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    The flying Meerkat
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    EGPJ or EGPT. If not, probably relaxing in Scotland or Chiba
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    Flying, flying and ummmm, electronics!
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    Meeeeeeeeeep :D
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    Someone who blows up capacitors for a living. Also crashes, I mean land aeroplanes :P


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    R7 1700@3.9GHz, 1.36V
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    MSI Mortar Arctic B350
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    Crucial Ballistix sport LT 2x8GB 2800MHz@1.37V
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    AMD Fury (sapphire Trixx)
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    Corsair Air 240 in white
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    Crucial MX300 1TB
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    XFX XXX 850W with blue extensions
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    benq XL2410T (24 inch 120hz 1080p) and a benq BL(something) 1440p 24 inch :D
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    XSPC Raystorm, EK Fury block, DDC pump, dual 240mm rads
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    Razer blackwidow 2013 edition, Cherry MX blues
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    Logitech G402
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    Beryerdynamic custom one pro, Sound Blaster Omni, hyperx cloud 2
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    Windows 10
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    Sony Xperia 1 :D

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  1. Cambridge audio melomania 1, what can I say about them? 


    Sound signature - i really like it. Suits my tastes very well. Bass is nicely controlled with no muddiness whilst mids and highs all sound pleasant to me. 

    Fit - with the correct ear tips, they fit nicely, are comfy and don't feel like they're gonna fall out.

    Isolation - I'd argue the PNR on these are wayyy better than the ANR on the Sony WF-1000XM3. It's just that good. Rtings rates it -30db overall (a lot higher than the WF-1000XM3), which makes them literal earplugs. 

    Case - it's thinner than my wallet so it actually fits in my jeans. It's about the same size as airpod pros so definitely can't complain about the size. Only issue is micro B instead of type C but everything else makes up for it. 


    The isolation on these still shock me. It's rated higher overall than ANR headphones (QC35/Bose 700 is -27db overall, XM4 is -28db overall) but to be fair to the headphones, they reduce noticeably more low frequency noises (which is what ANR is good at) whereas the CA's rating is dragged up by the -53db high frequency reduction so it's not a direct apples to apples. Anyway, I'm definitely going to keep these as it sounds good, has great isolation, is comfortable and most importantly for a pair of earbuds, has a tiny case. 

  2. Wtf? What the hell windows? Why did my AMD folder/GPU driver just suddenly get completely purged? Like my computer blackscreened for a moment and now C:/AMD no longer exists and device manager now lists my GPU as "generic display adapter" 🤦‍♂️

  3. Is there nothing that is as compact as the airpod pros, with ANC, decent sound quality ect. that isn't the airpod pros?


    I do own a set of Sony WF-1000XM3 and they're great but the case is frigging massive so I don't actually use them as much as I like (use my cheapo £30 ones a lot more as they actually comfortably fit in my pockets). 

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Mr.Meerkat


      Hehe, I kinda do but they aren't exactly known to be friendly with non-apple devices :( 

    3. AluminiumTech


      @Mr.Meerkat They work fine on Windows devices and allegedly work okay on Android devices. I haven't tested Android devices with them but Windolws devices worked okay when I had mine.

    4. Mr.Meerkat


      @AluminiumTech I may or may not have found a pair of Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 at a very discounted price (almost 50% ;)) and given that it has a case almost as small as the airpods (airpod case: 53.5 x 44.3 x 21.3 mm , CA case: 59 x 50 x 22mm), I may or may not have taken the plunge on them, especially as they're known to be some of the best, if not the best sounding earbuds.


      Gonna use them as my dailies whilst my WF-1000XM3 will be kicked down into whenever I want ANC or forget to charge the CAs (assuming I actually do like them enough to keep em). Thing is, because my WF-1000XM3 was a lot cheaper than MSRP, this combination of the two actually works out a bit cheaper than the £220 I'd need to fork over for airpod pros so I don't think I can complain :) 

  4. Ooop, when your computer "idles" at 8.2GB of RAM utilisation...👀

    Maybe I should close some of these programs...

