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  1. I double checked with somebody I know from Chile, and I was told that it was a chortcut for "azul celeste". I don't know if it is specific to South America, but that's what I learned from my Colombian teacher when I just started learning Spanish.
  2. It is, but "azure" is baby/sky blue vs "azul" pure blue. I find it to be funny that this topic turned into a language lesson.
  3. Sorry, mixing French and Spanish. French is "azur" and Spanish is "azure".
  4. I don't know what it is with Microsoft and colors. "Azure" is a play on blue in Spanish, with an "e" added at the end.
  5. I completely understand what you mean. But using something like "distributed computing" would confuse the mainstream public, which is the target of the marketing campaign.
  6. A while ago, there were some articles about Windows 9/10 being a cloud based operating system, resembling Google's Chrome OS. Well, now there is more news coming from Mary Jo Foley of CNET with details about the future of the operating system in this article. The gist of the article is that Microsoft has been working on an operating system code-named "Midori", that utilizes the cloud instead of being based on previous versions of Windows, since 2008. It is being written in a new language, M#, which is an extension of the C# language.