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  1. fiber to bnc & rj45 converter

    Not different rules dude. Its the nature of how technology works. It costs lots of money. If you actually read what @brwainer posted you would see the costs involved. Are you rich? Do you have tones of cash laying around that your not using? I bet not, because I know you all pay shit tones of tax, a hell of a lot more than we pay in the US. With out knowing how all your stuff in configured, we cant begin to understand what all components you will need. So is it possible? Probably. Is it cost effective? Probably not. Most of the equipment will be carrier grade, designed for ISP's which means you need to add lots of zeros to the price. Comcast has tried to make some one pay $50,000 for an 800 ft extension to the cable network to get to their house, that because the nodes, amp's, and backup power costs lots of money. So why not give us a diagram and give us details on your network. Then we can at least start pricing this project out, cause not Im kinda wondering what ridiculous price we are going to come up with.
  2. Cell Carrier Dilemma

    Might want to wait on switching. T Mobile and Sprint could merge. Which will be bad because Sprint has tones of debt. Boost uses the Sprint Netowrk, which will most likely be shut down, due to anything under 4G being CDMA. So I expect some growing pains, like all Sprint and Boost customers needing new phones. Who knows if Boost will survive. As they are owned by Sprint and T Mobile has Metro PCS.
  3. fiber to bnc & rj45 converter

    I read your last topic. I dont think this will work. Why? Because most likely they are broadcasting the TV over encrypted QAM. You will need a TV box to decrypt the channels. This is how they combat Cable theft. Also, I have a feeling the equipment would be expensive. Most cable providers in the US use similar technology on their networks. They run Fiber to a Node which converts from Fiber to Coax. I hear that nodes are hell of expensive. Which is why you hear stories of people who are 1 mile away from the cable network and the cable company wants $50,000 to extend it.
  4. Twitch.tv and obs problems with Comcast

    Comcast could be doing upgrade in your area as well. Keep in mind they are deploying Docsis 3.1 in many areas. You live in Chicago which would probably be one of the areas. If it worked before than its probably on their end. You could call and complain but I doubt that will amount to anything.
  5. Twitch.tv and obs problems with Comcast

    Thats most likely because your over taxing the upload. 13 Mbps isnt a lot, keep in mind any device on the network has to use that upload to send request to website for info. When it comes to streaming online its not about the download its all upload. When you over tax your upload it can screw your internet. Ive seen this when using Bit torrent which is heavily upload heavy like streaming. You might try some QoS options if your router has them. Limit the bandwidth twitch and YouTube use.
  6. Not getting internet speeds advertised.

    For customer owned modems. Not for anything else. While Charter allows you to buy a modem and use it. They dont have a list, they have not tested any for customer owned and they dont provide firmware updates.
  7. Not getting internet speeds advertised.

    The Link you provide said gateway. Gateways = modem/router combos, also said it did wireless N. Which also indicates its a modem/router. From the website: Overview The Touchstone TG862 family of products are DOCSIS3.0 and EuroDOCSIS home telephony gateways supporting 8 x 4 channel bonding for up to 320Mbps of broadband data. It combines two FXS ports of carrier-grade VoIP, a 4-port gigabit router and a 2.4GHz 802.11n wireless access point with battery back-up options in a single integrated device. The TG862 serves as the hub of service delivery in the subscriber’s home providing high-speed data, voice and IP video to wired and wireless connected devices. Allows custom designed setups to be applied to monitor the end user more efficiently with multiple provisioning methods (SNMP, configuration file, remote web GUI access, TFTP, and TR-069) Flexibility of configuration and control with multiple local and remote access levels (user, admin, etc.)
  8. Not getting internet speeds advertised.

    Comcast has excellent support. They provide a list of compatible customer owned modems that they have tested. They provide Firmware updates (Which I know charter does not). They also make it easy to provision customer owned modems. Never had any issues with Comcast when it comes to my customer owned modem. They have never bitched about us having it or anything. Charter provided you a gateway device. Its a modem/router combo. Unless its im bridged mode, then its acting like a router. So technically they provided you with a router and a modem.
  9. Not getting internet speeds advertised.

    Most if not all ISP's provide a modem/router combo. Thats standard practice. Also Charter has shit support when it comes to customer owned equipment.
  10. Not getting internet speeds advertised.

    That was the Obama FCC, not the Trump FCC, they are trying to change the rules now. They will be able to. Because the current administration doesn't give two fucks about any of us.
  11. Not getting internet speeds advertised.

    Do they have caps? Because if they are capping you without stating a cap they can get in to trouble with the Government. Ask Comcast. My family used over 700 Gigs in one month and you dont see Comcast slowing speeds down. They just charge extra when you go over 1 TB.
  12. Not getting internet speeds advertised.

    You gotta show back bone when working with these companies. Make them understand your the customer and they need to provide the service you are paying for.
  13. Not getting internet speeds advertised.

    Get used to that. My area of my City only has Comcast. AT&T has very little Uverse coverage. We dont have Fiber. Thats how it works in the US. If you want better internet you have to live in a major city. If you want decent Internet you need to live in at least a Metro area. If you live in the boonies you just fucked.
  14. Not getting internet speeds advertised.

    Yeah, Charter is a shit company. Comcast are ass holes, but they are ass holes who upgrade their network. Call Charter and demand they fix it. If they refuse report them to the FCC.
  15. Not getting internet speeds advertised.

    Most of their modems are used and refurb. Im telling you, Ive dealt with Comcast for the last decade. We bought our own modem and its been better.