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    FNAF, Computers, Minecraft, Animal Crossing.
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    I am a 22 year old computer tech, I have 2 CompTIA certifications, the A+ and the Security+


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    AMD Ryzen 5 3600
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB (2x16GB) 3200MHz C16 DDR4
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    RTX 3070 FE
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    256gb NVME SSD, 512gb SSD, 2TB SSHD, 4TB HDD
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    650 w
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    1920 x 1080 144hz ASUS Monitor and 144hz 2560 x 1440 GIGABYE Monitor
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    Nh-d15s with 2 fans
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    Windows 10
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    HP EliteBook 8570w

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  1. Question kinda says it all, it's just that I heard that nicehash has high fees. And I want to earn as much as much money as possible when I'm not using my computer. (I'm not one of those major miners that have like 5 graphics cards) I have 2, and they're both fully functional computers just want to make a couple extra dollars when I'm not using them. So is it better to just use nicehash and have it be auto converted to bitcoin, or would it be better to just mine ETH with something like awesome miner and trade that for bitcoin?
  2. Okay so quick rundown on what’s going on. So my motherboard has the 12v Rgb connector. My Rgb fans are the 5v. So I’m thinking on getting the deepcool RGB converter (https://www.newegg.com/deepcool-rgb-convertor-black/p/1W8-00JK-00030?Item=9SIA6J39CB4893&Source=socialshare&cm_mmc=snc-social-_-sr-_-9SIA6J39CB4893-_-05092021) adapter so I can control the Rgb. So I was thinking. I have a cooler master h500 case with 2 argb fans. And the Rgb controller I have is the one that came with the case. And I have this other one that came with my deepcool fans that control the argb on tha
  3. So this has probably been asked lots and lots of times but it's still not fully clear to me. Does overclocking and/or undervolting (Setting power limit and clocks in msi afterburner) Void warranty. I usually try to stay away from these settings but I want to experiment. I just don't want to void any warranty in the end.
  4. So we all know that you should never pair a like $20 1000w PSU with a gaming PC. However if people are shopping I assume on the same website with the gaming components with them. So how are they still being sold on these websites if people know not to buy them because it's a massive risk. Is it just the company hoping that they can turn a profit or that's just the value with the cheap low grade components in the PSU, or is it because some people just don't know. Or like what is still going on, its 2021 I would of thought that those companies that still sell them would have their reputation dro
  5. Alright, you all have spoken. When it comes out I'll start with the 250, if I need more I'll upgrade more. Thanks Y'all!
  6. I would assume so, because my current internet is with them it’s just over the air internet instead of fiber and I would assume they would just let you do the same with the fiber lines as they do allow it currently on their over the air.
  7. Regarding the title, let me explain: So this spring (hopefully) my town is getting fiber internet lines in the ground in my town. They will have speeds of 4 packages (at least that I’m aware of) 100mbps ($40/mo), 250 ($60/mo), 500($90/mo) and gigabit ($140/mo) (Also I don’t know if these are the final prices). At what point does it become too much of an internet connection, that it would be better to save your money rather than not using the bandwidth. Now I know that you say that it depends on what I’m doing. I’m a massive gamer and tech with several computers, and watch a lot of video’s
  8. Yeah you see what I’m saying. Something doesn’t make sense here.
  9. So as we all know with the tax thing going on that happened not too long ago. But something still doesn’t add up so decided to ask here. So let’s take for example a 3070 and a 1080 ti. So we know when the 3070 released it was priced around $500. However due to scalpers and possibly because of the tax increase that is no longer really the case. So at this point what would a 3070 FE cost if it would be in stock? Because on Best Buy it still says $500 but still out of stock of course. now if you look on eBay you can see the 1080 ti used for like $500 - $600 with auctions. Now if you rec
  10. So I've been looking to replace the HDD in my computer because of the amount of noise it makes. However I've noticed something that I don't fully understand. Popular drives from seagate and the WD Blue (Past 1 TB for WD and Past 2TB for seagate) have their RPM slowed down to 5400 RPM and their cache lowered. However I don't see too many complaints. But with the Black friday deal of 4TB 5400 RPM for the WD Blue it's a really good deal but I don't understand. Drives like the wd black gaming drive is 4tb but it's $120 on black friday and has 4x the cache and 7200 RPM, so why isn't it the 7200 lik
  11. Yes you are reading this correctly. I've noticed that ever since I've installed the rtx 3070 I've been getting BSOD. I did a clean instillation of the drivers. DDU causes more problems when trying to uninstall and it got so bad I had to use a system restore point to get it fully stabilized again. How do I know that it's the Nvidia driver? Well like I said in the title I kept getting bluescreens so I decided to pull up WhoCrashed and this is what I'm getting: On Fri 11/13/2020 10:31:12 PM your computer crashed or a problem was reported crash dump file: C:\WINDOWS\MEMORY.DMP This wa
  12. So backup the data and then delete the partitions then restore the files?
  13. So for some reason I'm getting 2 D drives in my disk management on the same drive after I expanded it. Is there a way to fix it so it looks like one or am I just screwed?