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    I am someone who is born in Disneyland Tokyo. Okay that's a lie but I was born in Urayasu, the same city as Disneyland so technically, I think I'm allowed to say I am. Anyway, I moved to Edinburgh when I was 4 years old and have been here ever since. I used to speak fluent Japanese (for a 4/5 year old anyway) but forgot it when I learned English and another language.
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  1. Hmmm...I received my pair of £10 active noise-canceling wireless headphones (refurb). 

    Mini review time? (cause I'm bored...)



    Build quality:

    Its has a soft-touch finish and does feel semi-solid but where the earcups rotate are so creaky and feels so nasty that they might as well break from just trying to rotate the earcups. Even when considering its only £10, I'm only able to give it a 6/10 as I've had better built £10-20 headphones from others before.



    It has a nicely padded headband (probably slightly better than my cloud 2s) but as they are on-ear and how I dislike the feeling of something touching my ears I find them rather uncomfortable. They also trap an incredible amount of heat.



    Sound quality:

    Without the NC on, it has relatively clear mids and highs however bass is literally non-existent. 

    With the NC, bass becomes a lot more pronounced and although a little boomy and muddy sounding isn't too bad. However, both mids and highs become rather unclear and 'sloppy' sounding. 

    Overall, it kinda sounds like a less-clear, less-controlled, worse separated version of my ST80 (as it has a similar signature) so I'd probably give it a 5.5/10. 



    Even with volume cranked up to 100%, I couldn't hear any audible hissing and with my PC fans cranked to 100%, it makes a very noticeable difference in the volume of the fans. In terms of higher pitched noises, with them on, my cherry blues keyboard does sound a little quieter but not by very much. 7.5/10 as it does work without creating any weird pressures or audible hiss.


    For £10, its not a bad buy. Although it doesn't sound great, its adequate for me and is just good enough to have me not complain. It has decent noise-canceling with comfort being the only major issue. 

    At £50 however, hell no. Compared to the HD205s that I got for free (but has a similar selling price, new), its less comfortable, sounds quite a lot worse and the only thing you're sacrificing is wireless as due to the much better seal on the HD205, they actually block out a similar amount of noise. 

  2. To be fair, +17% from 3.9GHz is only 4.5GHz~ and there are plenty of people stating Ryzen+ will hit 4.5GHz when OCed so in terms of clock speeds, its possible? Note: I'm using 3.9GHz as from what I've seen and experianced, 3.8-3.9GHz is what you can achieve <1.4V on a R7 chip. In terms of power consumption, it probably won't happen however it is still a smaller node so maybe we can be optimistic and hope for a tad lower in power consumption? (although Ryzen being on 14LPP and Ryzen+ being more performance-oriented probably doesn't help).
  3. Zen+ was always going to have a bump in clocks so if this means 17% extra perf at the same power consumption or 17% higher clocks (i.e. we can now overclock to 4.5GHz+) or a mixture of higher perf and lower power consumption then we should get excited otherwise if its just higher stock clocks, it is nothing really interesting.
  4. How I hate doing writeups/assignments. Sat here in school for 1.5 hours and did very little on my physics assignment (which consists of an overall conclusion/introduction and 3 writeups for the 3 related experiments). 


    Worse is I'm probably going to go over the 4500 word count limit, fu...

  5. 500 post Giveaway! ($20 Steam)

    Free goodies, why not eh?
  6. Do smartphones need more than 4 cores?

    Well on android, I find my all my apps constantly reloading. To be fair, I find my average usage to be about 2.5GB (as I use my phone mostly for watching videos) so I shouldn't be surprised? On windows, doing the same thing, I find myself using less than 3GB. Granted, if my phone had 4GB of RAM as well, it would probably not have to reload any apps either but ya know...
  7. Do smartphones need more than 4 cores?

    I actually run out of RAM more frequently on my android phone (3GB) than my windows tablet (4GB) which probably says something about the god damn horrible RAM management in android...
  8. Wait, when did web browsers consume this much video memory? With no videos playing and 10 tabs open in opera, its actually consuming 300-500MB of vRAM (immediately drops when I close opera). Wut? 

