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  1. While, the die might be similar as they are both penryn chips there is a lot of difference between them; manufacturing time or stepping, core to core latency, available cache, and how the management engine allows those chips to run being a few. Density, heat, and how nicely the boards chipset plays with them are all considerations additionally. This will also dictate how well these chips tolerate voltage as sometimes getting your memory tuned well can be quite a chore on the quad cores especially.
  2. Those quadcore chips are yorkfield chips, both mentioned dual cores are wolfdale chips.
  3. E8500 and e8600 are the same arch, comes down to batch numbering and silicon ability. E8500 and Q8300's should both do decent enough in those games if they are tuned well. What board do you have?, that probably will make the decision very easy. A good starting place for overclocking those chips would be an overclocking guide on here from harryowl for some basics
  4. I picked up an old gateway computer the other day, and was going to shove an ssd in it temporarily. I unhooked the hdd and hooked up the ssd and can not get it to be recognized. I have bios set to boot from disks first. The ssd in question has a full OS and was working on my bench, so i'm not quite sure what the issue is here. Any help greatly appreciated.
  5. basically, looking for input on the title... @harrynowl Has a guide form 2014 (has it been that long since he posted that...) looks like he hasn't been on the forums since mid 2016 though. most curious in high clocking ddr2 and ddr3 scores eg. 8500 5cas ddr2 vs best ddr3
  6. See if you can just drop the voltage to 1.3v and keep your OC, it probably will be stable since auto applies a bit too much usually. Ram speed is the bottleneck of those chips with high end gpu's these days. If you have a 1060 or something don't worry about it but a 1080ti, or 2070 will definately hurt from it (then again most wouldn't run a 1080ti in a 4790k these days)
  7. honestly that was a sweet OC for auto OC, Was it stable? Just got done benching frequency on a g3258 today, hard wall at 4.8 the chip I had impossible to push it past 5ghz That looks like a good chip at low frequency, You can try something manually if you want I'd go 100 bclk until you find your ratio, then increase from there. Most chips have no problem at 44 ratio I'd just plunk in 1.3 vcore, 1.8 external voltage, and 0.2-0.3 offset in system agent. Then increase the ratio until you have troubles, back it down 1 ratio and increase bclk the same way next. probably won'
  8. Huh, I did pick up some LT-100 but was curious on the differences The only cpu's I have on hand for testing are g3258 and 4690k, originally I was picking it up for a friends 8700k
  9. I've seen quite a few opinions on this but in general we only really talk about 3 liquid metal compounds. Thermal Grizzly's Conductonaut liquid metal Cool Laboratories Liquid ultra liquid metal LT-100 Liquid metal (Phobyas, Thermalright and a few others have LM too, but nobody talks about them?) On paper the numbers claimed are Conductonaut: 73 k/w Liquid Ultra: 79 k/w LT-100: 128 k/w Notice the one that is far different than the others? I'm curious if these claims hold up. Does anybody have numbers on these liquid metal
  10. Yeah, the closest place for DICE is over an hour away...
  11. Mind sharing where you all get your Ln2 supply? Do they have a minimum order? I heard welding shops might be a good place to check out, also medical supply shops. I live in a pretty rural area, so this might be more accessible and cheaper long term than DICE for me depending on results I guess.
  12. Take it or leave it, only trying to help not worth the potential hassle of a moldy loop to save a few drops of iodine imo though Glad you were lucky enough to not have this issue.
  13. It's highly toxic to us...not so highly toxic to molds etc. Toss a couple drops of iodine in it for good measure (now that your res cracked and you replaced anyway)
  14. I appreciate the thought process, what are you using as a biocide?
  15. Took a bit of calculating, but he's saying his car gets 40 compression cycles per 0.49 oz of soluble fat, which would be at 42mpg would be roughly 0.1640625 Miles per hog head. That's assuming his car is that efficient, is optimal speed for compression and only compresses when needed....so it's probably less than that.