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  1. I'm not entirely sure whether just because you're restoring a hanger in help with NASA would exactly mean that you'd be going to space. So Hangar One is an extremely old structure which has been around for decades. If you look up the history of the Hangar One you can see that there was some back and forward going on with the structure whether to strip it apart or not and finally NASA was given responsibility to restore the structure. After this Google has chosen to help them out with the restoration, in return they'd want 2/3 of the space but eventually (now) they have chosen to sign a
  2. So many games these days when running a game in fullscreen they ignore all the UI elements of anything on the chosen screens and instead focus on just the game to improve the performance. This is a pretty useful feature in terms of performance as it allows the game to use much more memory causing it to work faster. The only issue is that if you were to run multiple monitors and you chose to focus on another monitor then it would believe that you're requesting the elements to appear again so it would either run the game in windowed mode then or just minimize it. So basically with many game
  3. I use XFX my self and there isn't much wrong with it. People claim that that one manufacture is better then another which may be true but those difference are so small in performance that it really won't matter. It's not like you'll be getting a 10fps boost by choosing another manufacturer with the same specs GPU, it may only make it cooler depending on the manufacturer but other then that it won't matter by much at all. If you really a performance boost then I'd say get a cheaper CPU and spend more on the GPU. That CPU won't be giving you any boost whats so ever compared to a GPU up
  4. So I just received a email notifying me about the open preview release of Windows 10 so I thought that you guys might want to give it a shot for your self. For those who are interested in trying it out, head over to here and that will explain to you how to gain access to it.
  5. So this is actually a pretty simple game. I'll go through the concept behind it. Generate random number inbetween a range. (Have a look around for how to generate a random integer in C#) Accept user input On submission compare the given input with the random generated number Believe it or not if you just look up on google on how to do these steps then you'll easily find the answer with a explanation. I'll help you out by giving you a pretty good starting point on where to look at. The Visual C# Documentation.
  6. That's not enough information. I need the actual crash dump to find out where abouts it exactly failed.
  7. VGA or D-Sub. They're the same connectors.
  8. Can you boot into your PC at all? Doesn't matter whether you boot into it with or without the GPU, I just need the windows crash log. Try to boot into safe mode and see whether you can somehow upload the crash log. When I get back home I'll analyze the log and will try to track down where it went wrong so you can go ahead and fix it.
  9. This case looks actually pretty styling. I'm actually interested in finding out how good it is so I'd appreciate a update on the case once it arrives
  10. The difference a line can make 0.0
  11. Not so sure how well it would perform as a VPN lemme check it's actual bandwidth right now and I'll give you a update.
  12. No probs just keep in mind though that this is free so don't expect the performance of a dedicate server running a xeon e5620 with 64gb ram and a 1gbps connection. I still use mine as a database server when just starting a project so instead of hosting the database on my local system or a dedicated server when starting a project, I'd have the db run on that server so if I were to run the source somewhere else it would still use the same data. Overall I'd rate it a 9/10 though because of it being a free VPS so you can't really complain. I won't be giving it a 10/10 because if it were
  13. I personally tend to like plain solid cases more without grids or any sort of detail to them more then something like a grid or window. That's just my personal preference though so I'd go for the Luxe. Go for whatever you feel more comfortable with as this will be your case and you'll be spending your time looking at it and not me so you'd be stuck with that until you chose to change it so you don't want to get something you'd get bored of within a month.