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  1. I love this software, I use it everyday and it's awesome to use between even different OSs. That being said.................. The company has done a very poor job with the Synergy2 development. In general it's kind of difficult to set up sometimes with the correct version and make sure everything is working properly... also sometimes you might need to restart the service to get it to react... But generally speaking when it's all set up and working, it works like a charm, just like having a third or fourth monitor connected... It's seemless. I love it and recommend it.
  2. I mean... It's incredible performance*** with a ton of asterisks... It IS incredible performance.. for this TDP, for example.. for this architecture, sure... for such a first generation attempt! It's impressive as all hell.. But it's not like suddenly it beat everything that is out there. It is not the x86 killer your post implies it is. And also a HUGE part of it is the software side of things..! The fact that Rossetta 2 has been so good so far is what makes them most compelling I think.. If not they'd just be an Ipad with a keyboard (as Riley and Linus like to point out) I disagree be
  3. Hey guys, the other day I went to the Main IT mall here in Xi'an to get some RAM and a nvme ssd for my laptop and I asked the guy when they were getting the new Nvidia cards. He told me that very soon and added me on WeChat (standard affair when meeting people here). Today he sent me a message telling me that they were here and these two photos saying they were now in stock along with the price. 7500 RMB or 1,107.405 USD (using Xiaomi calculator's currency converter) I'll also include screenshots of my conversation with the dude. I asked him about availability of the 3070 and
  4. Nevermind.... just the exercise of asking this question made me think back and look in Taran's personal channel... aannd lo and behold there it is. I close this thread.
  5. So a couple years back...I think for Techquickie, someone (mabye Taran?) made a clip that looped over and over of Jon turning around and looking directly into the camera while saying something like "Wow" or something... it was something meme-worthy, and they actually used for techquickie... I have no idea where it ended up does anyone remember what video they used it in?
  6. You may not like the man and disagree with his opinions, but the impact he had on the gaming community and industry cannot be denied nor minimized. He set the bar when it came to gaming criticism, I loved how he always started with the options menu.. it tells you a lot about the game before going into it, a lot about the develpment of it and shows you a part no one else showed and you'd have to find out sometimes important details about the game until after you bought it.. He knew so much and provided so much insight. I know I'm going to develop a game some day, he has set the
  7. yeah just saw, let's wait for a mod to lock this up.
  8. R.I.P John "Totalbiscuit" Bain the Cynicalbirt It seems that a couple of hours ago Totalbiscuit passed after long years of deteriorating health battling cancer. You may not like the man and disagree with his opinions, but the impact he had on the gaming community and industry cannot be denied nor minimized. https://www.pcgamer.com/game-critic-totalbiscuit-dies-at-age-33/
  9. Well the way I see it.. For example, all of us who watch YOU.. we totally love just going around the warehouse, like, on your shoulder and you talk to us about stuff (not been many recently btw (dw ik you're very busy) ) But we're invested in you, and your team and channel etc.. so even if you're doing mundane things.. it's not about what you're doing.. That way.. It's not so much about the games themselves at some point but more about the personality on camera, just like youtube, but with another format, a live one which is much much more engaging. The games matter but at one poi
  10. Ohh man I really with they'd port Fortnite to Linux already.. UE4 is supposed to make it really easy..!! That would be somewhere PUBG couldn't follow, with the mess that it is.
  11. Nanopool has a payout system in palce where once you mine 500 (or 100 etn is registered) they send them through, meanwhile they hold them.. Is this common? Does Spacepools do this?
  12. Oh yeah since then i actually got it working thanks! nanopool has a pool for electroneum as well as others..
  13. Isn't Electroneum mobile based? I thought tomorrow the mining started..? What am I missing here? I got in through a referal code and here´s mine for example.. *referral removed*
  14. Well that error message is so vague and general that it's pretty hard to diagnose.. Maybe you could try port forwarding but it's never #cut and dry"... Sorry, This is all I could find: https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/forums/early-access/feedback/10658-fortnight-router-ports-to-open-tcp-udp-ports