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  1. Port Forwarding Not Working!!

    OP says hes in the US. Telus is not a US company.
  2. Port Forwarding Not Working!!

    Well my friend has been using a Comcast modem for years, and it wont port forward worth a shit. Its no an isolated issue, Ive seen others with the problem. Also Comcast is known for putting broken shit back in to service. Which is another reason I dont use a Comcast modem, because I anit paying $10 a month for some broken ass shit.
  3. Port Forwarding Not Working!!

    Yeah, but they have access to all settings. Some ISP's make it so the user cant change certain things so they dont break shit. Plus you dont have access to all settings, some are hidden. This is part of the reason I dont use ISP supplied boxes, I prefer to buy my own, because at the end of the day, they not only have access to the settings, but know every device connected.
  4. Port Forwarding Not Working!!

    Thats the problem. My friend uses a Comcast modem/router, it wont port forward worth a shit. You might need to contact your ISP can see if they can do it for you. Because they have access to your modem/router and can access any setting.
  5. Only a smart part of the population owns guns. While those people are buying, More and more people are getting fed up with what they are seeing on the 6PM News. That overall is hurting companies reputations. Which is why some places here in Michigan wont sell guns to anyone under 21 even though Michigan Law says they can. In the end it all comes down to public out cry over the issues. Currently there are a lot of people pissed that nothing is being done.
  6. Because I doubt they know what ads are going on what video's. Its going to be done at random. The fact is Google is a business and they have the right to be bias. Technically speaking only the Government can be held accountable for the 1st amendment. Businesses can do what they want to do for the most part. If you dont like that Google/Youtube is bias then I suggest you stop using their services.
  7. Its not for me to say if this is right or wrong. The fact is Youtube is Googles video service. They most likely are trying to keep some of the political drama off the platform. Id also say the advertisers are getting nervous with this type of content as well. Sorry to say its not a good year to be in the firearms business. Youtube essential is trying to keep their image clean, just like Twitch has done with their new standards.
  8. Accessing Plex server outside home network

    How often they change your IP varies. I know people who have had the same IP for over a year and people who have had their IP's changed every day. Using a service like No IP will stop any issues, but the fact is, you need to make sure you are port forwarded properly thru the routers firewall. I think there is a setting in plex to make your stuff accessible outside the network. I remember when I installed plex that was an option, I choose not to enable it myself.
  9. Wireless Radio in Dell Laptop won't start.

    Windows 10 hates WiFi. Thats what I have determined. Many people here have at issues. What I would try, is to see if you can find an older driver so see if the newer one has an issue. Besides that I think the creators update for Windows 10 has some issues with some WiFi adapters.
  10. Happens to me every once in a blue moon. I just restart and the driver seems to go back to working. I have no clue why it happens, I just attribute it to Windows 10 being Windows 10 and then I start to think about why I still use Windows 10. I then look at the $1200 in games on steam, and remember its for them.
  11. That may be the the US is unlike any other country. Each state collects tax. Our Federal Government has no VAT or Sales tax, only states do. Thats where it gets iffy because online retailers dont always collect sales tax for each state. Generally if the retailer operates a warehouse or something in the state they collect tax, other wises its up to the citizen of that state to report it. We only started seeing states like Connecticut ask online retailers for lists of citizens who bought goods. And just because they ask, doesnt mean the retailers has to give them shit, because unless they operate an actually building in the state, the state cant compel them to do anything. As any transaction that goes across state lines is Federal jurisdiction. Remember the Federal Government doesn't collect a sales tax.
  12. To be honest this is the first time even hearing the term.
  13. For the shareholder this is the only thing that matters.
  14. Looking for router suggestions

    Cable CO"S will NOT do a Gigabit on Docsis 3.0. I dont know why people dont get that. Dont worry about what the modem manufacture says. Because what they say is bull shit. I know for a fact Comcast is one that will only do Gigabit on Docsis 3.1. The fact is, the manufactures go by the best case senio on the cable system. Guess what? The cable systems rarely run that cleanly. Its not a matter of what the modem can do, its a matter of what cable providers will provision the modem to. Take the SB6141, 8x4 modem. Its rated for 343 Mbps http://www.arris.com/surfboard/products/cable-modems/sb6141/. Take a look at Comcast's supported device list: https://mydeviceinfo.xfinity.com/device/arris-sb6141-336 only supported up to 213 Mbps. So you cant take the word of the marketing material on the box. All Gigabit service from cable providers is marketed as Docsis 3.1, because it can actually achieve the speeds, well technical the standard goes to 10 Gbps down and 2 Gbps up currently. Go ahead an use there site to get Gigabit with Docsis 3.0 modem, they will tell you NO, not supported. The only reason these providers can do Gigabit is because of the Docsis 3.1 standard. And the only reason they are deploying it now is because its backwards compatible with Docsis 3.0.
  15. this cant come soon enough

    10 Gbps down 2 Gbps up, but full duplex is in the works. The issue is cable co's use 5 Mhz to 42 Mhz for upstream which is very limited, which is why upload is shit. So until they allocate more to upstream, we will have lower upload speeds.