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  1. The task manager already triggers me a lot currently. I'm going to start scratching my forearms with all those services. I hope you can hide services from other processes.
  2. Elon Musk beating everyone to Mass Effect 3 ending before it becomes a problem
  3. Next Star Wars and Avengers movie: Only available on Itunes
  4. that's been happening since the mid 90s in Québec...
  5. why would I care? If you dont get more PCIE lanes, it changes nothing. You're paying an extra $100 for a motherboard that doesnt give you much more by itself.
  6. wait this is going to require a different socket then Kaby-Lake? bah.
  7. Your results are entirely different then Anandtech's, I'll take Anantech's opinion over yours every day of the week.
  8. Remember how Microsoft delayed the February patch?
  9. They were ported to the Switch but they're from the WiiU originally. I bet you the PS4 could play Final Fantasy 10 at 120 fps. That doesnt mean it's able to play current games at 60.
  10. Those are not Switch games lol.
  11. Nice, you mean it's able to do 1080p60fps while showing a vibrating wallpaper on 1-2 Switch? Such performance.
  12. they're limited by PCIE 3 lol
  13. How is Directx12 a POS?
  14. The ultimate gaming performance to me is never stuttering, the 7700k cant provide that.
  15. What disappointed you exactly? Because if you're talking about Ryzen I will send you very nasty thoughts telepathically so I dont get banned.