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  1. Is this a low blow? Perhaps it is, but as been explained here, it is very much a real world test of how scams in the wild are run. IMO it makes little sense to complain about a company baiting you when the example it was trying to simulate, actual scammers, hold absolutely no punches in trying to trick people to doing their bidding.
  2. Nuclear reactors commonly use water to water to water cooling.
  3. If I wire a WC loop to a full bathtub with a massive radiator in the bottom, does that count as passive?
  4. Oh, how the mighty have fallen... To me, this is solid evidence that nobody with half a brain cell should create or join cults on the basis of some arbitrary principles such as FOSS. Let me remind you that there has been a string of very questionable behavior inside the scope of this kind of mindset.
  5. I am sorry, but that is not how it works here. Have you ever heard the burden of proof? How about you prove to us that this maliciously out of context "marketing double talk and rhetoric" bunch of hot air is even applicable to this topic. There is no need for me to present anything, as I am not the one making the original claims, and a lot of people have already made very concrete points that you in your rose tinted glasses have chosen to ignore. Your dismissals of actually on-point data is not going to help you.
  6. Should I mention the double irony of the name KFConsloe? Not only is KFC a brand reference to Kentucky Fried Chicken, but it also refers to the three different units of measuring temperature (Kelvin, Fahrenheit, Celsius)
  7. The main issue with this so-called "information" that you have presented is that you have presented them in a way that is intentionally and maliciously dismissive of the context and relation to the actual subject matter Uh-huh... what a nice way to twist someone's else words into something they aren't. Not only is this accusation insanely petty and completely unwarranted, but is also factually inaccurate and once again shows everyone your complete disregard and dis-concern for anything that may be outside your bubble of confirmation biases.
  8. You really need to stop projecting, because that accusation will be turned around and used against you. Instead of conflating objectively irrelevant things, maybe try to put out information as is, if you have any? And if you are going to pin me as a "fanboy" just for calling out your silly stunt there, then you have already proven to me at least that you have zero intent of arguing much of anything in good faith.
  9. Well then... now I certainly don't feel any less conflicted... The recent topic of mutual empathy is an interesting one, and it highlights how important it is to take a step back, remove yourself from any emotional attachment to people or companies, and to try to look at the bigger picture of what is actually happening.
  10. I have so many mixed feelings about this. The discontinuation will negatively affect the reception to RHEL On the other hand, I do not see too much value of RHEL or SEUS over the likes of BSD. On the other hand, this hurts the intended goal (in the eyes of many diehard Linux/FOSS fanboys such as Eli) of Linux coming to take over Windows in usage shares. On the other hand, there REALLY needs to be standardization in the Linux world if the above hope and dream has any hope at all of coming to fruition.
  11. My point is that there are valid questions to be raised on the integrity of HUB, but at the same time also valid questions on the impact and petiness of nVidia's decision here in the bigger picture.
  12. I don't even know what "side" to take, as there is an unbelievable amount of nuance to the story, and I have seen a lot of very weak and fallacious arguments made in this very thread.
  13. IDK, my experience with Adobe products tells me that it is very poorly optimized for... anything, basically. Hell, the reason why 10-bit is even such a big deal in Nvidia-land is the fact that Adobe refuses to upgrade their APIs from OpenGL, where 10bit is locked to Quadros, to DirectX and Vulkan, where 10bit is supported on GeForce line
  14. Okay, fine, but my previous statement stands: Remember, calling facts opinions does not ever make the facts opinions, no matter what nonsense you pull.