    One Messenger - 1.3GB

    Opera - 1.3GB

    Teams - 0.8GB (have to use it for uni)

    Discord - 0.4GB

    ... 😅

    1. AluminiumTech


      And this is why everybody makes fun of Electron and Chromium. RAM management gets a bit insane.

    2. Mr.Meerkat


      @AluminiumTech that is very much true. 2.6GB of RAM utilisation for just 2 apps is incredibly hungry, especially as opera only had 3 tabs open (albeit with a lot of extensions). I mean the GPU opera process was using like 400MB of system RAM alone (some kind of hardware acceleration)... 

  5. image.png.f59576a67b247bc344440930d04e93f7.png

    Happi days! ❤️ 

    A version of it finally exists in the UK! Looks like my decade old XL2410T will finally get some rest :) 


    As for the reported ghosting (on the what? 3 or 4 monitors that I suspect uses the exact same panel), I'll probs just run it at 120Hz or 144Hz which should help to reduce some of it but I mean the XL2410T isn't ghost free so I suspect I probably won't even notice it all that much. Now I just need to wait until 9th Oct as it is preorder... 

  6. Hmmmm...don't know about you but either something has changed significantly or maybe UK division was more aggressive but eBay UK would automatically charge the invoice from your paypal account at the end of the month (even if there are unpaid sales) and when your paypal account did go into the negative (the charge would ignore if there is actual funding on your paypal so it goes negative), paypal were very quick to get debt collection on your ass. How do I know? Had a few unpaid sales, my bank had just cancelled cards for suspicious activity and before I was able to finish dealing with my bank, a recollection agency had already been set by paypal for the negative balance as eBay had already charged the invoice in full (thankfully it was only a warning as it wasn't recorded on credit history) so my experience says otherwise. At least here in the UK, the average credit card limit is like £3000 and short of either multi-millionaires or larger business owners, the vast majority of people will get nowhere near a £5K limit so you're pretty lucky to have a 30K credit limit (or maybe people just get a lot more credit in the US).
  7. Yep, I mean if it does get cancelled afterwards, they will get refunded but how many people actually have $8000 on their debit/credit card limit? It could easily end up in a situation where it leads the seller to (massively) exceed their overdraft or negatively affecting their credit score. Of course, this is hypothetical but it could happen.
  8. Unless something has changed recently, the fees are automatically charged at the end of the month, regardless of if the buyers pays them or not (could have always met up in person or smth) so unless either the buyer or seller actually completely cancel the transaction, eBay will charge them the 10% fee.
  9. I'm ready to kick MSI's ass. Why on earth is my M.2 slot on my B350 mobo using M1.7 screws/standoffs? Gotta be the stupidest thing I've ever seen! Lost the original M1.7 screw so ended up going through my whole screws bin (thankfully I have some 1.7s) but then had the issue their M1.7 screw not being "standard" (wider heads so it actually contacts the SSD) so the heads on the screws I had weren't wide enough to hold down the SSD 🤦‍♂️. Ended up just cutting a little cardboard to use as a spacer...(don't have any M1.7 spacers on hand...for ovbious reasons). 


    On the brightside, with it now properly mounted, my SSD runs 5 to 10C cooler! :D 

    1. Den-Fi




      What you see when you scroll past the status column too quickly. 👀

    2. Mr.Meerkat
  10. Damn, no updated iPad mini... Would love to be able to replace my ipad mini 4th gen and iPad pro 9.7" with a new iPad mini as the 4/5th gens displays are a little too small for writing notes in whilst the 9.7" is too big to use as a EFB in a small GA cockpit.
  11. How powerful is a mobile 1650ti in relation to say a 1060/Fury/1070? Tempted to sell off my rig (1700/Fury) for a Zephyrus G14 with either the 4600hs/1650ti or 4800hs/1660ti, as I really could do with the portability of a laptop (move around tooooooo much and dislike hauling around my custom loop all the time) but at the same time don't want a big GPU downgrade either. 

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    2. AluminiumTech


      1650Ti is essentially a slightly OCed 1650.


      So about 30-50% worse than a RX 480/GTX 1060 and probably about 2x worse than a Vega 56/1070.


