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  1. During black Friday I got a 10700k for 200 and I decided to go with it because you can't beat that price
  2. I was looking for a motherboard around $190-220 for my 10700k. I was planning on upgrading to Intel new cpu once they come out this year with pci 4 support.
  3. 115- to 150 fps in 1440 for most game in ultra. Right now is not the best time for buying ram since 4000mhz ram with a cl of 16 is like 400 and you will have better performance with 3600mhz ram cs 16. If you want to save you can go with a cheaper aio. X570 pro come with wifi 6, more sata ports and has USB 3.2 gen 2 header. PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price CPU AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 3.7 GHz 12-Core Processor $550.00 CPU Cooler N
  4. So I was looking a building a pc and I couldn't find any 2 or 3 packs fans on their website only used ones of EBay. I know they used to sell them but why they don't sell them no more.
  5. I was looking to build a new pc and I know i need a wifi motherboard. I was wondering was the difference between wifi 5 and 6. Do it matter for competitive gaming.
  6. So i was looking at these 2 aio and I was wondering if I could swirch the stock fans and use aer RGB fans or maybe corsairs fans.
  7. So I was looking at the G12 and was wondering is it worth it for 30 plus the price of a extra aio. I was planning on doing some OC to see if I can get 10%-20% increase in fps. The website state it can keep the GPU 40% cooler. I seen review how the G12 lower their temps from 10-15 degrees.
  8. So i was planning on building using 7 nzxt aer RGB fans for 710i. I was wondering how I would go about connecting them all together when the RGB controller only support 5 fans. I was also thinking if I should use led Strips, cable combs, and underglow.
  9. So i was looking around for a mew psu and I was wondering how do they compare to other psu such as corsair rmx or rm series or evga psu. I was looking at the 850 because going with 3080 and 5900 whuch produces lot of power.
  10. So I'm planning to build a all tuf built and I about to buy my case. I was wondering all the the stock fans are good for cooling and silent or buy some more fans. I was planning on buying some from EK.
  11. I wanted something with rgb. I seen ek aio but really not a big fan of the CPU block due to lack of logo like corsair.
  12. So i was looking for a 360 aio for zen 3 and I have my eye on a few so far. Rigjt now I was thinking of going with the 150i corsair elite capellix or go with cooler master master liquid 360aio. I was thinking of the cooler master aio because $30 cheaper and a little more quiet but really don't have good looking fans as the ML or Ql
  13. So i was planning on building a a new PC for gen 3 but i heard from some people that gen 3 won't be back in stock constantly until March of next year. Same thing with new GPU. I had my eyes on 5900x because of 12 core which im going use for cad and some gaming too. If I brought a CPU it would be a 3700x or 3900x. Should I wait for a couple months or just go ahead and buy a CPU.