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  1. No one, NO ONE cared for the GOTG, Batman or Borderland games they made, not even Game of thrones TBH, people asked for Wolf among us, and a quick rollout of Walking Dead, and people gave up, The episodic format was a blessing and a curse, no one in thier right mind bought each episode as they came, almost everyone bought it when all episode released, at which the entire game was on sale soon after. they should have just released all episodes like Netflix. they made 400 days DLC which never connected into anything else. they make games with so many threads hanging but never complete it. seriously, who cared about borderlands and GOTG telltale games? EDIT: Wait, they were making Strangers things also ? who cares, i hope they effin end the walking dead properly and not leave it incomplete.
  2. UK Government is trying to create an Internet Regulation Body

  3. Techsource's studio got burgled.

    that is the same as when people who never watched Linus's videos and looking him up on reddit during Mac repair videos and assuming he just hates apple. again, why are persistent that he staged the video for views without never having to watch any of his videos or know anything about him? your entire argument revolves around other people's words, you say you heard things from a quick search about him and found out some nasty things, but did you verify any of them? most often people only tend to care when people do bad things when its disproved it doesn't get reported or even if it did no one cares, i don't want to go into confirmation bias, but you can pretty much google anyone up for all the bad things Reddit and other social media has to say about them. i don't want to debate about truth, lies and deception, simply put, you are for some reason made up your mind he did this to himself on intention as a prank. so your entire debate was around why would someone lie statement? i did not say "why would he lie ?" nor did i use it as an argument, i just followed up with "he would also commit career suicide if he did" comment when someone else said he's lying as i assess why would someone make a fake video that would end thier career, context matters. and that's my"assessment" of the situation, i am not saying its the actual fact that no one lies and do pranks for views, ofcourse it happens, and i just happen to make an educated guess that techsource did not as his content doesn't revolve around drama.
  4. Techsource's studio got burgled.

    you say you haven't watched any of his videos "Any" and yet you are claiming he's a doucebag, and claim he lies to his viewers all without seeing his content and trusting the words of other people who hate him. so that's just your assumption/opinion, right ? because you are working on an assumption the truth is wrong without evidence and waiting for the supposed "Truth" to come out and expecting people not to hear or accept it, by that logic, even if the "Truth" comes out that he was burgled you are assuming people won't hear it or accept it ? if you look at his youtube videos, you'd know his content is not filled with prank videos, how can you compare that of logan paul's resume to Techsource's Videos? i see not correlation to assume he's staging a prank videos on his channel that's filled with tech videos. it's not 1st of April. what does any of this have to do with his burglary? so? if history also has thought us anything, those subscribers won't stick around in a month if they are not watching his content anyhow, when subscribers don't mean anything day by day, getting 20k subs means nothing when he already has 1.8 Million subs. but i digress. this again falls under your assumption that he might have staged this entire thing which everyone feels so inclined that he did without any factual evidence.
  5. Why is EVERYONE Buying these Headphones??

    I don't think Cheap is always better, i have CX 275-s, which is cheap but not that cheap but i think it's better than the cheapest one. https://www.amazon.com/Sennheiser-CX-275-Universal-Headset/dp/B008V6T1IW/ if anyone has a better in-ear headphone, i'm glad to take a look at it.
  6. Techsource's studio got burgled.

    i get that, i didn't know about this thread and posted that video as my status, and a random person who doesn't follow me commented I just told him if he did, then he committed a career suicide, why would anyone create a fake video and expect not to get caught in this day and age. the recent trend of fake news has really impacted everyone's perception of what's real and what's really real and not a fake.
  7. Techsource's studio got burgled.

    comes with the increasing number of userbase, really can't help that. just that the toxic base tend to be outspoken.
  8. First Uncensored Adult Game for Steam gets Banned in 28 Countries

    surprised India didn't ban it, then again they only seem to get triggered with Hindu gods in them. like how Fallout games are banned in India.
  9. 1 minute ago, Rohith_Kumar_Sp said:

    aww man... you could have made a ghetto youtube red experience using youtube gaming app on Samsung phones, you could have turned off phone screen with the video playing.  you can't add youtube app, but you can add youtube gaming app which is the same app. 



  10. YouTube gaming app shutdown

    aww man... you could have made a ghetto youtube red experience using youtube gaming app on Samsung phones, you could have turned off phone screen with the video playing. you can't add youtube app, but you can add youtube gaming app which is the same app.
  11. Damn 


    1. DaPhuc


      This video is fake as fuck. I wouldn't buy it. Clickbait video. 

    2. Rohith_Kumar_Sp


      @DaPhuc i'm sure if he lied he just committed carrier suicide. 

  12. I truly feel sad for the people who still use VLC, for those who want an alternative K-Lite Codec is better in everyway https://codecguide.com/download_kl.htm

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. Rohith_Kumar_Sp


      @MEC-777 i get that, speaking of simple things, if VLC atleast could give me an option to select audio tracks and subs more easily like this, i don't mind anyone using what they wish, it's just that i've met few people fanboying over VLC and refuse to reason when i tell them there's another thing as good or better and they downright close thier ears and start to sing. so this was me venting.  



    3. Windows7ge


      Same as MEC-777, I just use it to play MP3, MP4, sometimes FLAC. Beyond that I use no other features. If I recommend VLC to someone and they tell me lather on that it doesn't have the features they were looking for then I can keep K-lite as a backup recommendation.

    4. MEC-777


      @Rohith_Kumar_Sp You are right, VLC does have some strange, convoluted methods for trying to do rather simple things, now that I think about it. I just use those features so rarely that I've never considered it an issue. Now pardon me while I check to see if there's a Linux version of K-Lite... ;) 

  13. Low resolution, LCD, no fingerprint reader, no headphone jack, bigger bezels, and a single camera (no portrait mode). All for only $750. 

    1. bleedblue


      People in the philippines (and probably everywhere else) will still eat it up.

    2. Blademaster91


      The dumb notch keeps me from wanting one but yeah the lower resolution LCD,and single camera is a

      downgrade IMO at the size of phone it seems to replace which was the iPhone 8 Plus.


  14. image.png.12373b4ffcc0875f3ebbd82679611b25.png

    1. TheSLSAMG



    2. Rohith_Kumar_Sp


      @TheSLSAMG it's funny as she ignores bandit doing drugs but beating jager for his Acog in hand lol 

  15. Upgrading Our WORST Gaming Rigs

    oh. gotcha.