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    The flying Meerkat
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    EGPJ or EGPT. If not, probably relaxing in Scotland or Chiba
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    You looking for my Bio? Well I'm born in the land of the rising sun but grew up in the land of shite weather. I think that's enough ;)
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    Student commercial pilot and Electronics & Software engineering student


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    R7 1700@3.9GHz, 1.36V
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    MSI Mortar Arctic B350
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    Crucial Ballistix sport LT 2x8GB 2800MHz@1.37V
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    AMD Fury (sapphire Trixx)
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    Corsair Air 240 in white
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    Crucial MX300 1TB
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    XFX XXX 850W with blue extensions
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    benq XL2410T (24 inch 120hz 1080p) and a benq BL(something) 1440p 24 inch :D
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    XSPC Raystorm, EK Fury block, DDC pump, dual 240mm rads
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    Razer blackwidow 2013 edition, Cherry MX blues
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    Logitech G402
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    Beryerdynamic custom one pro, Sound Blaster Omni, hyperx cloud 2
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    Windows 10

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  1. Reminds me of when we moved to our new-build house and it had a built in washing machine (about a £300-350~ washing machine). However, the one we had at our old flat was a £900~ washer/dryer that was <18 months old as well (my mother bought on sale for like £450) so we just slid it in the hole next to the built in one, designed to hold a dryer instead (I mean we technically did install a dryer...). Got a Y piece of PVC for drainage and then a Y-hose for the water supply. Has worked superbly, I mean we can even have both on concurrently as our water pressure is extremely high (live about 200m from a water filtration site and <2 miles from the reservoir )
  2. @DrMacintosh My sister's 2017 MBP 13" logic board is f*cked again 😂


    Looks like she'll not have a laptop for like a month again...but at least due to her last repair only being finished < 3 months ago (logic board power issue), she still has warranty from that repair (which we pulled Scottish consumer laws on so wis free as well). 

    1. DrMacintosh


      Tell your sister to stop frying her USB-C/Thunderbolt controllers. 

      Sounds like an SMC issue. 

    2. Mr.Meerkat


      @DrMacintosh Hehe, I mean she's getting the logic board replaced (again) so time that she got another dodgy logic board? 😂


      I mean her original 6s got stolen, which was replaced by a refurb by insurance, which became dodgy so it got replaced by another refurb, which again was dodgy so she got her current, third refurb and it's kinda dodgy as well 😂😂


      Maybe her luck with refurb stuffs isn't great... 😂😂😂

  3. image.thumb.png.61b487d925a1f0be45ce47f6ed64691e.png

    Hold on, why do I not own a 350Z yet? 1.5 years ago, the insurance was £3000 so it was well outside my budget but at £1200~ (mind you, this is with the Nismo body kit!), it's the same as what I paid for my 120hp mito (2nd year ownership and 1 year of NCD) or, "only" £250 more than what I'd be paying for the renewal in March. Looks like I know what I'm aiming for after I get my flight instructor rating (and CPL). 

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    2. Mr.Meerkat


      @DildorTheDecentFunny enough, that's not even a telematic quote xD 

    3. DildorTheDecent


      oooooooh. Means you can actually enjoy the car then.

    4. Mr.Meerkat


      Yepppppppp, instead of blasting down the motorway at 65mph, I might go drive at 100 70mph ;)


      Would be a nice increase from my current 85 to 90 60 to 65mph average... :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  4. That's good to know Great for A7 series owners, especially for people like me who picked it up for dirt cheap (£300 for camera, £110 for the 50mm)
  5. Luck you... On the brightside, always being in the boost range of the smol 30hp~ factory turbo (NA variant develops 93hp with the turbo variants ranging 120 to 170hp) means that at least I don't have to down shift to overtake and can be extremely lazy
  6. I mean I totally cruise at the speed limit of 70mph on motorways so the amount of engine noise at 4000rpm is deafening Considering I averaged about 39 miles/day since buying my car in May 2018 with 90% of my driving being on motorways or dual-carriageways, I have officially been deafened by the constant 3000-4000rpm drone
  7. No, I have not. And yes, I know the original A7 wis never know for its AF performance but what lens you use really do make a difference. When paired with the 24-105mm, the pictures are almost always in focus, and it doesn't take long at all. However, with the 28-70mm, maybe a quarter of the pictures (if not more), the focus is slightly off and it takes a noticeable amount of time for the AF to do its thing.
  8. Thing is, you'd still need the gas hob to be 20% or less efficiency here so gas is basically always cheaper... Gas is about 5x cheaper here in the UK so it depends on the country I guess.
  9. Unless you're in the UK... Gas: 2.8p/kWh Electricity: 15p/kWh I wonder which one is cheaper...
  10. Wew, life really is hating me. Found out that one of my memory sticks is throwing massive number of errors, and that's why my computer was BSOD-ing, black screening ect. Rippp, I guess it's time to contact crucial and hope I can get me lifetime warranty...


  11. But the kit lens on their A7/FE cameras is the 28-70mm, not the 50mm (or at least I have never ever seen one being included as part of a kit). To be fair, considering 50mms are known as "nifty fifties", I wouldn't be one bit surprised if Sony did sell the 50mm most (especially when the kit lens on the OG A7 is so awful, seems to be a bit better on A7II and A7IIIs) and thus, it is indeed an economy scale of issue
  12. I mean the Sony 28mm is £350~ (so pretty budget) and the Samyang 24mm is £250~ (so even cheaper). As for why the 50mm is so cheap (£180 normal price, I got it on sale), I don't know. Maybe ask Sony what's up with their line-up
  13. Hey all! I currently have an OG Sony A7 with the following three lenses: - The kit 28-70mm, never use it for many reasons such as auto-focus is disgustingly slow nor is very accurate (very rarely do I use a tri-pod or take images of still objects so AF is something I'd like to use) plus it just isn't very sharp. - The cheapo 50mm f1.8 lens. Now this is a lens I use the most as it weights nothing, takes nice n sharp images and the bokeh you get from it, like damnnnn son! Considering I only paid £110 (new!) for it, I could not be any happier with it. - My pride and joy, the 24-105mm f4 G lens. What can I say about it? It's one large n heavy boi? Love it to bits but it just isn't very nice to carry around, especially as it makes the camera feel very unbalanced in the hand. Considering how heavy and large it is, it genuinely takes less space and weight less if I paired the 50mm with something like the 28mm f2 lens (for them wide angle shots). You can probably see where this is going... How is the FE Sony 28mm f2 lens? When compared to the Samyang 24 mm f2.8 FE lens, which one would be the better choice? Any other lenses people would recommend? Thanks!
  14. I unintentionally hurt a friend badly and kinda wanna jump off a bridge... 😢 


    The worst bit is I don't even know what I did as I was blackout drunk. Hello insomina my friend, we meet again.

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    2. Bombastinator


      Conventional wisdom is find out what you did and attempt to make amends.  It rarely produces a useful result, but I personally find it sometimes helpful with the wanting to jump off a bridge bit. Not always, or even all that often, but sometimes.

    3. Mr.Meerkat


      @Bombastinator Thing is, the way it was worded didn't directly suggest I did something but instead, I triggered a previous trauma they've had. I'm just really worried that I triggered something really, really bad, which is not what I wanted at all :( 

    4. Bombastinator


      blackout drunks often do so much damage to others that even their presence can trigger ptsd in previous victims.


      it doesn’t matter if you wanted it or not.  What happened happened.