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  1. New router

    I dont know of any consumer grade routers that have fans. You can always add a laptop cooler to the router if it has a USB port, thats what I did to my last router.
  2. Networking without a modem

    Depends on ISP. Verizon for example will convert it to copper at the home via an ONT. Comcast does the same, but their converter also has an SFP port on it, so you should be able to do their full 2 Gbps on one interface or you can do 2 separate 1 Gbps connections. Id call the ISP and see what they can do.
  3. Works in 'Bridge' mode but not in 'Router'.

    My guess is the port forwarding is not working. Some ISP's dont let you change those settings or maybe the software is bugged. The reason it works in bridge mode is because the router portion is disabled in that mode. Which means no router based firewall and no NAT.
  4. Gaming router

    Most likely the ISP supplied box is a modem/router combo. Standard routers dont include modems. Also, gaming routers are dumb. What you need is a good router. You may look at one with decent QoS options if you want to prioritize traffic.
  5. point to point radio/network connection

    Look in to Ubiquiti air fiber. But speed wise might not be that good. Wireless and performance dont really go hand and hand. But Ubiquti is your best bet.
  6. Routers - Do you buy them and what are you buying?

    Speak for your ISP, but mine Comcast still charges $10 or $11 a month. So in all by owning our own modem and router we have saved giving them bastards $120 a year. Most cable modems are good for many years so it only takes about a year or year and a half to pay most of them off. Also, Comcast was known for giving out crap equipment to begin with, though I have heard they have gotten better. Another reason to own your own, ISP's have back doors in to their supplied modem/routers. As in they can change settings and such, or lock users out of certain settings.
  7. Which is surprising considering how much of a bitch fit several senators in the early 90s made. Thats why the ESRB exists is to keep the government out of the video game industry. If that is the case then Valve is in all its right to stop the sale, because they were never rated to begin with, so its up to the retailer to decide.
  8. Conflicting warrenty between producer and reseller

    Which is what I said. As in the US you have to deal with the manufacture. Cause retailers only give a limited time for returns. On top of the fact if you return too many items now, they wont even allow you to return an item. The point I made is who you have to deal with and the warranty each provides will be according to the law. The OP doesn't state what jurisdiction they are in so they need to figure out what laws apply.
  9. I'm going to guess these "visual novels" go through ESRB certification? If they are rated AO then I don't see an issue as most retailers won't sell AO games. But if they are rated M then it's an issue. As they should treat all games with in a rating class the same.
  10. Its not only big news in the UK, that news is big across the pond in the US. But for us US folks its something happy for once, instead of the murder and death we normally see on the news.
  11. Conflicting warrenty between producer and reseller

    You have to remember, warranties are dealt with differently around the world. Here in the US we have to deal with Gigabyte directly. While in the UK, you deal with the retailer, also I think EU law requires them to give a longer warranty, though I might be wrong. So Gigabyte might offer a longer warranty but the retailer only has to follow the law, so they only offer a two year warranty.
  12. Port Forwarding/DMZ Doesn't work at all!

    Yeah, but they might not do it, also if some one else on the network has them open then you cant. Port forwarding only works for 1 IP address. So if port 6000 is open to another customer then you cant open port 6000. Some ISP's wont do it regardless or you get the person on the phone who dont know what port forwarding is.
  13. Slow internet on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

    My moms phone bitches about not network connection and no intertnet connection all the time. She has an S7 on Verizon. Ive pretty much deterimined its either a software issue or a physcial phone issue. I was going to FDR her phone to see if its software. A rule of thumb for Android Devices are as follows" 1) Restart the device (Does it work) 2) update the OS (Check to see if it works) 3) update all apps (Again check to see if it works) 4) Factory Data Reset (If this doesnt work its hardware) You can also try uninstalling apps that were installed around the time the problem presented itself.
  14. Power outage causing problem to wifi router

    If its an ISP supplied box then get them to fix it. Also, consider getting a UPS, not only will it protect the electronics connected to it, if your ISP uses backup power, you can still have internet during a power outage. I have both my modem and router on my UPS, when the grid fails, I still have internet for 15 to 30 min as Comcast has the node im connected to on backup power.
  15. Port Forwarding/DMZ Doesn't work at all!

    If the two IPs differ your ISP could be using carrier grade NAT. If the is the case then port forwarding won't work.