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    I5 4670k @4.3ghz
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    Asus z87-a
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    16 gb Kingston Hyperx 2100
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    R9 270x + HD 7990
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    Anan Li tes bench
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    840 128 gb SSD + some random 1tb HDD
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    Rosewill 1300W Lightning series 80 plus gold
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    Acer GD235hz
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    Cooler Master Hyper 212 plus
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    Razer Tarantula
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    Logitech G500s
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    Sound Blaster XFI Titanium Series + G930
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    Windows 7 64 bits

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  1. AMD's refrigerators, now with 100% more RADeON
  2. 1. all the miners. They vote with their hashrate. 2. it can be traced back to the wallet but that doesnt mean you can know who it was. For all you know it could have been done from a public wifi, a vpn, a pirated computer, etc. 3. Knowing where it came from which address it came from isnt hard at all. The address isnt an identifier.
  3. 1. you are wishing for the proliferation of child pornography. What the fuck. 2. Thousands of people work in the cryptocurrency sector. You are wishing for them to lose their jobs because of what? You're salty you cant buy a GPU and you're using a 6 month old one? You can fuck with it, you just need consensus from the majority of the network which is extremely hard to do.
  4. use a light wallet, you dont actually store the blockchain then. Bitcoin devs being dumb fucks they wont be willing to but they could just hard fork and remove those from the blockchain. Ethereum and other cryptos probably would.
  5. Vive Pro Launch

    You should get that shirt you silly goose. https://teespring.com/shop/StupidStupid#pid=369&cid=6514&sid=front
  6. make a loop that goes into your pool to heat it.
  7. Well at least there's one canadian player in the top 8 teams.
  8. I know what Battle Royale games are. I just dont get why Fortnite is popular. It's so retarded with the building shit out of thin air thing
  9. I dont get why this game is popular ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. This is a hitjob. It's a giant troll that stinks of bribe and defamation.
  11. Company Creates cheap 3d printable house

    those can be installed pretty easily, probably before you start 3dprinting even.
  12. The creator of Pubg made a mod for Arma before Pubg
  13. Xbox One will sport AMD freesync technology

    Laser etched into it.
  14. Plattsburgh, N.Y to take legislative against crypto mining.

    There's literally nothing backing 98% of our money. It's numbers that banks put in a computer system.