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    Intel Core i5 6600K
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    Gigabyte Z170MX Gaming 5
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8GB 2400MHz CL14
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  1. About the dropping of 32-bit support; bloody took them long enough.
  2. Neat. Now I need to build a script to automate the process for the other computers in my home.
  3. Huh... That means then for those who were happy enough with 2GB or 4GB RAM can now set up a couple of ramdisks. It might be a PITA given how Linux and RPi works, but it will certainly be a lot faster than the overclocked speed of the SD card, and even of the newish USB3 IO.
  4. You claim that "Look at reality and you will get your hard evidence" and yet none of this is hard evidence. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence; hell, all of this data is little more than loose extrapolations made from connecting the wrong dots together.
  5. So then what happens when support of some of the vital software that they use ceases for the operating system they are stuck in, and any inquiry about bugs or support gets met by "if you want further support, please update your operating system"? That also screws them over, and at that point updating the OS and losing access to some of the software they need presents far less cost in downtime, monetary, or support. Again, it costs so much more to train new students and programmers to use ancient languages than to use languages that are up to date or remain very usable.
  6. But that is the thing about investments; long term costs need to also be taken into account. 6-8 figure digits is nothing in comparison to the costs and downtime risks of maintaining some relics for an extended period of time. That is the point: they SAVE money by updating their systems in quick successions, they just don't do it because they are so afraid of spending a few thousand more as an installation cost. To add, it needs new recruits which means constantly training people to use the ancient languages, which... well, to quote Prince EA: Are you preparing them for the future, or the past
  7. Stop evading his question and fucking give a direct answer. That attitude is only further proving his jab against you, and further proving to everyone else why you should not be trusted with any claim.
  8. I personally find that completely unforgivable. I don't care about workflow (when upgrading ASAFP will be the least impactful to workflow in the long term) or any invisible pink unicorn concept of "absolute stability" or "absolute security" (I am looking at you, militaries of the world!). The real world does not give one single fuck about anyone's "traditions", either, it will move forward regardless, so you need to catch up, or simply get lost. I find their insistence on using languages made by monkeys without thumbs (like COBOL) absolutely disgusting.
  9. Fucking finally! This is bloody 2020; who even HAS a 32-bit system anymore??
  10. Look at me for example. I have an iPhone SE (the first iteration), and before that, the 4S for 5+ years. I spent many years with "outdated" phones, and putting aside my need for smol phones, my situation is far from any edge case. Phone retention is a very big deal now, given that feature phones are nearly completely extinct. The latest breaking news techs, wireless charging and multiple powerful cameras, are practically useless and only useful in edge cases, respectively. Hell, even the contactless payment systems (mainly Apple Pay; the Android equivalents are not even worth mentioning ATM) t
  11. So I had installed RTX Voice with this "hack". Does anyone have any benchmarks for this case? Because I have no way to properly test this myself ATM.
  12. I always thought that the way the game was giving out Beta keys was pretty shady; it screams stat-padding. It is any wonder how Amazon feels about it now.
  13. Hell, it has become a very popular gag within the industry to mock bass players, despite the importance of a bass guitar in any music track. Why? Because the producers and engineers had very thin skins during the proliferation of mainstream hits in the late 2000's. They felt that bass players there were a waste of everyones time, as a number of them "failed to demonstrate meaningful talent in the guitar, and were generally anti-social".
  14. Welcome to the hypocritical lunacy of the FOSS fanatics. It is like when a toilet breaks, these people come out of the woodwork to scoff and nag at people to get rid of toilets. Sure they are "just being honest", we will see how well history will reflect on that mindset. The music industry is a hellhole of infighting and petty mudslinging for this reason.