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    ltt Resident Cyborg and Pagani Enthusiast

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    Hiding in the Pagani factory
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    computers (obviously), automobiles, aerospace engineering, and carbon fiber


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    Intel lga 2011 i7 4820k
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    Asus rampage iv black edition
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    Avexir 32GB
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    Asus strix 780 6gb oc
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    In Win 909
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    Samsung 840 Evo 256 and seagate barracuda 2 tb
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    Corsair rm1000
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    asus pg278q
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    custom loop
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    sennheiser hd598

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  1. I saw this Corsa about a year ago when it was being serviced at the dealer.It was half disassembled, with the two clams haphazardly placed on top of each other.
  2. *Sort of, still don't have a lot of time to post but I try to read the thread at least once a week.
  3. non-profit sorry I was typing quickly and didn't realize I blended the two.
  4. Its quite depressing he passed away, I was always amazed by how he spent his billions. Between founding various museums in Seattle, to a whole bunch of non for profits and philanthropic ventures, and essentially getting into a "yacht building battle" with other billionaires. I toured his aircraft collection a few years ago its quite incredible and definitely worth doing if in the Seattle area.
  5. The american lottery is a crazy thing Seriously though this replica doesn't look all that much worse than the original 16.4 model. The grand sport and subsequent models did so much to refine and improve the design.
  6. I think the guy also owns an island in the pacific so its not like he's having a hard time making money
  7. yeah I believe Virgin Galactic is the cheapest around $200k but they haven't actually started taking tourists to space yet. The most recent tourist spent something like 40 million for a little over a week in space.
  8. There was no satellite (in the conventional sense*). It was the falcon heavy's maiden flight so the only payload was a mass simulator in this case a roadster. In most cases however its ether a dummy capsule or something like this *Technically the roadster would be a artificial satellite as well since its orbiting a larger body
  9. no I love the Austin Healey, but they debut the 300 in the late 50s and it didn't go through that much change throughout their production run. So I still consider them part of the late 50s early 60s I did however overlook the sprite mrk 4 which looks pretty good considering the rest of Austins designs during that period. But that could also be attributed to Healey's input in the partnership.
  10. I have always liked Austin's cars... well accept their models from the late 60s on
  11. If anyone still wants some Goodwood content this guy has a pretty eclectic selection of cars from the event. Good to see some of the obscure older ones get a moment in the spotlight.
  12. ford sold them to prodrive about a decade ago, then they sold part of it to some Italian company and are sort of their own entity now.