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  1. Local download of 400 songs to my SSD, it seems like the GPU is used to decode the compressed data from some downloads. Its not hardware of application, no GPU use when not being used. GPU could easily be used for decompression of compressed data. whole thing lasts MAYBE a minute @ 180-200MBps. small 10-15% gpu usage spike then back to 0-1% once finished. Minimized windows each time so they are not displaying and bars/data.
  2. Hello, Ive been wondering why certain programs will use the GPU's processor slightly when downloading large quantities of data. Spotify and steam are where i notice the most usage of GPU resources during downloads then once its done goes back to sleep. Is this some decoding process? Are the downloads using the GPU to decode the compressed downloads? Im just curious as there has to be a legit technical reason but your first few pages of google about "GPU used in downloads" is very frustrating as most posts are just random BS.
  3. tried all sorta of different settings, came down to uninstalling afterburner and rebooting and poof working. SO idk.
  4. i7 6700k, 32GB ram 2133, EVGA GeForce RTX 3060 XC Gaming, 12G-P5-3657-KR, 12GB GDDR6, Dual-Fan, Metal Backplate.
  5. Im leaving this up, i removed afterburner, no settings where showing for it to control anything on boot or anything, but CPUZ was showing weird clock timings. after that and reboot game works fine. so i honestly dont know.
  6. not software disabled all AV, nvidia experience, no OC, temps fine, works fine with other games, reinstalled drivers (466.47) and the game. anyone else have this issue?
  7. nah ive heard this too, doesnt hurt to keep under 45C, SSDs are opposite super cold is bad for the NAND flash.
  8. ive sent the to the support email account on the first no reply there either.
  9. wondering if this is normal or anything like if it takes a while for them to ship.
  10. Hey I don't know where to properly get help with this issue and haven't had any responses to my emails., I ordered Water bottle and northern lights desk pad. on 4/21/21 and got confirmation email. 5/3/21, i got a WIZMO tracking number, and it has a fedex tracking number on that site giving me just a "Label created". I hate doing this and ive replyed to the emails twice one week apart each time and just wondering if they are comming or what has happened. Again if this is wrong place I don't know where else to turn. i hate karening like this but it was $74.
  11. Title basically sums up my questions, it registered as a malware for coin mining. is it being over protective or is this an exploit?
  12. I cannot run the RGB behind the computer since i have to use an RGB controller. I may just leave the controller inside since i havnt changed the color from the rainbow effect at all yet.. .... After new PSU Before new PSU