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    Webdevelopment, UI design, gaming, PC's. (duh)
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    16 year old font/end-webdev.

    Becoming a better person one day at a time.
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    AMD fx 6100 @3.3GHz
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    Asrock 970 extreme4
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    Gigabyte 770 OC
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    Fractal Design Define R4
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    1TB HDD - 64 GB SSD (For OS)
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    Be Quiet! 550w
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    24" Samsung SyncMaster Full HD (main monitor) & old Acer monitor (still uses VGA)
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    Be Quiet! Case Fans
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    Razer Blackwidow ultimate 2013
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    Pioneer Cs-557

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  1. Thought about this to, but it wouldn't explane the loss of software presets.
  2. Hi, My Roccat Kone XTD has just kinda stopped working. When i plugged it in my laptop the lights didn't turn on and the DPI settings where reset. I went in to the software to change it but all the buttons where disabled and my profiles deleted. I've reinstalled a bunch of times, reinstalled while mouse disconnected then reboot and plugging it back in. I've tried updating the firmware, with and without mouse connected. Also updated drivers trough device manager. I've got the lights working again but the sensor isn't responding. I can move the curser with my trackpad (i'm using a l
  3. I'm thinking around €600. Keep in mind the 770 is only a year old and new it is worth €350. Thanks in advance. CPUAMD fx 6100 @3.3GHz MotherboardAsrock 970 extreme4 RAM8GB GPUGigabyte 770 OC CaseFractal Design Define R4 Storage120GB SSD for OS - 1TB HDD - 64 GB SSD PSUBe Quiet! 550w CoolingBe Quiet! Case Fans
  4. Amen... I never visit the forum because of the invasion. (alsmost) all the good content is gone. Or at least, posted waaay less often.
  5. Here is a better and live updated official reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/spacex/comments/3b27hk/rspacex_crs7_official_launch_discussion_updates/
  6. I would recommend you watch this video if you want to learn more about the topic. But back at your post. Most regular monitors are 60hz. This means that the image is updates 60 times a second. When you have a good set-up you may be getting more than 60FPS. the FPS of the game, or frames per second can be higher than the refresh rate of the monitor and that can result in "screen-tearing". So there are other monitors with higher refresh rates, like 120hz or 144hz. If you then reach over 60fps this will not result in screen tearing because the monitor shows more pictures than the game
  7. I have no idea what is happening but you can download the MP3 here by the way http://www.youtube-mp3.org/get?video_id=BW9Fzwuf43c&ts_create=1435314895&r=MjAwMTo5ODE6OTU0YjoxOmNkOToxYTAyOjU3M2E6NjJjNA%3D%3D&h2=64acbdc80ddcb3af1274847f98d0d7cc&s=29077
  8. I have been using Brackets for my past few projects and i really like it. It feels light-weight, fast and it has some awesome add-ons. The thing that i like the most must be the Live Preview. I have two screens, so on one screen i put my code, on the other one i put the live preview window. When i change something in the code it changes live. It also has add-ons like W3 Validator, and stuff to beautify HTML, CSS and JavaScript and waaay more stuff. It is also open-source, and so are the add-ons. I really like that. None of my friends use Brackets, they use stuff like VIM (i tri
  9. Brackets is basicly the best front-end editor i have ever used.

    1.   Show previous replies  1 more
    2. Jeroen1322


      Lol it took me a while to get it! :)

    3. mikat


      its adobe edge code but then free :D

      btw: my live preview isn't working??? i'm using chrome latest version

    4. mikat


      its saying it is trying to connect... but it isn't getting anywhere..

  10. I completely forgot Vessel was a thing..
  11. Awesome! Tried Gears of War a while back on a 360, was pretty fun! Let's hope it is a good port.
  12. Workout Go for a ride Browse /r/aww Hang out with someone Eat something delicious