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    Darkfeign reacted to TheTeeTree in Programming Faq   
    I believe android apps require java and xml not javascript.
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    Darkfeign reacted to bradscoolio in Best Beginner Programming Language?   
    From what I read it's Python :)
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    Darkfeign reacted to cadel546 in Best Beginner Programming Language?   
    Get ready to suffferr in computer science with countless nights gone by without a drop of sleep. lol jk *on topic* i think if you study a bit of python then work your way up with c++ you'll be fine
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    Darkfeign reacted to MzCatieB in Programming Competitions   
    id say, rather than do competitions do challenges for people.... start basic and make it more hard for people
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    Darkfeign got a reaction from backslash in Best Beginner Programming Language?   
    I would suggest this as a python resource:
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    Darkfeign reacted to rufee in C++ game programming   
    If you want to get into game development, don't try to invent the wheel get a an engine (Horde3D, Ogre3D etc...) and spend time actually making the game.
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    Darkfeign got a reaction from majorawsome in A Good Book On Computer Science?   
    Computer Science is a pretty broad topic, as a whole. Are there any areas of specific interest to you? If you're looking to get into programming and haven't tried anything before I'd suggest looking at Python books for beginners that teach with examples. Python is a fantastic language that's great for new programmers, and still used in industry - it's even taking over PHP in a lot of web-development applications. 
    I'd also suggest something like Essentials of Computer Architecture:
    If you're looking at degree-level knowledge and already have a fairly good understanding of hardware, you might be more interested in the above for finding out what your computer is actually doing with the hardware and how operating systems manage everything.