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    Hampshire, Il Good Luck Trying To Find Me(Middle of Nowhere)
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    I build servers!
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    I like computers and security cameras!
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    Server Builing and Network Solutions for major Companys


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    AMD RYZEN 7 1700
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    ASUS Prime B350 Plus
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200
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    GTX 1070
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    Corsair 400Q
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    Mushkin Reactor 500gb SSD
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    Corsair CX750M
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    Dell S2715H
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    Corsair H100i V2
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    Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2
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    Speed Link LEDOS RED
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    Some BOSE speakers and an OP Sub!
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    Windows 10 Professional
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  1. Hi all, I noticed today after setting up my battery backup for my servers that when I unplug the ups the proliant makes a clicking sound. It seems like it's coming from the psu, especially because the warning light for psu #2 goes to amber. This occurs whether I'm using a APC or CyberPower UPS. These are not server grade UPS's rather just consumer/desktop pc ones. I'm not worried about damage or anything just curiosity so please don't waste your time researching for me. I'll attach a video. IMG_3295_Trim.mp4
  2. I totally see what you are saying. When I said FreeNAS i meant my HP Proliant I got for a steal of a deal from some guy who knew nothing. I would never put free software on an expensive machine, specially with an RTX. If I were to run a server OS on it, it would be unRAID I definitely wouldn’t cheap out. I am really stuck on what to do, becuase as much as I would like to sell it and get the extra money I can’t. It’s like a connection (but not) I’ve had such a great passion for computers and have wanted to work in this field since I was a child. It means a lot to me when I’ve had a relatively s
  3. I think that’s what I’ll be doing. Originally I was gonna get a dock and plug my laptop into the setup when needed, then setup my pc in my little server room. But what’s the point!? I’ll jsit keep it running and when I wanna use it, it’s already setup, no need to plug in a dock. I put my management software on it so I can maintenance away from home, and a 4K emulator so I can turn my displays off and play at 4K res on my tv. I’m gonna decommission my current game server and figure out what to do with my current GTX 1070 in it. Any ideas?
  4. Video exports, network gaming (pc to moonlight on my tv) maybe also handling my IP cameras becuase my current server got really laggy after I added another camera. That’s probably it though, becuase I already have a NAS. A NAS and a server that can do remote gaming and video exports is all I really need. Yeah, I am really into that one. I like unraid but I wish it was free, the only reason I use FreeNAS as of now.
  5. Hi all! I’ve been really confused lately with my current setup. I have a pretty high end gaming pc, consisting of a RTX2080 and a Ryzen 1700 with 16gb of Ram. I adore this computer and I really don’t want to get rid of it. The problem is though i just got a new laptop on Black Friday with a core i7 8th gen, ever since I have only used my rig like 8 times. Half the time I use to to export my finished videos in premiere edited off of my laptop. Other times I use it for Ableton and maybe I played tomb raider once. I know a lot of people would love to have for RTX but I don’t wanna get rid of my c
  6. Wow! Found the issue! I think.. Direct linked my PC to my XFi modem and voila! Got full speed! Did a little research and found out my router (R7000 Nighthawk) is a little obsolete, and limits my speed. Sad... Guess I'm gonna use that as a AP now and just use my XFi box until I can afford a new/better router.
  7. Haha at least you the somewhat lucky one! 6 hours is tough though!
  8. Thanks for the response! I understand that completely! I'm at least expecting 900 down. I'm just messing around with some settings I know won't mess up anything. Only unfortunate thing is the Comcast tech set a password on my modem that I have no clue what it is! GREAT!
  9. Hi! As the title says my internet is not reaching it's max potential. I recently had Xfinity come out to my new house to install their equipment for TV's and internet. I am using their XFi box as a modem and then it's hooked up to my Nighthawk R7000 router which is then connected to a prosafe 24 port switch. The switch bridges to my servers and other rooms of my house. My computer download speed is about 476 according to Xfinity's speed test. The built in tester on my Nighthawk only gets about 526mbps download speed. Something's obviously up, I live out in the city so I guess my bandwidth coul
  10. Hi! I find moving code entertaining! Right now I am trying to setup my computer to list driver startup on boot instead of the windows logo, similar to safe mode boot. I tried things like OS boot information in Msconfig but didn’t work. Is there any possible way to do that?
  11. Thanks for the advice! I'm a bit late to reply, but I will try that. I have a m.2 ssd so hopefully that's not the issue, but worth a try. One thing I noticed is that when I use my CAD software which I also use for printing is that when moving an object the GPU usage goes up. But when the object is stationary no usage at all, so it's probably not that. Another thing about my system is that the O.S. is old and has gone through various modification done by me, but have since been removed. I tell this to everyone but it would be a pain to start from scratch with Windows because I have a lot of pro
  12. Hi, ever since I got my new DaVinci Color every time I 3D print an object my games will have the worst lag spikes, or just flat out lag. It doesnt matter how intense the game is, it even lags on 240p youtube video. This has begun to bother me a lot. Is there any fix to this? I checked my task manager and no hardware usage goes above 50% while in game and 3D printing. I checked my gpu (gtx1070fex2), ram(vengeance 16gb), and cpu (ryzen 1700). This is really strange to be and always confusing! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! -Aedan
  13. Good news! Sorta! Spent a couple of hours with Mediacom on the phone last night, convincing them it wasn’t my setup thanks to you awesome guys! Driving home today and saw a technician working on the line straight to my neighborhood, and my internet is out right now! This could be great!