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  1. Because SOME VPN's do limit your bandwidth usage. Your ISP is going to look for any data that passes your modem. VPN will add additional data usage as well. Ive heard it was around 30%, but I might be wrong. My ISP has a 1.2 TB cap, so I have looked at every avenue. The only way to get unlimited is to pay the ISP for unlimited.
  2. Hard to say. They would want to keep compatibility with older software. Because thats the only thing they have the makes Windows worth it.... The massive software library it has. Secondly it would take them years, which is kinda what they did before. It was like 5 years between releases and when they screw up they get what happen with Windows XP. Where they had to offer much longer support on an older OS because NO ONE wanted the new product.
  3. There are two kinds of adapters. Bonded and non bonded. Bonded adapters are rated for faster speeds. At least that a how Moca 2.0 adapters were when I researched them. Not sure about the 2.5 adapters.
  4. The node could be full. The length of the cable run could be too great. Or they don’t want to pay for it and are trying to pass the cost on to your family. Your folks could check in to the franchise agreement between Comcast and your community to see if Comcast might be forced to serve you but if not then it’s likely you need to pony up the money or deal with crappy internet.
  5. We have a few bike paths in my area. One follows i275 and I see shit loads of people using it. I agree, we need more paths, because it would be safer and promote less people to drive. Less people on the roads leads to less accidents and road rage.
  6. I use mine for mostly streaming and Plex. I dont really watch Live TV anymore. But I like being able to lay in bed and watch stuff. Thats the only reason I have a TV, and even then its a 7 year old pre LED 720p TV. Was thinking of upgrading to a 4K TV or a new PC monitor, but I haven't decided yet.
  7. People in your parts might be a bit more civilized. Wayne County where I live, we have the highest accident rate in the state, also the highest rate of Grand Theft Auto's, mainly due to Detroit. We also have some of the highest insurance rates, but due to recent legislation, those costs have come down. Let me put it to you like this, I drive to work on a road that is 45 miles per hour. People pass me doing 60 MPH. Id say its because they are too ignorant to know how to read the speed limit signs but really its because they don't give a fuck.
  8. Only time I see ads is when Im using my TV. So... never really experienced Youtube Ads, but they can take the political ones and stick them somewhere else.
  9. Yeah I think they are testing ways to make more money. See I dont have issues with the ads that Linus, JayzTwoCents, Kyle and Paul do. Those ads are relevant to me. And I have actually paused the video, and gone to the manufactures website to get more detailed info. But all the Youtube ads right now are political. Its to the point that Im going to write my name on the ballot because Im sick of those two guys already.
  10. On top of Amazon prime, Hulu with Disney +, Netflix, ect, yeah the cost of Youtube Premium is not worth it just to block ads. YouTube Premium just doesn't have enough value for me and the family.
  11. That the roundabouts here in Michigan need to go. They do nothing but confuse drivers. Also people are in a hurry in this parts, they dont take the time to try to understand. My sister has already wrecked in one roundabout because some MORON couldn't navigate it properly. Ive almost got hit as well. Yes Red lights are less efficient, but they cause less accidents and road rage.
  12. Wonder if it will be less devastating than 2004 was for some. I don’t even think 2004!is even on my system yet, I’m always wary about these new updates.
  13. Here is what you're NOT understanding. Modems are Internet type specific. Cable modems won't work with Dialup, DSL modems won't work for Dialup, etc. You need a DIALUP modem. These can be an internet card or external box. You then need a device that is capable of using Dialup. Im not sure if Windows 10 even has the capabilities anymore, because Dialup is DEAD for the most part. Then you need to find a phone company that can provide you with the service. Remember Dialup uses the same phone lines as your telephones and you cant use both services at the same time. So if you're using Dialup, and someone calls you, you're not going to get that call. Furthermore if you use a cable company for phone service, to my understanding dialup service will NOT work. You need a POTS line for Dialup service. I dont understand why your trying to get dialup working. The fact is most of the internet won't be able to be used because sites are more bloated now days. Also are you really going to pay an ISP for dialup service? You really going to pay for a modem? Not to mention I cant confirm if this will even work on Windows 10, as Im using a Mac right now.
  14. Firstly I would not be spending money on this endeavor. Because you HAVE TO find a service provider. You dont magically dial in and have internet. This is not magic, its technology. First thing is to find a provider. Then you can think about wasting money on a dialup modem. Keep in mind most modern websites are likely to be unusable on Dialup.
  15. NO it won't work. You need to have an IP address issued, those are owned by ISP's. You specifically need a phone company who does Dialup, as well as a phone line connected to your home. If you didn't install a dialup card yourself then you dont have a dialup modem. Dialup hasn't been well important for ages. So motherboard makers dont include a built on Dialup modem. I dont even know if Windows 10 can even use Dialup, not sure if those features are still built in.