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  1. Yes i will need 64gb ram. Vcenter alone will required 10gb of ram, and then dns, mail, web server, windows 10 ( 8gb ) and free nas ( 8gb ) and i want to have some space for testing.
  2. Hi everyone, as i mentioned before i am bulding new PC for virtualization this year. So far i purchased: - Gigabyte 570 Aurus pro - Be quiet Straight power 11 550w - Samsung NVME 970 evo plus 500gb - 2x 1tb wd blue 7200 - Dark rock 4 slim CPU cooler - 3x Pure wings 120mm fans But as goes for Memory and CPU i still am not sure. For the CPU i am leaning towards of R7 3700x or maybi R5 3600x (probably 3700x because of cores ), but as goes for ram i have no idea. OR should i find some good deal on 3900x ? I want to have 64gb of ram and i
  3. Airplane ticket and glass of fine wine :D
  4. Hi, i just wanted to share with you guys on how i upgraded my front air intake. I did that on the brand new case, for the new front mesh i used magnetic mesh, which was originally located on the top of the case. What do you think.
  5. Around 200eu for RAM for 32gb kit, but i am viling to spend a few euro more, if there is significant difference. Thanks.
  6. Hi, i am looking to buy 32gb of RAM ddr4. I will use it with 3700x and mobo x570 Gigabyte Elite and i will use computer for virtualization purpose, runing VM, programing, testing. There will be no gaming. I am looking between: - Kingston 32GB/3733MHz DDR-4 HyperX FURY - HX437C19FB3K2/32 ( 210 EU) - Kingston HyperX DDR4 32GB 3200MHz CL16 -HX432C16PB3AK2/32 (216 EU) - G-Skill 32GB/3200MHz DDR-4 Ripjaws (165 EU) - G-Skill 32GB/3200MHz DDR-4 Trident Z RGB ( 200 EU) In future, i have plans to upgrade to 64GB and buy the same kit so i will have 4x16gb, so which
  7. At the moment in my country we have options: - ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming 4 180eu - Asus osnovna plošča Prime X470-PRO 175eu - Gigabyte matična plošča X470 AORUS Ultra Gaming 155eu - Asus osnovna plošča MB STRIX B450-F GAMING, 142eu - ASRock X570 Pro 4 210eu - ASROCK X570 Phantom Gaming 4 180eu Which one to select? Thanks! BR Rok
  8. So far the only ones within budget and having intel NIC are: - GIGABYTE X470 AORUS ULTRA GAMING - Asus Prime X470-PRO - GIGABYTE B450 AORUS PRO (1.0) -and Asus B450-F Gaming which is not GoldenLag approwed
  9. Hi, i am buying a new computer, which will be AMD oriented. I dont have plans to overclock CPU, but i want some motherboard which will still be useful after few years. *Computer will be used for programming, virtualization, testing, (anything but gaming and video editing ). I was looking for something in price range 150eu give or take or even 180eu if is worth the difference. Only condition which i have, is that is needs to have intel LAN chip. I was looking at Asus X470 PRO, or maybe ASUS B450-F Gaming. Does anyone have any other suggestions, on which to buy?
  10. Hi, i was searching forum and came across ESXi on AMD but i did not get any final verdicts. I am to buy AMD ryzen 2700x to run ESXi 6.7 but i am still not sure it will work. If that works, which motherboard you guys suggest, because i couldnt find any at vmware compatibillity guide that would be for this CPU. I know there could be problems with onboard ethernet port, so i am wondering if you got any models where ethrnet port works and supports AMD socket. Any help would be nice. Best reagrds Rok