breed of Hero, which I bought from the Google Play Store so I could watch it on my phone.
  11. So, I have to make a horror film trailer for class from a existing animated film and I want to record some clips of the movie, but every time I do, the movie doesn't show in the recording, only a black screen. Is there anyway to bypass this?
  12. So I was looking at the ASUS ROG Phone 2 and a lot of reviews kept complaining about not having VoLTE and saying that this phone can't used next year. Can someone explain this to me because I have never heard of this and what phones support VoLTE if this is the case.
  13. So I was looking into the Honor 20 Pro and I was wondering if I could put a launcher on the phone since they have a locked bootloader.
  14. So I want to get a Huawei Phone because of the great cameras, battery life, and I also feel bad for the Huawei with the whole US Ban incidnt. I'm stuck between 2 phones, the Mate 20 Pro, or the P30 (Non Pro varient). Which one should I pick up? I want the 20 for the reverse wireless charging, 40 Watt charging, and the curved display, but the headphone on the P30 though (I have a Google pixel Dongle already).
  15. Whats the best way to get Google apps safely without viruses and such?