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    Expert marksman protecting the largest concrete structure in the U.S.A.


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    same as Linus

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  1. Yea, they don't usually try to format automatically(at least, I've not seen this behavior in my 25-some years dealing with Windows). I'm curious about which device you used(assuming you've done it by now) to connect it to another computer. I've got an NVMe SSD I want to access, but not while I've booted from it.(can currently only access it when it's in one of 2 of our laptops that has slots for 'em). I've had an impossible time sorting through all the Chinese Con BS on eBay/Amazon.
  2. Sure u can, given it's designed well enough. I've just recently upgraded(?) (to Acer's A515-51G-515J) from the Dell Latitude E6530, which allowed me to go back and forth between 3 different BIOS firmware versions several times back when I was TS'ing reasons for WinImageBackups not showing up on their storage mediums. These 'new' laptops, with all their proprietary weirdness, tho, I dunno man. I've been increasingly disappointed with BIOS options in Laptops vs PCs with proper MoBos.
  3. I ran into a similar issue on my A515-51G-515J. It looks ONLY for EFI boot options UNLESS(at least in my case) you go into BIOS & change Boot mode from UEFI to Legacy(or perhaps, depending on your options, one that includes Legacy)(Also, this may or may not require first disabling secure boot, I don't remember) & reboot. Like TPA50 said, of course, you'll wanna make sure any media you're trying to boot from is plugged into the system when it starts the boot process.
  4. Mr.Nelf


    Thx Bruh! It may or may not have had something to do with all the blocking of things I have auto-setup on my system. I'm used to most websites just assuming I let my system spread 'em & take whatever they wanna give it. Not so. I didn't have time to delve into it, so maybe I shouldn't have included that part about the form. Ma bad! I'm literally less than 6 hours from Vancouver so have been SUPER stoked to attend this event. Thanks to the Pandamnit(as my daughter accidentally referred to it, quite hilariously) we sit & wait.-_-
  5. Mr.Nelf


    Thx, that's partially useful. Unfortunately, it seems the links from that page r broken & trying to submit a question/message via the bottom of the page results in a 403 error. :S
  6. Did u ever get a definitive answer on that? I recently bought 2 of these 1TB drives, took the heatsink off of one(difficult, but possible) & installed it in a newly purchased Acer A517-52-59SV. BIOS sees it, but the windows 10 installation medium doesn't. ☹
  7. ROFL! Yo dawg! We heard u like water coolin', so we put a water cooler on yo water cooler, so u can cool yo water while u coolin' yo water!
  8. I've the same problem trying to install Win10 on a newly purchased MP600 1TB in an also newly purchased Acer A517-52-59SV. The BIOS, which has almost NO customizability, shows it in the HDD0 spot, but the windows installer shows NO drives at all. This makes no sense to me. -_-