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    I5 4670k @4.3ghz
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    Asus z87-a
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  1. there isnt a single customer in the world buying a processor for $2000 lol.
  2. All for the cheap sum of 12 cheap payments of kidneys and lungs!
  3. doesnt mean it was fully tested. The last thing you want is to push a fix that doesnt actually work.
  4. The real scandal is why the fuck would there be a female-only tournament for esports?
  5. That's a stupid statement. First of all if it costs 50k and it generates 64k in revenue during those 30 years, I'm pretty sure that means it broke even after 23 1/2 years. Second of all. A normal roof has a return on investment of ∞ as a normal roof never pays for itself. Making your point moot twice. Name me one place in the US where energy is cheaper then it is in Québec and we do it using renewable energy.
  6. When your air coolers are so good that the only way to improve them is to make the cooler bigger. NH-D20 inc
  7. What's the point of the PS4 Pro? lol
  8. not sure why you'd get any of these instead of Ryzen 7 chip lol.
  9. Let me download this broken, poorly color graded version of the show now! Oh wait, no I wont.
  10. I Have a counter. Logitech Gaming Software. G930 Windows 10 drivers
  11. One of the features I like in my monitors is to be affordable.
  12. Sucks but I'm more worried about human rights in the UAE then Discord getting blocked. Not that it's ok.
  13. doesnt take a rocket scientist, you can just disable the service lol.