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  1. It's more popular then every other Windows OS combined.
  2. How do you fuck that up? lol
  3. "powerful pc" quad core 3.4 ghz boost to 4.2 (my haswell chip did better, mind you not at stock but you're not exactly overclocking a mac) an RX 580 to push 5k... No, thanks. They wont be able to do anything decent because Nvidia and AMD own all the patents worth a damn.
  4. air is enough but you need a custom cooler because the die is so wide. I believe Noctua was showcasing one of their new Threadripper coolers recently.
  5. What does a 1080 overclocked balls to the wall pull?
  6. threadripper is on an updated revision. Maybe they're able to push higher now. Would be interesting to see where can a Ryzen5/7 on that revision push the clockspeeds.
  7. https://www.physics.ohio-state.edu/~p616/safety/fatal_current.html
  8. they could just have a GPU waterblock and provide heatsinks for the vrm and ram.
  9. If Navi is done right, they could release a infinity fabric made of 4 rx 480 die sized chips and absolutely destroy Nvidia unless Nvidia has the same idea. a RX 480 downclocked at 750 mhz consumes about 60 watts on the chip. Put 4 of them on a pcb that's 240w + whatever is left for hbm and display output. that's a 9216 stream processor GPU under 300W.
  10. Titans are never the first GPU of a new architecture.
  11. They dont have Simultaneous multi reprojection or whatever the fuck Nvidia calls it. Basically they render a frame for each eye.
  12. yeah but in games that have DirectX 12 (or vulkan) multigpus upport the scaling is almost linear.
  13. Stock RX 480 does 165W that's before you downvolt it. Which Polaris chips are notorious for being overvolted. Mine does 85W on the core under mining load. (about 120W total)
  14. not one fucks given. If you root your device you can get those speeds under load permanently.