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    so member titles are back?
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  1. So Bought this on Prime Day for 150$ after all the discounts. it's amazing how much have phones evolved over the years. it would atleast cost 600 if you had to buy the same phone with such specs 5 years ago. 



    1. kameshss


      I thought you had a Galaxy S6 or something. I still feel like that is better than this one.

    2. Rohith_Kumar_Sp


      @kameshss i own S7 Edge, still do, this one is for my mom, i plan to use my S7 edge until Samsung releases a phone with no notch

    3. kameshss


      probably next S series.

  2. Rohith_Kumar_Sp

    What does gas/petrol cost where you're located?

    1.10$ / Ltr. 75.72 INR per Liter.
  3. Rohith_Kumar_Sp

    What glitch made you have something you didn't pay for.

    AC 3. I spent a whole week unfogging every bit of frontier and New York, Boston and even the underground as YONG fucking connar , then met achilles to finally start my training with peace that i have dont all side missions and cleared all map at Sq 3 even before becoming Connor. then it happened, when i met achilles. there was no FUCKING MUSIC, only dialogue and sound effects but no music, the only way to fix is was to start a new Save. A NEW FUCKING SAVE after i spent a whole week doing all the chores for nothing. my 2nd playthrough, used fast travel for everything. fuck it.
  4. And more reasons why i both subscribe to Netflix and have them downloaded for backup.



    1. Tech_Dreamer




      one of the boldest move since apple removed gun emoji for a colorful watergun.

  5. Maybe, just maybe, put your game on Steam. The only reason i'd prefer G2A if the game's not on steam and i can't purchase it on uplay/EGS as they don't regional pricing or ask for International Credit card and wont accept Debit from Domestic I have bought a lot of games on G2A for the same reason until Steam introduced Regional pricing and even offered CASH OF DELIVERY! meaning a person would come at my door step to collect the money physically if i dont have a card Cue the hatred for EGS So tell them to sell it on steam, atleast salvage as much instead of making it an exclusive, the last time i used G2A was to get Watch Dogs 1 season pass but if they were to sell the keys on their own game website it still would be beneficial for them, its when prices are absurdly costly is when ppl go to G2A
  6. Rohith_Kumar_Sp

    McDonald's Paper Straws - Yes or No?

    Indian Govt has banned plastic straws, so McDonalds and KFC use cardboard straws, really large diameter cardboard straws, its fucking disgusting to drink with it.
  7. the user above has a broken profile pic but if you open it in a new tab it opens up a discord link. https://discordapp.com/api/v6/users/148846159564111872/avatars/a_776ef9d5153e4da0a24006a5803a6bd2.jpg
  8. Rohith_Kumar_Sp

    Why LinusTechTips is Wrong

    one it's an old video, two just look at the comments. , 3 they did a collab.
  9. Rohith_Kumar_Sp

    Urgent! Samsung QE55Q8DNATXX QLED VS LG55SK9500

    QLED anyday, just not worth risking a burn in on LG. if you have a samsung phone there's a lot of cool things you can do with it that you simply can't with the Android LG versions. EDIT : Yes you can integrate so many thing to your TV like home appliance with it which can't in cases like LG. also the samsung remote might be the easiest and simplest remote you'll ever use for a smart TV, and it comes with a One connect box i think, you can plug all your things in the front with it QLED's are way better at producing more brightness during compared to OLED anyday
  10. completely disagree with Linus that there shouldn't have been a mulan Live action, i've never seen the animated and this looks amazing 


    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Tech_Dreamer


      & that part is confusing too, they act like they're desperate for money.  its like an advanced cancerous level of greed for it.

    3. Volbet


      @Tech_Dreamer Welcome to capitalism. 

    4. Rohith_Kumar_Sp


      as i said, i've never seen the 2D animated not have i got any interest in it, so this is for people like me, PS i haven't seen Lion King 2D d aswell. so can't wait to see the Live action version 

  11. Rohith_Kumar_Sp

    Anyone Have a Playlist of all WAN Shows?

    Before there was WAN show there was Linus Tech Tips Live Show 48 Videos (my question was answered in the First ever LTT live steam i think, i feel old) PS when Luke arrivs for each Live stream and Wan show has LTT after show in the description, be sure to watch them as well they stopped after show like 3 years ago. but almost all LTT Wan show had after show before The below playlist has some rare unlisted videos as well including (scroll all the way below for those) Touring the Linus Tech Tips office in VR180! Responding to Bixby Video Comments LTT State of the Union Intel "Ask the Expert" Devil's Canyon Q&A Live Stream Archive and then there's the recent Wan show playlist
  12. Rohith_Kumar_Sp

    Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned

    put my PC to sleep at the wrong time, this was what i was greeted with when i woke it up from
  13. image.png.1f5ff5c5ca16eba09243f1e50350b787.png

  14. ok PSA if you aren't on the powerful preset on realtek audio manager, what are you doing here? go change it NOW. // speaking from personal experience of using it for about 11 years, and everytime i tell this to someone and they apply it and they're like why haven't i tried this before face.


    1. Tech_Dreamer


      i've done this since i got used to bluray movies. this was my default go to back in 2011-2014 ish time range. now i manually tune the EQ myself & save it as custom.

  15. Rohith_Kumar_Sp

    What do you pay a monthly subscription for?

    Amazon Prime 14$ per year Youtube Premium 1.74$ Per Month