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    I5 4670k @4.3ghz
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    Asus z87-a
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    16 gb Kingston Hyperx 2100
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    R9 270x + HD 7990
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    Anan Li tes bench
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    840 128 gb SSD + some random 1tb HDD
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    Rosewill 1300W Lightning series 80 plus gold
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    Acer GD235hz
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    Cooler Master Hyper 212 plus
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    Razer Tarantula
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    Logitech G500s
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    Sound Blaster XFI Titanium Series + G930
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    Windows 7 64 bits

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    Samsung is american?
  2. HYPERLOOP in Canada

    I doubt there's supersonic booms in a near vaccum like hyperloop. That was one of the big hurdles of the concord.
  3. HYPERLOOP in Canada

    Not quite what I was talking about. I was talking about going uphill and downhill. I literally talked about monorails in my post Monorails also have the advantage of being able to be put right in the middle of our highways so you dont have to kick people out of their lands and deforest even more.
  4. HYPERLOOP in Canada

    High speed monorail would be better. Hyperloop is a silly idea. Trains cant handle elevation well.
  5. it's actually an amazing idea. I've been doing the ghetto version of this for years now, aka my old computer is mining on a 7990 and rx 480s.
  6. I was talking about something serious, like cancer.
  7. I hope not but perhaps he's sick.
  8. Windows 7 forced updates a few times on me over the years, it usually had an option to postpone but sometimes it just didnt. Anyway I bought a windows 7 ultimate key super cheap from my cousin and upgraded to windows 10 pro. I dont have ads and I sure as shit dont have forced windows updates. PS: You can upgrade your windows 10 version to pro, even if you didnt do it when it was free, you do have to fork money for it tho.
  9. Socket AM4 APUs hits retail

    Yeah, What you probably want if you're in the market is Raven Ridge with it's Ryzen/Vega based APU. (and before someone clever say something about Vega power consumption, it's actually really efficient at low clock.)
  10. Recent Gigabyte x370 Bios Killing CPU's

    I'm sure it'd be in Gigabyte's best interest to fork the cost of a replacement chip. Worst case scenario, you can always take them to small claims and win by default.
  11. Recent Gigabyte x370 Bios Killing CPU's

    regardless of if the chip is dead or not currently, any chip that ran this, has assuredly lost a lot of longevity.
  12. WB profiting of the death of one of their devs?

    they have dev cost. It's not like one person worked on this.
  13. Asus HC102 mixed reality headset

    It's already been confirmed that Window's VR headsets will work with the Steam VR platform.
  14. They dont get a single penny more for a GPU sold at $600 instead of $400 or $500 for Vega 64. There's no way in hell this is real. If it was, Vega 56 would be losing them $200 per. If that was the case, that would mean that they lost over 5 million since Vega launched with the very limited supply.