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  1. Take it or leave it, only trying to help not worth the potential hassle of a moldy loop to save a few drops of iodine imo though Glad you were lucky enough to not have this issue.
  2. It's highly toxic to us...not so highly toxic to molds etc. Toss a couple drops of iodine in it for good measure (now that your res cracked and you replaced anyway)
  3. I appreciate the thought process, what are you using as a biocide?
  4. Took a bit of calculating, but he's saying his car gets 40 compression cycles per 0.49 oz of soluble fat, which would be at 42mpg would be roughly 0.1640625 Miles per hog head. That's assuming his car is that efficient, is optimal speed for compression and only compresses when needed....so it's probably less than that.
  5. It's really one of those things right now, where we are at the point that something will become viable as currency. We're just not sure what coin that will be, and that's basically gambling. Some say it's going to be Bitcoin in 2 years with the lightening network, others say it will be Monero with the anonymous price of it because of the underground heavily favoring it, banks say XRP could be the ticket. Zcash and ETH both are strong because of their transaction and viewed as more "legitimate" compared to Monero, but are essentially have a few extra problems, however they are much more thought out than BTC and the transaction capacity is largely there. So...I guess gamble on one of those if I was a betting person but something unexpected might come out of the blue too, you never know.
  6. MeDownYou

    General disinterest in tech?

    I've found I'm far less interested in troubleshooting etc. recently. Instead I'm drawn to the perfect look these days...and i wish I had a heated garage to do a lot of things.
  7. MeDownYou

    Bottleneck with Ryzen 1600X and RX 580

    These parts don't really bottleneck each other.
  8. MeDownYou

    are you afraid of the dark and silence?

    I'm rather fond of both tbh....then again i live alone and love 3-6 am time frame without the lights on...sooo
  9. MeDownYou

    Energy from heat?

    It's winter, I'd rather have the heat.
  10. MeDownYou

    ICTable Scam - 248 days after order

    This is why Pre-orders are trust trades.
  11. MeDownYou

    Gigabyte Windforce OC 1080 fan curve not working

    I have a full cover block in a custom loop. I wouldn't advise doing any watercooling unless you're using a block that does the core+VRAM and you've got sinks+airflow on the VRM. Also, on a side note, this pcb design is identical to the G1 gaming.(there is an annoying AF inductor in the way of standard half cover blocks btw) In terms of how I did it, it's just taking off the cooler, and installing a block onto the card. One thing to note though is that GPU coolers are mounted directly to the die and don't have an IHS like CPU's do.
  12. MeDownYou

    Major Problem with my GTX 1080

    Seriously. You've kept using it as it degraded and have reached this point with the card, Likely it's only worth what the heatsink is. You could have probably saved this card albeit not preserved its top clocks. You're first tip off should have been the temps you were reaching under water.
  13. MeDownYou

    Gigabyte Windforce OC 1080 fan curve not working

    The way this card works is two fold. The core and other components are monitored individually on this card. You might be seeing 35C on the core, but it needs to run for VRAM for example. Part of it is the direct communication from the board to the fans, which may not be clear. The BEST way to deal with this is going to be modifying the bios fan curve and saving it. However, if you aren't comfortable with this, try tuning in your start bios you may find more luck there. Unfortunately, I can't help you much more than that as I've got a waterblock on mine.
  14. MeDownYou

    X34P - Do I have too much IPS glow?

    The right hand lower corner looks often typical for these panels. The left hand upper needs some work. You can adjust the filter on most monitors I would attempt that, it might make it far more balanced.
  15. Makes thread on LTT forum stating LTT forum members were not helpful (Me). XD XD XD XD XD XD XD (For the record it's a compute .dll, which is driver related most likely, but even mentioning other things to check if that's not the case makes this guy flip)