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    Sapphire trixx fury with EK block
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  1. But...but...it is actually helpful tho... He did show OP what he could get with the budget Nope, a 1060 is no where near bandwidth hungry enough to be limited by PCIe 2.0 Not really. If it was a sandybridge i5 then I can easily say that it should be enough for a couple more years (with a little bottlenecking while being paired with a 1060) however first gen core ix CPUs weren't great? (in terms of performance) So...IMO you should probably just upgrade it.
  2. XFX RX 460 working under MacOs or Hackintosh

    Unfortunately I don't know that much about flashing BIOSes so I won't be able to help .
  3. XFX RX 460 working under MacOs or Hackintosh

    Ah, fair enough then. Anyway, I'd avoid flashing a different manufacturer's BIOS onto a GFX card unless its a reference card as the settings would be different which can lead to a bricked card.
  4. Hue hue hue, its kinda funny how my friends auto-jumped onto the conclusion that I use opera just for its VPN although I don't :P 

    1. PCGuy_5960


      You use Opera for its AdBlock, amirite? 

    2. Mr.Meerkat


      Well reasons why I use Opera:

      - First party/built in VPN and adblock

      - Saves all open tabs when you close opera (meaning you get to continue off where you left)

      - The FB messenger overlay

      - To me, it looks nicer than edge and chrome. 

      - Based off chromium meaning most chrome extensions also work on it. 

    3. DeezNoNos


      I use Vivaldi. It is the better version of opera also based on chromium. 


      It is basically ex opera devs making a more power user friendly browser and they listen to the community.

  5. XFX RX 460 working under MacOs or Hackintosh

    Which MacOS version are you running on? As Macs now support eGPUs (or about to, through TB3), you should be able to just plug and play GPUs on macs meaning you should be able to just install it into your system and have it work. "How to Hackintosh" is forbidden however the more general question (such as the one asked by OP) should be fine as in this case, its more about a driver issue
  6. No worries, I was a little bewildered as well when I saw the BX300 reviews and specs I mean I even posted a status update about it...
  7. Pump is audibly circulating water

    The radiator placement is perfect as its above the pump meaning the bubbles should get stuck there. Give it a good ol' shake/tilt it around for a bit (disconnect HDDs first however) and hope the air bubbles will find its way into the radiator and stay there
  8. Are we talking about the MX300 and BX300? If so, apart from the controller, currently the BX300 seems to be a better SSD than the MX300 as the BX300 uses MLC nand whereas the MX300 uses TLC nand, the BX300 performs better and has a higher IOPS rating plus finally (slightly less relevant...ish), the MX300 is cheaper (in the UK, price per gig wise).
  9. Well I hit 3.8GHz@1.3V with my Wraith Spire with max temps of 68C (under aida) so...its down to how lucky you get with the silicon lottery?
  10. 1. Drop the 850 evo for something cheaper. Something like a BX300 or BP5e or SL308 would be much better price to performance wise. 2. Thermal paste that typically comes with coolers (regardless of whether its preapplied or in a tube) is perfectly fine so you could always save $6... 3. The Asus B350-Plus would be a better choice. Slightly cheaper while it has better VRMs so if you're going to overclock your 1700, the Asus would probably be a better idea (although if you can fit an Asus or Asrock X370 motherboard in, it would be ideal, if going for dem 4GHz overclocks). 4. You don't really need a 3rd party cooler? The cooler that comes with the 1700 is more than adequate to handle a mildly over-clocked 1700 (I'd say max 1.3V at 3.8GHz probably).
  11. Pump is audibly circulating water

    Where is your radiator installed? If its at the front, you could always try having the tubing at the bottom so the air bubble(s) gets trapped at the top of the rad.
  12. I had that issue back when I had my 5820K+RX470 build. The thing that fixed it if I recall correctly was reinstalling windows and reinstalling the memory sticks as I was constantly getting memory errors as well although I could stress them with Memtest64 and HCI memtest (and be completely stable).
  13. Rating buttons look like crap on Edge

    Burn? That wasn't intended, lemme add a smiley to 'soften' it then
  14. Compilation of Free to Play PC games

    Never played Roblox but Unturned originally was just a Dayz esk type of game (downloaded when it was first released as an EA...)