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  1. Right and I get that. I am also happy you get "its not the end of the world" what i am saying is. This will pass. We were all here before what 1-2 years ago?? When the shortage happened due to mining. Except this time i think the mining and new gpus hit at same time. Thus creating a larger problem. + the chip factor issues and trade issues with USA and other countries its put a strain on USA GPU | CPU and overall parts buying. I am saying this will alllllllllllll PASS. you just have to put that money aside in a savings grow some interest on it and when the time comes buy one at MSR
  2. This switch is great is youre looking for a large switch. I own 3. https://www.ui.com/unifi-switching/unifi-switch-16-xg/
  3. LOL. No organization will switch to linux for that. Take one problem out to add 20 more? Running Enterprise Windows | Domains and crossing that with linux adds a slew of issues. I am sure they are content with how the domain is set the OUS | Policies . no need to switch
  4. Again, owning 980ti,1070ti,1080ti,2070,2080ti,3070,3080,3090 cards. The 3070,3080 vs 1080ti or even 980ti ur fine @ 1080p People all butthurt on wanting these cards. Most to just FLEX. It's an over hyped product. Unless you plan on running HDMI 2.1 @ 4k over 100hz you dont need a 3080 or 3090 even a 3070 is over kill. When all this dies down get a used 2080 for 1440p if that's the area you game on. If you still play @ 1080p u DO NOT NEED A 30 series card.
  5. no,they won't. Only stocking new gen hardware.
  6. Man some salty people in here. Take it from me I have the 3090's and 3080's it's not mind blowing. It is not an essential thing to have and it's not life or death. You'll get one if you wait 6-12 months. For now plenty of iGPUS can game. Plenty of older cards on craigslist and ebay if you hunt.
  7. Plays great on my 3090 and 3080. 1440p is the sweet spot for Cyberpunk
  8. Hours will be viewed probably last 6-12 months via steam or some other way. After at which I think they will want to have updates from you.
  9. I was being sarcastic. Def going to stay away. Hope someone whos been saving hard earned money gets one tho.
  10. Can i buy one even if I already own 3 RTX 3080's