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  1. if you are running a high performance CPU, you'll probably need that power plug.
  2. which ram do you have? can you overclock your ram to 3200?
  3. isn't it coming out in a few months? https://www.windowscentral.com/intel-10th-gen-comet-lake-desktop-cpus-available-chinese-site-ahead-official-debut
  4. idk how corsair does their ram. there are 3 different companies<micron, samsung, hynix> and they each have different dies.
  5. i found an obsidian 800D at goodwill but I didn't buy it because I didn't need a new case at that time and I didn't realize how much the case was worth.
  6. You can mix ram speeds when the IC chip is the same, e.g. Samsung B die with Samsung B die. You an use typhoon to check your die. My personal advice would be to sell the current ram on eBay and buy new RAM.
  7. i think these older 4/8 chips won't be viable once consoles raise the bar. I think Ryzen 7 2700x/Ryzen 5 3600x is the new standard for 2020s+
  8. xeon verison is meant for server usage. consumer version is meant for video production or other types of productivity but amd is better in that department.
  9. I feel ya.I would say wait till next gen. Look how intel slashed costs for x299. If they slash costs for z470,than it should be a much better bang for the buck. I really don't like coffee lake pricing.
  10. than wait till next gen intel and get the 10700k. it's going to be 8c/16t from the rumors. also i'm soo happy i got the 5820k over the 4790k in 2014. I just upgraded my CPU and ram and x99 will be good for another few years. hahaha.