      1660Ti is similar to Vega 56 but a bit worse in quite a few titles.


      I would say 1650Ti isn't worth getting. I owned a 1650 laptop for a bit and GPU performance was quite bad.


      I'd say even 1660Ti is a bit low on the performance side. You'd be better suited with a 2060 or 2060 Super.

    3. AluminiumTech


      @Mr.Meerkat I thought I've done some 1650 benchmarks so I did a look around and here's one of the ones I found that I did a while back.


      I did this benchmarking in October 2019 I believe. Even though it's from me, take it with a grain of salt. but here you go:




      You can substitute RX 480 with GTX 1060 and substitute Vega 56 with GTX 1070 in those benchmarks.


      The relative framerate compared to each of the cards is more important in that graph then the specific framerates themselves.


      Vega 56 in this benchmark does much better than the two other cards because of the 410GB/s memory bandwidth.

    4. Mr.Meerkat


      @Tristerin 1650ti is a thing. NBC has a few benchmarks on it.


      @AluminiumTech thanks for the information! So basically 1660ti or nothing, right (2060 demands a price increase a little too out of my budget). As for 1660ti performance, given I'm more than happy with my fury and the 1660ti (desktop variant anyway) is faster in benchies, I don't really need anything faster. I mean at stock clocks, 4800hs/1660ti will be faster than my 1700/fury rig in both CPU and GPU perf so think it's enough of an upgrade to spend about £400 for (especially the convenience). 

  12. Hmmm...I wonder if this is a problem with our connection/ISP or youtube? Any youtube video I try to watch will eventually stop buffering and pause. On my phone, I can "simply" fix it by disconnecting and reconnecting wifi but on my desktop, I have to refresh the page. The internet connection is still there and hasn't been dropped so it's kinda odd. Prime video, netflix and frankly anything else that requires an internet connection has no issues but youtube on the other hand just randomly stops buffering for no reason. Slightly annoying but I guess not the biggest issue ever? 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. lewdicrous


      Tried disconnecting/reconnecting wifi and it didn't work for me. 

      Are you using cloudflare's DNS by any chance?

    3. Mr.Meerkat


      @lewdicrous Nope, no VPN and was using google's DNS ( and but good idea, I'll give other DNSes a try. Maybe that will change something :D

    4. lewdicrous


      I'm using cloudflare's DNS and it still happens, so it's more likely to be a bug like you mentioned.

  13. Oh...that 30/32A breaker is only for sockets. Any "permanent" fixtures (say electric heaters, electric water heaters, AC ect. will have it's very own breaker). As for plugs having fuses, we don't have lower power breakers. A 15/16/30/32A breaker directly feeds multiple sockets so those fuses can help something from exploding (usual fuse sizes are 3, 5 and 13A)
  14. Not true! There are products that are designed and built extremely well but has a plastic ground. The Ikea 3 port USB charger (Koppla) comes to mind. It is known to be very well designed and built with good components whilst being extremely cheap. So, why do well built/designed products not have an actual ground pin? The answer is simple, the original design was based on a socket without ground pins so when they "converted it" (i.e. slapped a different plug on), a metal ground pin wasn't added. To be pedantic, UK socket breakers are either 15/16A or 30/32A@240VAC (15/30A are old breakers, 16/32A are new breakers). Only up-to 7680watts per breaker . This is part of the reason why our plugs have a fuse in them. The old ring system in the UK is still very much alive, which has the benefit of never having to worry about tripping a breaker due to loading it too much (edit: assuming you're not doing anything stupid. 7680watts is aaaaaaaaaalot) On a side note, here's a fun fact: Technically, the 230VAC is only a standard and doesn't actually exist on any grid. The EU grid runs at 220VAC whilst the UK grid is at 240VAC. However, to align with each other due to the EU (which funnily enough the UK is leaving), they increased the tolerances and created a new standard known as 230VAC.
  15. HP envy 13 1650? 😮 image.thumb.png.6fc5775eb59a564531e902b8a1608504.png 

    Maybe it's time for me to upgrade my 8250U/MX150 version... (albeit for that price, it may be worth spending about £200 more and getting the G14 with a 1660ti...).