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  1. Mobile Ryzen 4000 series would be nice... Top of the line 15W 8-core 16-thread little beast with a great iGPU, especially at those resolutions.
  2. Looked more into it. Shame it doesn't have any eMMC capabilities, not even as an add-on board. Micro-SD is sloooow. For the 4B+ maybe?
  3. Ah yes, the bazillion flashlight apps that somehow need access to your entire contacts, microphone, location services and the ability to change settings on the phone. Let's start with eliminating those.
  4. So you got a MacBook Air with no usable ports whatsoever (literally the last reason to buy the old Air was because of the useful ports like USB-A and an SD slot) , an iPad that doesn't have a headphone jack but a Lighting adapter doesn't work because it now needs USB-C, any non-Apple USB-C adapters that probably don't work because USB-C is a massive steaming pile of hot garbage as a "standard" with every company doing their own thing and the last good Mac keyboard is now gone. How are these upgrades again?
  5. Would like to see a Ryzen Pocket with like a 2500U or something. Yeah 15W TDP is a lot more than 4.5 but that should be coolable right? With true 4/8 cores/threads and a Vega GPU in it.
  6. Right but it is still flat as a pancake so it won't dissipate any more easily than all the other crap slabs of aluminium slapped onto other boards. Then comes Gigabyte (of all the manufacturers) and puts an actual "old fashioned" heatsink with actual surface area onto their VRMs on that X470 board of theirs which actually proves the entire point of more surface area is more better, yet people still fall for shit like this (and manufactures still advertise it this way). If anything, this is more of a heat insulator than a heatsink.
  7. Tear the cooler off of that 1060, make high-res pictures of them and send them to Buildzoid/Actually Hardcore Overclocking for a PCB VRM analysis I wanna see that PCB.
  8. But that means extra expense when the cables shouldn't be crap in the first place. SilverStone's cables are more flexible to begin with saving the extra cost.
  9. Don't get the SF600. I have it. It's silent when idle but as soon as you game on it the fan turns on and becomes a loud obnoxious piece of garbage that won't turn off when you return back to idle power, not even after a restart. You have to turn it off, let it cool down and then turn the PC back on again for it to remain silent. Also, the cables are stiff as wood. In cramped ITX cases you want some flex in your cables since you're space constrained in a small case, the SF600 cables don't want to flex at all.
  10. So, any store in the world or EU that accepts PayPal and ships this product to the EU (or more specifically, the Netherlands)? Amazon doesn't ship this to the EU it seems.
  11. Nice that we have fast RAM chips, now for some bad-ass memory controllers on the CPU that can officially handle it...
  12. "The dating feature is likely to be a free service" Yeah right, you mean like they know your every move you do on a minute-by-minute basis? Free my ass.