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  1. work for 4 days a week

    My dad generally works 4 10 hour shifts a week. Some times he goes in on Fridays for some over time. Personally if it were me, Id like to have Sat, Sun, Mon. Because I hate Mondays.
  2. What would you like for Christmas?

    About $55,000USD to pay off my student loans. That would be a great gift.
  3. Good point. Plus how the hell will they keep the brain alive? I mean it needs oxygen and such. Plus I thought they cant repair spinal damaged, so how are they able to reconnect the spinal cord to the brain and have it function? Another thing has to deal with rejection. People who have organ transplants are generally on medicine for the rest of their lives to help stop rejection. My question is, how does this work with the brain?
  4. Not getting the internet speeds I am paying for

    Welp. I wont buy anything modems with Intel shit in them any more. Seems Puma 5,6 and 7 chips are having issues.
  5. Not getting the internet speeds I am paying for

    To my understanding Puma 6 chips are the only ones affected by the latency issue. At least thats what I got on my findings from DSLreports.com
  6. Frontier Installation

    Sorry to tell you this but Frontier is an embarrassment of an ISP. They are on the edge of going out of business. They have no clue what they hell they are doing.
  7. Not getting the internet speeds I am paying for

    Because they WILL NOT provision the SB6141 above 200Mbps. You need a new modem. You cant go based on Arris's specs sheet. You have to go based on Comcast's. If you want more than 200Mbps then you need at least a 16 channel down stream modem. Try the SB6183 or the CM600. You can find more info here: https://mydeviceinfo.xfinity.com/
  8. Need setup advice

    Modem speeds are generally crap. Those speeds come from the manufactures of the modems. The ISP generally wont provision to max speed. For example Comcast will only provision the SB6141 to 200Mbps when the modem is rated by Arris to do 370Mbps ish. Charter to my understanding is shit at supporting customer owned modems. They dont provide any lists of supported modems from my understanding and no firmware updates. My ISP Comcast has a list of customer owned modems they allow. They have tested all these modems to work on their network and they provide firmware updates to these modems as well. The SB6183 is suppose to be a solid modem, you might also look at the CM600 from Netgear, also heard that one is solid as well.
  9. What time do you go to work?

    I work at the BK Lounge. LOL. I work a lot of 11-4's, but thats cool because Im on my last semester at school. But I work any where from 8-4, 9-5, 10-6, 10-4, 11-7, 11-4 and 12-8.
  10. Internet questions

    Depending on the area. Comcast over provisions speeds by 20%. So if the Comcast network in your area is decent you should see faster speeds than what you pay for.
  11. USB Wi Fi card on a notebook. Is it worth it?

    USB networking products suck. So I wouldn't waste the money.
  12. Is it sad that one of my favorite things is my snuggie. Keeps me warm during a nice gaming session. 

  13. I saw a video that stated they are using some form of emulation. While Ill agree, this might not be very pretty. If you can run MS office on it at the very least, this should be enough for students. I would not expect to run Crisis on it or any thing. I think the biggest issue is how are they going to market this? I mean will be under stand the limitations of an ARM CPU compared to x86? Will they understand that some x86 might work but not all of it? The biggest issue is the average consumer is stupid and dont understand. So, thats really going to be the large issue with Windows on ARM. Hell, Id considering buying one of these machines if it were the right price. This could be a competitor to Chromebooks if they price them right.
  14. Bringing a monitor on a plane

    Well your not flying Spirit airlines aka the school bus of the skies. They charge for about everything.
  15. more RAM... why?

    Have you seen how many processes Chorme Opens? Its like eleventy billion. On top of Hangouts, and the fact I preload videos in the tabs and such.