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    Asus Z87 pro
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    Crucial Blastic Tracer 16GB
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    Phantom 410
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    128gb San disk ssd, 2tb Seagate
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    Corsair CX750m
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    Perixx PX-2000
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  1. Hi, I'm looking to replace my 3+ Year X12s. The ear cups have hardened and they are really uncomfortable for extended periods of time. I'm looking for over Ear headphones, and not a headset as I have a standalone mic. It would be great if the ear cups were super soft as I have recently had to start to wear glasses for computer-based work. Thanks
  2. For a number of reasons, I might be looking to upgrade by boot drive and saw this deal (https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/63g/Samsung-PM961-128GB-Solid-state-drive-MZVLW128HEGR-00000/B01MFXG47R/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1493283706&sr=8-3&keywords=samsung+128gb+ssd) It at a great price, but I only have a 4770k on a Z87 chipset on win 8.1. Firstly it would mean that I would need a M2 Controller card to plug into a PCIe. Firstly, will my computer be able to recognise it? Secondly, will I be able to get the full speed of it? Thanks
  3. The question is: Matrices and programming languages have a close relationship with each other. With the aid of examples explain this close relationship. Please help
  4. So I was thinking of getting a Oneplus 3 used and was wondering whether it would be better to get a Dbrand skin or a hardback for the phone. If anyone does have a Dbrand Skin, is it any good? is it slippery? Does it last a while?
  5. So when turn my PC on it says i need to repair windows, but i can get it to boot just fine if i go onto the "select a different OS" option and still select the same OS, as i only have 1 OS installed. So when i repair will i lose my data on the OS drive? Plus where would i get the ISO file from which it can repair from?
  6. I have restarted, but i haven't tried reinstalling. But when i good i get the "OS need to be repaired" screen. But when i press F9 and select the same OS it works fine
  7. 1. Yes, they have been working for quite a while. 4. Yes, all the same
  8. Soo I have 32GB of RAM and windows knows that. but it won't let me use it. this has only just started happening.