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    I5 4670k @4.3ghz
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    Asus z87-a
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    16 gb Kingston Hyperx 2100
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    R9 270x + HD 7990
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    Anan Li tes bench
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    840 128 gb SSD + some random 1tb HDD
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    Rosewill 1300W Lightning series 80 plus gold
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    Acer GD235hz
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    Cooler Master Hyper 212 plus
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    Razer Tarantula
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    Logitech G500s
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    Sound Blaster XFI Titanium Series + G930
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    Windows 7 64 bits

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  1. That's a good enough sample size that it can extrapolated to everyone.
  2. They're overclocked out of the box. drop the clock speed and they become insanely efficient.
  3. Sapphire NITRO Vega 64 leaked + performance numbers.

    You guys are weird. It looks absolutely terrible imo. The XFX one looks much better. It looks like a brick with fans
  4. IPhone x freezes up in cold weather

    I didnt quote you...
  5. IPhone x freezes up in cold weather

    That's not sudden. Sudden is going from +22°C from -20°C. The water also acts as a heat preserver. Slowing the pace at which it will change temperature PS: Nobody said the phone was broken anyway. It's some type of bug. That's not at all how it works. If you were completely naked it would pretty quick but when it's only your hand, it takes much longer. Some people also use Stylus which can be used with gloves. You can also use some types of gloves on a touchscreen. It's not an issue when you wear appropriate clothing. Do you even winter?
  6. You dont seem to understand how impossible it is for Intel to make a discrete GPU that runs on x86 without licensing it from AMD or Nvidia. If you could just throw money at the problem, they would have had competing GPUs for a decade.
  7. Intel GPUs are coming

    You're generous.
  8. Actually it makes perfect sense, they make money from Ryzen-based laptops and from Intel based laptops.
  9. That's cause Nvidia cards only support some Dx12 features via software instead of hardware.
  10. You can delay non security updates by 365 days and security updates by 30 days. Pardon the literal french. You can also disable windows update if you dont want it to run at all but honestly that's a mistake.
  11. 1. UWP apps are more reliable then win32. 2. Ugly UI: That's like your opinion man. (you can have a more classic UI if you want) 3. You've been able to control windows updates for a few updates on Windows 10. Should have been at launch but it's better now 4. Yes, complain about spying and data theft as you are using chrome, Apple/Android
  12. you're talking about minimum requirements, I thought you meant it wasnt running well. (well actually I had a 4670k overclocked pretty high and it was bottlenecking compared to my ryzen processor)