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  1. Mint Sim (Ultra Mobile)

    Never used it. They piggy back off the T Mobile Network. There coverage map is a little miss leading, because there are some areas here in south east Michgian that dont have coverage or as good of coverage. Id check the T Mobile map before buying. From what I see, they sell Prepaid service in bulk. But I will say this, T Mobile's network is pretty solid. I get at least 20 Mbps most days where I live.
  2. Deleted thread.

    So.... your going to fuck over a cell carrier too. They are more likely to have to thrown in prison and this is more likely to harm other subs.
  3. Deleted thread.

    You dont know how the internet works. Most providers do fiber to the node. While you have fiber, Im betting its hooked up to a VRAD some where close. From there its mixes in with all the other AT&T traffic, if you send a massive amount of data to your modem, it could impact customers connected to the VRAD. This is a clear violation of the TOS. While this is an older article. It proves that the FBI has legal authority to investigate this crime. So if you want to risk going to Federal pound you in the ass prison. Then go right ahead, Im glad im a Comcast sub and not an AT&T sub. https://archives.fbi.gov/archives/sanfrancisco/press-releases/2011/charges-in-distributed-denial-of-service-attack-against-santa-cruz-county-website
  4. Deleted thread.

    Network Management. AT&T reserves the right to engage in reasonable network management practices, to protect its broadband network from harm, compromised capacity, degradation in network performance or service levels, or uses of the Service which may adversely impact access to or the use of the Service by other customers. Reasonable network management practices that AT&T may adopt include, but are not limited to, the following: (i) a cap on data usage; (ii) a modification of a customer's serving facility or service technology, and/or (iii) a modification of or a limitation on a customer's data throughput speed or data consumption. A very small percentage of customers use the Service in a way which creates harm to the network, compromised capacity, degradation in network performance or service levels, or which may adversely impact access to or the use of the Service by other customers. In the event that AT&T adopts a network management practice which will apply to your Service, we will provide you with a notice, by web posting, bill insert, email, letter and/or other appropriate means, which describes the network management practice, explains how it will work, and explains how it could impact your Service.
  5. Deleted thread.

    restrict, inhibit, interfere with, or otherwise disrupt or cause a performance degradation, regardless of intent, purpose or knowledge, to the Service or any Comcast (or Comcast supplier) host, server, backbone network, node or service, or otherwise cause a performance degradation to any Comcast (or Comcast supplier) facilities used to deliver the Service; Directly from the Comcast TOS. Good luck. I hope your crash and burn.
  6. Deleted thread.

    If you actually read the TOS for AT&T or any ISP, it would talk about reasonable use of the network. 50TB of data could be excessive use, while they might not charge more, well Comcast would because they have data caps in many areas, they can permanently kick you from the network, for life. Doesnt matter they dont have caps, all ISPs have clauses about usage, go ahead, test them. Also, you would potentially be fucking over every one connected to your node.
  7. Deleted thread.

    Its not YOUR internet, as AT&T owns that part of the network, your just renting it. AT&T can sue you in homelessness and defiantly tell you to fuck off. Last I checked, many people dont have a choice between ISP's, so if AT&T is the only decent ISP in the area, you will be screwed. Im also pretty sure that this would violate the computer fraud and abuse act of 1986. So the FBI will kick your door in and haul you off to federal prison. That is probably after AT&T has its go at you and takes you for every thing you have. Not wise to fuck with one of the largest ISP's in the US, or break US Federal law.
  8. To wait, or not to wait?

    The only issue you will have is finding a god damned graphics card. PC parts picker is not always correct on if its in stock or not. So, depending on if that card is popular with mining you might find it sold out, or the price over inflated to all hell. At least that was my experience when I was looking to build.
  9. Help me get a router for my internet

    What most IPS's give you is a gateway (modem/Router). Fiber internet doesnt really have a modem, it uses what is called on ONT. Technically all routers are compatible with pretty much any type of Internet. Its the modems that are internet type specific. Now, with some ISP's such as Verizon who does Fiber, they give you an ONT and that converts to Coax and Ethernet. Some ISP's like AT&T do a ONT/router, in this case, you have to use their box. So what you gotta figure out, is do you have a dedicated ONT or is it a combo unit build in with your router? Easy way to tell, if the acttual fiber goes in to the box you have, then you have a all in one unit. It wont be easy to change out if you even can.
  10. Small home Wifi: Best solution for bad range?

    An AP is just the wireless radio. In larger installs you might have multiple AP's through out a building to provider good WiFi coverage. They all connect back to the router. The router handles every thing else. Your issue is you have to use the AT&T gateway, because you got fiber. If you use a router, you risk double NAT, which can cause issues. Im not sure if AT&T will put their gateway in bridge mode, basically turning off everything that makes it a router. Part of the reason I suggested an AP is so you dont have to move the AT&T gateway. As you could just route a cable to where you need it and hook up an AP.
  11. Small home Wifi: Best solution for bad range?

    Not if you use an injector. Which is what Ubiquti AP's come with.
  12. Small home Wifi: Best solution for bad range?

    I live in a 1300 SQ ft house and we have one router that covers it. In your case I would suggest disabling WiFi on the AT&T box and just getting a Wireless Access Point. Ubiquti makes good AP's from what I have read. The key thing is, you need the AP higher. Meaning I would mount it higher up on the wall. Good AP's like Ubiquti's use power over Ethernet, meaning both data and power are carried over the Ethernet cabling, meaning you only need one wire connected. What you might try is to place the AP near the center of the house. Even if its in the same room. You could route the cable around the baseboards, use 3M fasteners to hook it to the wall. I think this would work better for you.
  13. Battery Life

    Power Inverter. Just make sure you get one that can supply enough power to your laptop. They will plug in to the cigarette lighter or the accessories power outlet depending on how old the car is. For power requirements of your laptop, look at its power adapter.
  14. Well I was part of the Pokemon generation. To me the most enticing part of the Switch is that its a TV console and its a portable Console in one. Also, it seems Nintendo is drawing in more devs, because before this I never thought Id see Doom on Nintendo hardware. Though I would agree, they need to work a bit on the game library.
  15. Skyrim, Doom and Wolfenstien are all on the Switch. Though, from what I was looking at today, its slim ish pickings. At least on Amazon. Not sure whats on their web store. I know stardew valley is on the switch because my friend owns it for the switch. We cant forget the Pokemon game that is coming, Pokemon for the Win. WOOOOOOOO.