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  1. just because you can fake it old techniques to simulate doesn't doesn't mean we should still be doing the same old trick in 2018, you can fake it for the most part but it simply is never realistic as what ray tracing would do, even if they faked it everywhere it only gonna get more heavy if they did it for all or they simply get it wrong and more time consuming, sure hoicking up people with ape costumes would also be faster for making a planet of the apes movie but we'd still be there if no one had went through such troubles to mocap to make the last few planet of the apes movie. you want games to look like 2014 20 years from now or do you want it to improve upon in the coming years? ray tracing is just a part of it. it always is gonna be more demanding as more power full hardware is needed in the beginning. doesn't mean you have to scrap ray tracing altigether. same thing happened when mantal ray and Vray were introduced.
  2. Rohith_Kumar_Sp

    Drive Usage 100% but file not transfering.

    that file is downloaded on a corrupt block. i bet you can't even delete it, can't cancel the copying until a system restart, you need to copy all files off that disk and get a new HDD before it consumes more of it.
  3. Rohith_Kumar_Sp

    I'm not reviewing this.

    so is this a new AMD graphic card out of the blue? swear to god the naming feels like an card that's already released.
  4. Rohith_Kumar_Sp

    Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned

    i can't be the only one to see this.
  5. Rohith_Kumar_Sp

    Do NOT shop at Newegg this season

    PS its PSA or what i thought it was called rather than PAS.
  6. So sony has decided to pull out of E3 next year, won't be surprised if Microsoft did the same as all smoke trails lead to Next New Gen Console as rumored in 2020. The decision to pull out of E3 comes not long after the report that the company will not be hosting their own PlayStation Experience (PSX) event either, as Sony Interactive Entertainment chairman Shawn Layden put it: Source : http://collider.com/sony-playstation-e3-2019/?fbclid=IwAR1ig8z_CEk0UHpg01p8iEPPLtLo9AgDzv5LjfiGTsye7JmnEjDxQSsPYdY https://kotaku.com/sony-pulls-out-of-e3-2019-1830474052 https://kotaku.com/there-won-t-be-a-playstation-experience-event-this-year-1829398961
  7. Rohith_Kumar_Sp

    Windows 10 October Update 2018 - Re-Released

    @GoodBytes are you sure the media creation tool downloads the latest ISO? the download section still has 2 variants as of today
  8. Assassin's Creed much? :D 

  9. 720p screen on 750$ iPhone, no need to worry, its not as bad.
    720p screen on 600$ Random phone, are you serious right now? - MKBHD.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. MEC-777
    3. FloRolf


      I'd actually love to try the difference. 


      Like setting my phone to 720p and 1080p but for both using the "Retina" Viewing distance trying to distinguish them from each other. 


      The term "retina" is stupid though just because it uses a distance. You 480p 80" TV can be retina if you are 100m away. I sometimes use my phone at 50cm distance though and other times at 20cm and I want it to look good at both. Or for example when using your phone as an VR headset, a much higher resolution than "Retina" is necessary. 

    4. Rohith_Kumar_Sp


      "Sure the pixel and XS looks a lots sharper when compared to XR but it still looks good" Mkbhd

  10. Rohith_Kumar_Sp

    How do you like your coffee?

    I don't.
  11. Rohith_Kumar_Sp

    RIP Stan Lee, you made many si-fi movies awsome

    they have.
  12. Rohith_Kumar_Sp

    Not able to register on LTT forum with PIA enabled

    takes the life out of me when you have to press all the images and it takes ages to load the next image, its infuriating.
  13. The one bad thing about this is that we have to deal with Windows store games, and the fact they acquired Remedy Entertainment and still haven't done the 2nd game. and they also acquired Ninja Theory as well so say goodbye to 30$ game on steam that's on the same level of AAA games from them. although not evil, nothing good has come from them acquiring game studios.
  14. ebay was closed down in India was bought by flipkart and shutdown.