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    R7 1700 with XSPC Rystorm
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    MSI Mortar Arctic B350
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    Crucial Ballistix sport LT 2x8GB 2400MHz white RAM
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    Sapphire trixx fury with EK block
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    Corsair Air 240 in white
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    Crucial MX100 256GB+ WD black 1TB
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    XFX XXX 850 watt with blue extentions
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    benq XL2410T (24 inch 120hz 1080p) and a benq BL(something) 1440p 24 inch :D
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    Fully custom
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    Razer blackwidow 2013 edition with cherry BLUES! (Sale...don't judge)
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    Logitech G402
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    Beryerdynamic custom one pros, Sound Blaster Omni, hyperx cloud 2 Pink
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    Windows 10

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    In the Land of the Shite Weather (Scotland)
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    Flying, PCs...meh does it really matter?
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    High schooler :D

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  1. But you can't be PCMR without a 6core+ CPU tho...
  2. Hmmmm...plebs CPU 8 core master race! Anyway, don't forget fittings! Even the cheapest will push the overall costs up.
  3. Alright, so all I have to do is create a GPU/display controller/display adapter for a MicroEmissive ME1602 (i.e. holds the world's smallest TV record on guiness world records) and I'll get a PHD from Edinburgh Uni...sounds like a plan :D 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. PCGuy_5960
    3. Mr.Meerkat


      No seriously, I'd say it sounds easier than 8 years of school :P 

    4. PCGuy_5960


      Sure, it's a lot easier, just buy a used GPU from ebay :P

  4. Update: Sorry for neglecting this build log Have been super busy in the past 2 weeks which for 1 of those weeks, I had absolutely no Internet then the past week I was in a dorm without my PC sooo...yeah? Anyway, here is the RGB lighting I have the cycling effect on hence its yellow as my brain derped when I installed it as its USB powered with a 3 button controller being part of the cable so I won't be changing it to a solid colour soon...come on, it was £3 for a PSU (in the sense that it doesn't need one), controller and a 50cm/15 LEDs strip... I've still not tried OCing my fury however, trixx seems to interfering with drivers as sometimes my fury would not be able to clock higher than base (300MHz) so... Hey, at least at 300MHz, its still able to run the games I play at 60fps 1080p...
  5. How about 3 slot coolers? Or 2 slot coolers with a fan curve that properly ramps the fans up? Sapphire Tri-X/Nitro Fury-> 2.5 slot cooler cooling a 275Watt TDP GPU->32db, 65C gaming (34db, 74C furmark) Why did I list this card? Well I'm just wanted to state how if a 2.5 slot, triple fan air cooler is able to keep a 275Watt TDP GPU at a whisper 32 decibels and 65C under 'typical' loads, why can't a similar cooler keep a 375Watt TDP GPU under 85C with a noise level under 50db? I mean when I had the stock cooler on my Tri-X fury, 100% fan speed managed to bring the fury down to 46C(ish) which was loud but bearable soooo....
  6. Can we at least get strikethroughs on mobile? From time to time, its actually something I want to use.
  7. Well they prevented three taking over o2 (in the UK) so... I cri everytiem as I could have had the best 2g coverage (with most of it being edge so..."usable" Internet on mountains) plus best 3g coverage (combined) and speed which tops out a 35(ish)/4Mbps on HSPDA+... I mean... 3G: Home: Sed times when your mobile Internet is considerably faster than your broadband...also who needs LTE when you can get 30Mbps on 3(.5)G
  8. R u ok man?

    1. Mr.Meerkat


      Ye matey, I was just up a couple of hills with no Internet ;)

    2. PCGuy_5960


      No Internet? How were you able to survive? xD

  9. 10Gbe ethernet? Quad TB3 ports? I think you're missing something
  10. Frankly there is absolutely nothing that you can get that will be worth the price that it costs apart from maybe an AC wifi adapter if your Internet speeds are fast enough or powerline adapters if you want lower ping/more stable ping I mean the 6600 will be perfectly fine for lighter content creation especially if you haven't done any before.
  11. Scuse me? Lets see... Worse display, I mean the display on the macbook is just much much better. Higher res, more colour accurate, brighter ect. and if we were to think how much more a "pro" monitor usually cost more than a similarly specced "consumer" monitor, that display alone can make up a considerable chunk of the difference. Hmmm...basically 960 evo class 512GB SSD vs 850 evo (actually its considerably worse) class 128GB SSD, the price difference between them is around £150-175 sooo... Where's the touchbar? Is it gimmacky? Yes, does it cost money? Yes Why the $200 CPU upgrade? Shall I continue? Yes the macbook pro doesn't have ports that's super common right now but hey, functionally and form wise, they are way way way superior...I mean you have no way of connecting 10Gbps ethernet to the dell or even the ability to run more than 1 external display without USB display adapters... I wonder why the dell doesn't have TB3 ports...oh wait, that requires a tad of money to implement....I see... Next time, try considering everything rather than just the CPU, GPU, RAM and SSD without taking into consideration type.
  12. The moment you realised how rather than getting £150 for 15 eth, a year later, you could have $3000+ for it...


    FUCK SAKES! ;-;

  13. So my 1700 can be running at 65C instead of 45 o_O Daym, how am I supposed to get 4.2GHz ;-;
  14. 1. Its actually +20C, not -20C (i.e. 1800X running at 40C but is reported at 60C) 2. Its only the 1800X and 1700X from what I know
  15. Upgradability is indeed an issue but to a certain point, pricing isn't actually that bad... I mean compared to other OEMs and considering how generally apple actually uses "higher spec"/"better" parts, they are generally pretty good. On a side note, when I say higher spec and better parts, I mean if we were to compare the macbook pro 13 to a dell XPS, the macbook is slightly more expensive however it has a faster (albeit proprietary) SSD, brighter and more colour accurate display soooooo...ya know