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  1. Intel to be working its own dedicated graphics

    It's almost impossible for Intel to make good discrete GPUs that can compete with AMD or Nvidia. Think about it, they would probably have to invest 50 billions in R&D just to get close to competing.
  2. I havent used bing in forever but the last time I did even searching for a company brand directly didnt give you the company's website as the first result. The only reason Google is #1 is because it's the best search engine
  3. Right, that's totally going to prevent users from trading crypto... That minister is a fart.
  4. AMD Athlon PCs are bricked by Spectre patch

    Not sure how big of an issue this is... Athlon is old AF.
  5. Nvidia CES keynote live stream

    slightly self-centered are we? They should cather to you? It's not like you wont be able to see it. You dont have to see it live. If an OEM decides to go with a AMD processor and a nvidia gpu, there's not much AMD can do about it except decide to not sell CPUs which would be stupid.
  6. Meltdown wreaking havoc on Epic Games servers

    I mean, assuming AMD server chips are competitive or even ARM, It's in Amazon's best interest to have a diversified portfolio just to have redundancy.
  7. Meltdown wreaking havoc on Epic Games servers

    Maybe that'll push them to optimise UE4 for AMD processors as well. That would be sweet. PS: I'm aware this isnt the same thing How do you know their servers havent had a patch for meltdown since the last patch? The industry knew about this for a while, we didnt. It doesnt matter. It's like saying someone who drowned only drowned because a shark bit off their legs, it doesnt fucking matter does it, their lungs are filled with water and they're dead eiher way. There's a CPU chart... There's a reason for it. The patch is fucking their couch.
  8. I bet you the tegra chips are affected by some of the 3 exploits.
  9. More Intel leaks.. this one is not good though

    a 5% performance decrease means Skylake is slower then Ryzen clock for clock (obviously Skylake has a significant advantage in terms of clock) Damn I hate your avatar haha Ryzen5 already was. Just barely but still.
  10. 34c3: Homebrew launcher for the Switch coming soon

    It was single core so technically a 7350k was better then a 7700k.
  11. 34c3: Homebrew launcher for the Switch coming soon

    that was kinda mean I apologize.
  12. I didnt even know that was a thing but let's be real, you're going to need a technician(mechanic) to change an electric car battery. You dont need a technician to turn your phone off, pop a screw or slide the back open and swipe a battery. They cant void your warranty for that, just like you can take your car to a mechanic and get the brakes changed without voiding the warranty. WTF were they supposed to do? Put it on the top? They wouldnt be able to turn ever without flipping.
  13. This would never have become an issue if they just allowed people to change their batteries in the first place.
  14. NCIX Tech tips cast?!

    How much time do you have on your hands to be looking at this and be up to date on it?