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  1. The OP does have one options if they dont want to talk to Comcast. Check to see when your Comcast supplied IP lease expires. Not sure where that will be displayed in your router. As my modem and router are owned by me. But, if you unplugged your modem until the lease expires, you might pull a new IP from the DHCP server. I wont lie it could take a day or two. Just checked the lease time on my IP and its 3 days out. Id also like to say Comcast has a security assurance department. Maybe talking to them would yield better results. You might also try the Comcast direct forums over at, the forum is ran directly by the Comcast corp out of Philly. So you dont have to talk to the retards that work in your local area.
  2. You dont seen a static IP address to run the game server. You can use It will install a client on the machine your network. It will update the No IP hostname with you current IP address. Just be careful. Many ISPs get angry if you run servers. I know here in the states, many ISP's band the practice out right. If you get caught, you can have your service terminated.
  3. I have DDWRT on my Dlink router. Its the best thing I ever did. If you decided to flash your router, make sure you follow the peacock thread on the DDWRT Forums.
  4. I dont think any mount does this. Not at that size TV at least. You can look in to a full motion mount. The issue is its not going to swing 180 degrees. But they do pull out from the wall and swivel a bit.
  5. Cable modems have to be activated on a customers account they are registered to that customer, then authorized on the network. Thats why you dont buy used cable modems, because if they are still on a customers account, then the cable company wont provision it on your account. As they consider it someone else property. So even if the service is not disconnected it wont work.
  6. Its a USB adapter. They tend to suck anyway. Id look at a PCI express adapter. Or Power lines. You could also look in to Moca if you have coax where your computer and where your router is.
  7. Comcast only offers one option. Modem/Router with shit WiFi and you all will broadcast an SSID for Comcast wifi hotspots. From what I read on most American Cable providers provide the same sub standard equipment.
  8. Yeah, Comcast when from $5 to 7, then to 10. ALso, most ISP supplied modem/routers suck balls any way. Comcast is no different. I know a lot of people who have WiFi issues with them.
  9. Ones better than the other. I think. See we have been with Comcast for over 10 years. Comcast is a cable provider, so I know more about the DOCSIS standard than DSL. Hell I cant even get DSL where I live.
  10. Windstream is a DSL provider. DOCSIS is a cable modem standard. Has nothing to do with Windstream. DO NOT BUY A CABLE MODEM, it wont work. You need a DSL modem
  11. I used to work at Sams Club here in the US. Our policy was, you can return it for any reason at all or no reason for that matter. As long as you were with in the time limit for returns you were golden.
  12. To further add on to what @kirashi was saying. If you have a standard modem then you need a router. If you get your modem from your ISP, you are paying a rental fee. You can save money on your bill by buying one yourself. Depending on what kind of ISP you have will depend on how easy it is to get a standard modem. Most DSL modems have routers built in from what I have seen. While Cable modems are readily aviable with out routers built in. Agian I agree with the above. Get a router will third party firmware support. I use DDWRT on an Old Dlink DIR835 and it works great. I was able to kill buffer bloat using QoS options which work, compared to the stock firmware.
  13. Just no. $20 router is shit. God, JUST NO!
  14. This is why I dont use Comcast modem/routers. Save yourself $120 a year by buying your own modem and separate router. Comcast is know for using shit boxes.
  15. Finally. Damn. Its been on life support for sooooooooooo long. I thought this day would never come. I remember using Ubuntu back in the day. Had to use No script to block flash content, because it would crash the friggen browser every two seconds. So happy its dieing in the fire like it should.