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    Intel i7-8086K @ 5.1 GHz
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    Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master
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    32GB (8GB X 4) G.Skill TridentZ / TridentZ RGB DDR4-3000 CL14
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    Logitech X-540 5.1
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    Lenovo ThinkPad T480

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  1. MSi (or ANY other motherboard manufacturer) will have the latest drivers + software on their website. Here is the driver page for your motherboard model. https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/B550M-PRO-VDH-WIFI#down-driver&Win10 64 You would really just need: Chipset drivers LAN Drivers On-board Audio Drivers
  2. I know the Ryzen mobile 4000-series CPUs can run up to DDR4-3200. I'm NOT questioning his CPU, but rather, I WANT to get more info on the RAM he CURRENTLY has. I want to see what JEDEC / XMP profile(s) are flashed onto those SODIMM modules.
  3. AVX Offset only applies when an AVX workload is detected. It will drop the CPU frequency by the set offset. If your CPU is x52 (5.2GHz), setting the offset to 3 would mean during AVX workload, the CPU multiplier gets dropped to x49 (4.9 GHz). If you set the AVX Offset to 0, then CPU will run at full 5.2GHz. CPU Cache Ratio =/= CPU CPU Ratio. If you are going to mess around with the cache, it should be 3x or 4x less than CPU Ratio. Running it 1:1 typically causes issues. I would also run the stress test again, but this time, have something like H
  4. You can overclock the CPU clock frequency, CPU-NB, DRAM, operating frequency of the PCI-E data lanes, etc ....but you cannot overclock to get MORE PCI-E data lanes. It's like saying... I can increase the speed limit on a physical 4-lane highway to make it physically 6-lane... Either the chipset is having issues splitting / re-assigning the PCI-E lanes correctly, or there is some PCI-E bifurcation happening. Also the AMD provided chipset diagram, that is how much the B550 chipset can supply. It is up to the motherboard manufacturer's discretion to whether or not to
  5. I understand the CPU "supports" up to DDR4-3200. (Ryzen can also run DDR4-3600+ too) If the Integrated Memory Controller (IMC) or Motherboard is ABLE to recognize the memory sticks can run at DDR4-3200, and has the smarts to apply the DDR4-3200 JEDEC, than that's great. But what I want to see is what JEDEC / Memory profiles are flashed onto the memory modules. If XMP profile(s) exist, the 'SPD' tab will have.... JEDEC #1 / #2 .... XMP-3200 / XMP-3000. Example:
  6. Wait... then XMP (or something alike) is actually enabled then. DDR4 JEDEC default spec (i.e. XMP disabled) is DDR4-2133; your memory is currently running at DDR4-3200. Can you share your 'SPD' tab?
  7. That's now how overclocking works.... What version BIOS is your motherboard running currently? If it's out-of-date, you could consider flashing a newer firmware on it, and see if it address your problem.
  8. What frequency and timings are your current existing RAM running at currently? If you aren't sure, you can using something like CPU-Z. Check the 'Memory' tab. Example:
  9. MemTest64 takes a long time to run, especially if you are doing multiple extensive passes. Depending on the amount of RAM you have installed, and the density of the sticks, it could take HOURS, not minutes.... 5 minutes of MemTest64 it way too short.
  10. No, the CPU now supplies 20 PCI-Express 4.0 lanes, divided up as 16 + 4. 16 allocated to the PCI-E X16 slot(s), where GPUs typically go, and the remaining 4 is for one of the NVMe slots. The Z590 chipset itself can supply up to 24 PCI-Express 3.0 lanes, but that is at the consent of the motherboard manufacturer.
  11. Well, your Task TP-S PSU is not one of their higher quality units....it's pretty far down on the list... You can't just look at the wattage rating, and efficiency (80 PLUS) rating, and say it's good quality. It needs to be actually tested...because the rating can all be a lie -- and this HAPPENS all the time. I am not able to find any individual / third party reviews on their TASK TP-S units. EDIT: Actually, Chieftec has linked a couple of Russian reviews on their page, with the enclosure disassembled. However, I am in no way to make an accurate judgement
  12. chiefteck 700w Chieftec PSUs, like 50%+ of the PSUs under their brand is NOT good. Those said PSUs are either mediocre, or a fire hazard. That said, they DO have good quality ones, but only specific models. So... WHICH "chieftec 700w" (model number) do you have?
  13. Unless... when they create a new topic, the template is automatically generated/filled in the thread/topic body. I think, that way, people will fill the info in, at least attempt it...hopefully...
  14. Well, there *IS* a sticky / pinned thread with a "template" or guide on what information you need to provide. But nobody follows it...
  15. Those two points, IMO, that is a little questionable right there. What is Brave doing in the background, so that they are "giving" you crypto currency? Why would I want to see ads if I'm trying to BLOCK them in the first place?? Not just that Facebook / Facebook Messenger... any messaging / social app Any Google apps (i.e. Android Auto, Maps, Drive, YouTube, etc) Location enabled Windows 10 on laptop / desktop PC .... because you are being monitored there too etc