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  1. Just change games to Heroine, imagine its free and then it starts to charge for the content else you only get small amounts to get the full you are forced to pay a subscription, imagine if the drug is an a loot box and you are asking a someone to buy a lootbox in the hopes of getting heroine in the box, you see where this is going, imagine if the heroine is not made well and can actually kill you, will you say its free so it shouldn't be criticized?
  2. Rohith_Kumar_Sp

    Unless any last minute issues are reported, I'm…

    what are the new changes? can i not get informed unless tagged or replied to like the topics ?
  3. given xiaomi and parent companies serve ads in literally everything including their file manager and some sort of data is going through a chinese server without consent, i don't trust their phones one bit, and i don't want to see tubers promoting their shit to anyone either. that's just me, becasue they only talk about day 1 experience, what they don't know is xiaomi or whatever the fuck companies start to add ads after 6-12 months, they literally add a fake screen even on install/uninstall to force users to click on an add
  4. when you hire 40 staff members and pay them full time salary and run your own business, you are free to not take sponsorship from companies you don't like. i don't like it when linus covers chinese bands such as realme/honor/xiaomi etc, i simply decide to skip those episodes.
  5. Yes, yes you are. Also https://techraptor.net/gaming/news/epic-exclusive-division-2-used-steam-community-for-lfg-posts
  6. That's pretty cool honestly lol some ppl have too much time to collect all the words from all the videos 

    1. soldier_ph


      Donalds last hurrah 

  7. yeah but can it do transactions without the internet or sim? i've been in a situation when i was migrating my sim and had no sim and still made the payment as i had linked my debit card which i never carry to my phone.
  8. Wait WTF? i use samsung pay regularly, why the fuck would they remove that ? i have linked my debit card to it, is it working under NFC or MST? idk can someone fill me in ? EDIT OP @Ethan.add this to the update, i can't live without it in India, i hope they continue to do so where i live as its so fucking convenient https://www.androidauthority.com/samsung-pay-mst-galaxy-s21-1193199/
  9. yes but 1100 had different type of MIDI music, the in the video you've attached is more from 2300, 1100 might have had the same track but sounds different, i know as i owned both once
  10. so i have some doubts, how do i not select the file but the entire folder? becasue if i use the "C/testpicture.jpg" i can't possible enter the file names manually, how do i tell it to open the files in the folder and check for the dimensions ? also is this how i can combine both scripts in one ? <?php // the folder where you want to look for files, use / instead of \, // or if you want to use \, escape it by writing \\ instead of \ $folder_search = "C:/Users/Rohith/AppData/Local/Packages/Microsoft.Windows.ContentDeliveryManager_cw5n1h2txyewy/LocalState/Assets/"; // where
  11. Jerry Rig Everything does that, Linus won't cover everything about a phone nor does he review everyphone, its either samung or iphone these days, for indepth he even suggests visit other channels, infact he has mentioned they aren't even reviews.
  12. ikr? i want to listen more from the artist but just can't find it. did you figure what she's saying ? "baby you're a wizzard... besom, lizzard, elixr" i have no idea what they keep repeating
  13. it's the first song after the countdown starting lyrics are something like The song plays on repeat in between 2 songs, it happens during the pre stream, i tried shazaam, it just couldn't find it, she keeps saying "baby you're my...besom ?" some of the lyrics i heard inbtween was "Magic in your rhythm like a shock wave through the system....."
  14. thank you so much, so i know i'm asking too much, i looked at the resolution link you gave and was again overwhelmed, how do i do the delete less than 800x800 resolution etc? all the comments on that link only talks about resizing the images and stuff, i did find one to get image resolution but i still don't know how to incorporate that into the above script you wrote for me <?php $im = imagecreatetruecolor(100, 100); imageresolution($im, 200); print_r(imageresolution($im)); imageresolution($im, 300, 72); print_r(imageresolution($im)); ?> again, thank you for y
  15. so that needs an installation of a software, the bat file i have is a click and go solutions even outside my computer if i wanted to do the same on a different system, is there anyway just to add the "Do this and then do that" function in the bat file? i mean it used to work until microsoft changed how they worked
  16. Hi, thanks for the response, i didn't pass out my computers and shifted to VFX, so the things you wrote above, while i can understand some, i have no clue about php scripts, but i'm willing to learn, so as i shared above, i just need to copy files from A to B and rename them, i can see the script you wrote does something similar, but my ghetto scripting was just writing things in notepad and saving it as a .BAT file, how would i incorporate your script? i'm a novice