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  1. Ox has to implement the feature. Most of the modems that offer this feature didn’t have it implemented when they launched. So they had to switch it on with a firmware update. It’s COX who pushes firmware to your modem. On top of that your not going to get much better speeds. Multi Gig speeds are far off on horizon for cable internet. I think most of us would like better upload first.
  2. Firstly what Xfinity gave you is a gateway, modem and router in one box. They tend to be terrible. They over heat and start having issues. Xfinity also has a back door in to your network, because they can remote in to that gateway and make changes to settings. They do this for users who dont know what the fuck they are doing. I have Xinfity 200/10 servcie. I OWN my own modem and seperate router. For a modem I have an SB6141 and for a Router I use a Synology RT2600AC. For the record your paying between $11 and $15 a month for that Xfinity gateway. You buy your own, guess what? No more monthly charge.
  3. Thats correct. The servcie has to be running for the port to open. So you can try maybe opening the game on your PS4 and then check on your laptop.
  4. That could be it. I had an old Dlink router that needed to be restarted if you even sneezed in a general direction of a setting. It was a piss poor design. Try that. Also, make sure what ever device your portforwarding for has a static IP OR the IP address is reserved in the DHCP server. This is for that instance that you loose power and all your gear comes back and decides to pull new IP's from your router. Secondly make sure that ever your running that needs portforwarding is acutally running when you check the ports. The ports will only open when it detects activity that needs that port. For example if your trying to run a minecraft server. You would need the server to be running before it will open the ports.
  5. Double NAT happens when you connect a router to a combo unit. As I stated above, 90% of ISP's provide Combo units. People then go out and buy a router and wonder why port forwarding doesnt work or they have strict NAT. The OP in this case has a standard cable modem and a seperate router. Which is good. Makes things a lot easier.
  6. No, you need to verrify the WAN IP address. I dont know where this is displayed in your router. But every router I have ever owned had a page where your Internet info was displayed. You need to see if it matches the addresses I listed above.
  7. Thats one problem down. Now you have to figure out if your getting a public IP address from your ISP. Not familure with your router. But somewhere it should show Internet info. The WAN address is assigned by your ISP, if it starts with 10.x.x.x or 172.16.x.x OR 192.168.x.x then your on carrier grade NAT. Anything else is a Public IP. DONT POST YOUR WAN ADDRESS!!!! Just confirm that its not in the address above. Remember you have to check this on the router, not check your PC, becuase it will only show the private IP assigned to your PC by the router.
  8. As i SAID, that could be a COMBO box. They do build modems and routers in to a single box. 90% of ISP's provide the combo units. Here in the US you generally get a Combo unit and if you want seperate then you have to buy your own. What is the model number of the ISP's box?
  9. Most ISPs provide you with a gateway (Modem+Router combo), if you plug a router in to a gateway then you have double NAT and double Firewalls. Its a pain to port forward in that case. You need to verify if you have a standard modem or a gateway. The easiest way to know is if the ISP box provides WiFi then its a gateway. You can put a gateway in to bridge modem that basically makes it in to a standard modem. This can either be done in the gateways settings or your ISP might have to do it. A second issue that you might have is Carrier Grade NAT. That means that your ISP ran out of Internet routable IPv4 addresses. So you and your neighbors would be sharing the same IP address. In this case your fucked. Because the ISP would have to port forward for YOU, and they are not likely to do that. I have heard that VPN's can get around this but that costs money generally. The easiest way to know if your CGNAT, is if your WAN IP is in the 192.168.x.x or 10.x.x.x tnen its most likley carrier grade NAT.
  10. smh...... You dont contact the local police for this problem. Here in the states we have a few places to go. The Federal Trades Commision, part of its job is consumer protections. You contact your states Attorney General, who can make a lot of things happen, because they can bring legal action aginst a company. Each country has its own consumer protection laws, you just gotta figure out who enforces them.
  11. I dont do game streaming so I couldnt tell you. Plex shouldnt use a lot of network resources, well at least if its not 4K content. But it comes down to how many streams at a time. One stream without transcoding shouldnt use that much power or network resources. Multiple streams will use more. For example Ive read full quality 4K content can use over 100 Mbps link speed on the network.
  12. What plex needs depends on resoltuion of content and if your transcoding or not. Transcodning is what requires the power. Doing directly play generally requries about nothing. Plex can run on an Atom CPU as long as your not transcoding.
  13. Pop the sim card in. The worst that can happen is a trip to the AT&T store. If push come to shove you might need a new sim card.
  14. Nope. Its a US based company. Out of Georgia I think.
  15. Thats because I bought it all. I have 3 Mojo, 3 Maple Buffalo bacon and 3 Teriyaki. Also check out the Jerky Joint. They have jerk from diffrent meats. Such as Pork, Beef, Buffalo, Elk, etc. They are probably about as expensive as well. They charge a bit for shipping, which is why when I go up to Frankenmuth, MI, I stop by the store.