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  1. In theory thats good, but I'd suspect many would take advantage of LTT which is why he doesnt do it, unless its like a colab as the kids these days say. Say ltt and onecentguy
  2. Yeah, well the push to spit out vids fast with no time for research. Get it while its hot! Yeah, I wouldnt take the manufacturers word on graphs. Have to do several rounds of "research" from several different yt'ers to see whats true and was marketing lingo.
  3. I ordered something which took 4 months to arrive. Ordered something else a half year later, took 5 months to arrive. Went from Cali to Australia to Canada, got a 2fer
  4. Yeah some people just do not comprehend that lmfao Back in the day, dinosaur era, we rented a Hertz car and did the midnight engine swap ;)
  5. Yeah, LOOP HOLES for the saving of lives. Its good but they really do need to explain things better so the general population has a clearer understanding of the rules and why they are implementing them. The graph looks alright, make it simple!
  6. Its because thats a new style, Australian style, its been popular for quite some time but I agree it sure doesnt look like the typical sewn thread look to the sole of the shoe.
  7. Probably just a cheapie box set from Crappy Tire is my guess.
  8. 52 weeks in a year, times an hour or two is 100-200 hours. I wish you good luck. Lots of famous people in Vancouver greater area. Nothing rings a bell for 2017. I've run across a few famous people, latest was Foo Fighters lead vocal Dave Grohl getting on a Nevada plated tour bus from an artsy fartsy hotel, not the typical high end Ritz or Hilton.
  9. I see enough of his mug shot with silly facial expressions on the right of the forum.
  10. Yeah, agree just so many fans out there. I would just take out the stock fans and replace with known good quality fans that do a great job if you are concerned about it.
  11. Setup a homelab in your abode, wont give you no certificates or diploma but its self learning to get over the learning curve.
  12. Find new matching ram timings/specs
  13. <REMOVED> My comment Gosh, which emoji is the laugh emoji. To many to waste my time in. But thats a good one.