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  1. in an age of youtube adpocalypse, doing a video with no sponsors is like doing work for free, getting million more views on an unsponsored video is basically a drop in the bucket in terms of profit margin, i really can't understand the mentality of people who thought this was a gimmick to get more views when the man is having a midlife crisis.
  2. POI did have a ending it moved towards to considering its written by Jonathan Nolan and JJ, but as for blacklist, i hated it, it's the definition of run of the mill cop show, i enjoyed Castle 10 times better than black list just becasue of Nathan Fillion. Blacklist manages to do nothing right, they had a BAU person who did jack shit, Criminal Minds season 1 was better than all seasons of Blacklist and people hate me for saying that.
  3. treat yourself with the 3rd season, see atleast the starting 15 eps of season 3, there's more meaning to the twists. even of you never see season 4 or 5 it's alright, dont miss the the 3rd one.
  4. just missed the best season by not watching the 3rd. each episode from 3rd were not serialized, there are certain shows you don't watch it for the plot but for the characters, POI was one of them.along with the Music and how the show shifted in S03, made it one of the best shows in the last decade.
  5. 82848218_2444055935923009_6727442261975498752_n.jpg.dc6dbc9197166fbe8330a7c0c6ff10ab.jpg

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      Twitter has been hyper sensitive since last December.

  6. It's on Prime, trust me, it's worth it. Ramin Djawadi who did tracks for Game of thrones also have done the soundtrack for this show, usually you'll never think of soundtracks in your avg TV shows, but this one like Game of thrones, you will, he has character specific themes, simply put it's amazing.
  7. there's your problem. it's not a show about agents or cops. i can't spoil it without giving away season 1's ending. but it's definitely not just another cop/agent show. there's a reason no one's writing articles about CSI or NCIS or any of the 100's of cop shows but you'll see plenty of them writing about how underrated POI was, the fact you still think its a cop show proves it.
  8. I have Re-Watched Person of Interest atleast 5 times now, Haunting of hill house 3 times, they are like Gems that people haven't discovered yet, DO watch it
  9. he didn't make a big video, he recorded himself in his house with a basic setup with zero F's about production value, he never said he was retiring literally anywhere, his title was "i'm thinking about retiring", the entire video he never says he's gonna retire, not even once, compare that to pew who said he was gonna delete his channel, this far from a click bait, he had to say i'm not retiring "right now" to the people who'd misinterpret to make clickbait topics, what else did he have to say? that he was retiring even though he's not? his entire video was about him thinking about retirement, which if you watch the video all the way through has been on his mind since he had his first kid. to get a bunch of views? really ? that was your take away from the video? if you watch the wan show in the last year you'd know he's stopped seeing the numbers of his video, he'd have done the same video if he had hit the 10 mil sub even before pew made the post about taking a break, get over yourself. extra monetized bucks ? you do realize the video was not sponsored right ? even if its regularly youtube monetized an extra mil views is not making him any more money than his older videos that he has to pull a stunt. he's not there yet. you must be fun at parties. That was "your" answer if you thought he was actually retiring, did you even bother to watch the original video all the way through ?
  10. There's now a dedicated know your meme page for Linus 10 mil Sub video. submit your memes away https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/sad-linus Template : few other examples
  11. #CloneWarsSaved



    1. Spotty


      I haven't watched any of this. I've heard it's good though.

  12. Mind you we word 9-7 6 days a week with only sundays off and if your you have to travel an hour or 2 everyday just for commute to work, we pretty much have no social life or mental peace for the amount we actually get paid dispide working long hours, so you win some lose some. i'd rather work in USA with no holidays and have 5 days of working than in india with 6 days with horrible work times.
  13. in India there's atleast 15 govt holidays, 15 paid holidays and if you're lucky 15 sick leaves, paid ofcourse.
  14. i have it but i never even use it, prime is really cheap in india, was 6.99$/Year when it came, now it's like 13.99$/Year. also if you haven't seen a hidden gem called "Person of Interest" by Jonathan Nolan and JJ Abrams, you're missing out.