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  1. OOF that graphics card is so so so so so small
  2. I thought only copper could be used for water cooling
  3. Oh hey you guys are talking about Kenguin? I've used them before
  4. Oh wow welcome to the forum that's your first post
  5. Absolutely do not wrap your PC in food packing foil if you get any static on your motherboard or if the foil touches your motherboard then it's gonna brick
  6. There used to be a way to upgrade to Windows 10 for free by setting the computer's clock/date back to when the free-upgrade was offered. And another way was upgrading by going through the "Assistive Tools for disabled users" settings and it letting you upgrade for free. Not sure if any of these techniques work anymore though
  7. Oooh that actually looks pretty good
  8. For your OS, definitely get Windows 10 Home Edition because it is the only OS to support Direct X 12
  9. I'd just cover it with cardboard or something... and if you can, put it on top of your desk rather than on the floor
  10. Yikes it must be the motherboard then if it is coilwhine
  11. 1.) No 2.) Yeah 3.) Uhhhhhhh... I guess?