    1. deXxterlab97


      chrome consumes any type of memory, even vram. Now i can tell people why 1060 3gb is still worse than 480 4gb if given same price 

    2. Energycore


      Yeah I noticed as well. 2 charts and a twitch stream + 6 other tabs = 3GB RAM consumed. What gives firefox?

  9. WTF is this? This exchange...

    0.06368eth = 50~ euros (which is equal to £44~ converted) but when directly exchanging eth to GBP , its only £33~. I rather eat my bank fees for foreign currency as its lower...

    1. Energycore




      Yeah, you're right. Euro is 0.88 a GBP (https://www.tradingview.com/symbols/EURGBP/)

      Eth/GBP is 619.74 https://www.tradingview.com/symbols/ETHGBP/

      And Eth/EUR is 787.41 https://www.tradingview.com/symbols/ETHEUR/


      So you're actually making more money if you sell your eth for euros. I feel like this has to do with very few exchanges trading the big crypto names against GBP, only Kraken does it that I know of.



    2. Mr.Meerkat


      I am using kraken :P. In fact, I've been using Kraken since 2016 so I might as well continue using it...

    3. Energycore


      I supposed so, but what I mean is that with cryptos against GBP only happening on kraken, it makes some sense that the correlation isn't incredibly strong.


      It happens as well when I trade BTC/ETH/LTC/XRP against my local currency, sometimes it takes forever for it to adjust to a change, or the coins are +/-10% in value compared to their price against USD.

  10. Steps to be a commercial airline pilot?

    Note: I'm going to ignore Multi-crew Pilot's License (MPL) and only focus on the traditional Air Transportation Pilot's License (ATPL). You want to become a pilot? Well you'll need a thing many flight school dub "frozen ATPL" which in other words is CPL+IR while you've passed all 14 exams but do not have the hours to hold a full ATPL. This "frozen ATPL" is the minimum required for a airline company to consider hiring you. In terms of getting this "frozen ATPL", most flight school follow a course structure something like this. - Before you start training, you need a class 1 medical. - You train and get a PPL. - You then get a night rating and start hour building while you typically also start ground school for the 14 exams. - You then typically get your ME and IR ratings. - You then sit the 14 exams and once you pass, you would start training for your CPL. - You obtain your CPL, congratulations, you can now interview for commercial pilot jobs as a co-pilot. After getting into a company, you typically start training to get a type rating (i.e. what @Crunchy Dragon mentioned about A330, A320, MD90s ect.). You've flown for a couple of years and you've hit the minimum hours for an ATPL, congratulations, you are now a holder of a full ATPL and can be considered to become a captain. Well this is what I understand of becoming a commercial pilot anyway, hopefully I can start training towards my PPL this June!

    No, that's actually very low quality and should be avoided. Seasonic 550W Focus gold Corsair TX650M, RM650X EVGA G2, GQ, G3 ect.

    Everything looks mostly fine however I'd recommend changing the power supply as firstly, nJoy isn't a manufacturer the vast majority has heard of meaning the quality of components used is more likely to be questionable. Secondly, as it has a 80+ silver rating, it tells us that its probably a relatively old unit (in terms of when it was first available) as the 80+ silver rating was dropped in favor of just having 80+ bronze and gold without a rating inbetween probably over a year or two ago.
  13. Flights

    I'm unsure about ground school however to obtain a CPL, you'd need a class 1 medical while to obtain a PPL, you need a class 2 medical. I'm not sure about this but I wouldn't have thought a flight school would allow you to even do ground school without the respective medicals. On a side note, isn't a class 3 medical for ATC and not pilots?

    Can we get a link to the website you're mining on? It highly depends on whether you're mining on a PPLNS pool or solo. With ethermine (this is a PPLNS pool) specifically, once you hit the minimum unpaid threshold (between 0.05 and 10eth, you get to choose), it will pay you or if you have a balance with more than 0.01eth and 7 days has passed, it will also pay you (i.e. as I mine about 0.023eth/week, instead of waiting till I have a balance of 0.05eth, it pays me every Sunday@00:10~).
  15. Tee hee hee, found this picture in a PC selling group :P