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    And my dream is to destroy apple company
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    I7 5820k
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    MSI x99A krait
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    16GB Geil White LED Superluce
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    Powercolor R9 390 PCS+
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    NZXT Noctis
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    23 inch i2367fh
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    fractal design s36 360mm radiator for cpu
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    Corsair Strafe
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    i use a cat..jk G400s
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    beyerdynamic custom one pro, Now: Beyerdynamic T70
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    win 10
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  1. Look. I tried replacing with a ryzen and now there is no signal again. Maybe my gpu's dead whatever it is. Im done man. So stupid
  2. Its so much hassle. Things like these dissuade me from ever building again
  3. Like I said, its just a brief story. I also had issues with my wifi card (but its tplink so maybe thats why) and I had tons of unecessary bugs
  4. For fractal, they ain't even replying to my emails. Is my next step to sue them? I don't have a fractal design shop here in singapore, we only have distributors. So do I find them?
  5. Pairing it with a gtx1060. I'm gonna do video editing also. Is ryzen 5 2600 going to bottleneck
  6. I'm definitely not telling people to stop building PC. I said that because the guy who commented suggested that PC building is so easy it takes an idiot(he was suggesting it to be me) to have such a situation. at the btm of my post I did say:" make sure you know what you're doing first." Anywaysss no point fussing about that. I'm suprised to see the overwhelming response for what I intended to just be a post to bring some light to another side of PC building
  7. If it is under the warranty period. Then you may be lucky to not pay a cent for it (again warranty policies may vary but in Singapore its pretty good) At the same time, if you aren't getting yr PC from walmart, and you actually pick a trusted company, they will definitely have QC It's just the small conviniences that really add up IMO Again, props to all who love building PC and props to those who squeeze out 5Ghz on their own. I get the fun behind it. But at times it can be really troublesome. I'd much rather leave the crap work for those who ar
  8. Exactly. That's my lesson learnt in one short sweet summary. you could have basic knowledge of building a pc but anytime some uncommon issue comes out you either carry your elephant of a pc to the pc repairshop or you try online solutions which never really worked because the issue is uncommon.
  9. If that's the case, all the more people shouldn't build PCs because there are too many things needed to be learnt for the average joe. You gotta admit. PC building now is all over youtube and its promised to the masses that anyone can do it because its so easy. Yeah building it is easy. But maintainence? I had to watch so many videos, like learn about dual rail/single rail PSU, how single or dual channel ram affects the bandwidth, etc etc. only after building then i learnt what a CMOS was. you see, you are supposed to know quite alot
  10. I've yet gotten one. I'm looking at aftershock pc singapore I'm just too traumatised at this point. The time savings of prebuilt right now just seems alot logical to me >.< besides I'm not gonna get a walmart pc. My interest for building is also long gone as a result of this issue
  11. I can't really smack it into my prebuilt. and I can't imagine getting a new MOBO and then it still has issues. And now that its been three years, I must look at the used market and my God that can bring alot of trouble if i'm not careful. Once bitten twice shy.. Agree! I was going to compare pc building to this. Too many people assume that you get an instant good deal by building your own PC. I beg to differ.
  12. There are comapanies like Ibuypower, anddd (idk aldy Im from singapore). Anyways. These prebuilt PC companies will probably put care into cable management and all? I mean linus has reviewed some of them (afaik). The thing about prebuilts is that (at least in my country) you can easily call up someone to help you troubleshoot. Kinda like apple care.
  13. The worst part is that I would have actually saved so much more money in the long run with a prebuilt. Building a PC can cost alot more. Now I have not much money, I have to downgrade to an I3. 4 cores no hyperthreading. Like this is seriously the shittiest thing that can happen
  14. I regret building my own PC and for many reasons. Firstly, the random troubleshooting. When I get a random PC bug, I spend HOURS navigating the web to find a solution. They always say "redownload the drivers" but that was never the answer. Secondly, A hardware failure is DISASTER. My own fractal design Kelvin s36 burst, and water spilled all over the place. Here's the problem: they won't replace the whole PC because warranty only covers the part itself! So I mailed to fractal, they took my PC to check and they said that there was no problem (miraculous